After exhausting all conventional options, the family of Mick Isles has turned to an Aboriginal tracker and self-professed witchdoctor to find the missing Queensland police officer.
Arnhem Land-based tracker and witchdoctor Victor Huddleston and his son Victor Nathaniel Huddleston have arrived in Queensland and on Monday will begin searching bushland around Ravenswood, where Senior Sergeant Isles' abandoned car was found in late September.
An exhaustive search involving police, army and SES personnel was launched shortly after Snr Sgt Isles' disappearance on September 23 but failed to find any trace of the missing policeman.
However, Mr Huddleston believes he and his son will find Snr Sgt Isles within two or three days, even though any footprints left by him a month ago will have disappeared.
"I will know where he is because I will see his spirit," Mr Huddleston told AAP.
Mr Huddleston has been involved in a number of searches in the Northern Territory and says he has never failed to find the person he's looking for.
"When I get close to the place I will see the clear picture," he said.
"It always works, whenever I am serious about it."
Senior Sergeant Isles' son Steven travelled to Mr Huddleston's community last week to seek his help after learning of his reputation through a police contact in the Northern Territory.
He said having spent time with Mr Huddleston in his community at Ngukurr in Arnhem Land, he was confident in the witchdoctor's abilities.
"We have no expectations, but we are approaching with open arms," he said.
"We're here to establish whatever we can, to identify what has happened and potentially even finding my father, if he is there to be found."