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Thread: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

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    Default Re: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

    New Leads in the Jacob Wetterling Abduction Case

    The Stearns County Sheriff says they have received 11 new leads in the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling, after the case was featured on a national news show Monday night.

    The 21-year old case was featured on CNN's Nancy Grace show as part of "50 People in 50 Days."

    Sheriff John Sanner says investigators are following up on the new leads, but could not elaborate to the extent of the tips. Sanner hopes the national exposure will "help generate that one phone call that could help solve the case." He says, people may think they have insignificant information, but says "it may be part of the bigger puzzle."

    Jacob was 11-years old when he was abducted near his St. Joseph home on October 22nd, 1989. Police believe Jacob was abducted by a masked gunman, while biking home from a convenience store with his brother and a friend.

    In July of 2010 investigators searched and seized items from a rural St. Joseph farm house. Investigators sent the items to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for testing. Results from the tests did not find any new substantial evidence in the case.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Stearns County Sheriff's office

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    Default Re: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

    It may well be the biggest case in Minnesota history, holding the public’s attention for 20 years.
    The 1989 abduction of Jacob Wetterling has remained in the minds of most Minnesotans, especially in the St. Cloud area. But the big crime has gone without a big arrest.
    Authorities still don’t know what happened to Jacob or who took him. At the height of the case, there were 50 investigators and 18,000 leads followed in the first two months. As of September, 7,638 people have been interviewed about the abduction.
    “We’re not about to give up,” Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner said.
    Following leads
    The investigation now lies in the hands of Stearns County Capt. Pam Jensen and Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Special Agent Ken McDonald.
    Both were small-town police officers when Jacob Wetterling disappeared. When they were assigned to the case years later, in the late 1990s, they spent time reading reports and talking to former investigators to get valuable background information.
    Information flows freely between Jensen and McDonald. That prevents them from chasing the same lead and allows them to collaborate. They regularly follow leads and talk to those involved.
    But keeping a 20-year-old case alive means staying on top of massive amounts of information. Dozens of boxes and binders of police reports, tip sheets and other evidence live in the basement of the sheriff’s office.
    The most important part of the investigative file is the name index, a spreadsheet that contains the name of every person who has ever talked to authorities about the case: suspects, tipsters and people who know the Wetterlings.
    Jensen estimates they still get five to six leads a month. Some simply provide bits of information while others name a person they think is the guilty one.
    “When (the story is) in the news, more will come in,” Jensen said.
    The investigators have gotten better at prioritizing the dozens of leads that come in each year. Some of them are bizarre, such as a recent one reporting a sighting of Jacob in a store — still as an 11-year-old.
    (Page 2 of 2)

    The easiest way to sort out valuable tips about potential suspects is to figure out whether the person was in Central Minnesota in October 1989.
    A lot of collaboration goes on among departments across the country when tips come in. FBI agents and officers from out-of-state agencies can help check out tips.
    Names sometimes come up when a person is arrested out of state on child pornography or similar charges. The agency in charge of that investigation will develop a timeline of the suspect’s whereabouts, making it easy for Jensen and McDonald to determine whether he or she could be a suspect in Jacob’s disappearance.
    Most of the time, the potential suspects were in jail or nowhere near Minnesota when Jacob Wetterling was abducted.
    Local suspects
    The investigators say they are now more focused on local suspects. There are about five they are looking at.
    For the first 14 years of the investigation, authorities had focused on a vehicle that a witness reported seeing near the abduction site on 91st Avenue Southeast in St. Joseph Township. The driver came forward in 2003. He was ruled out as a suspect and authorities decided it was likely that the abductor hadn’t used a vehicle.
    McDonald said it wasn’t routine for the boys to ride their bikes along that road. It is most likely that the suspect saw them going to the store and knew they would be coming back. And the road is in such a remote area that it’s unlikely someone unfamiliar with the area would be there, he said.
    “It raises the likelihood that it was someone local,” he said.
    Jensen said different investigators have different theories about what happened and different top suspects.
    But McDonald thinks there are several strong suspects out there.
    “We don’t give up on anything,” Jensen said.
    Finding answers
    The investigators welcome any sort of attention they can get for the case because it increases the likelihood that it will get solved.
    The fact that a stranger abducted an 11-year-old in front of his brother and friend in a small town raises the public’s interest, McDonald said.
    “There are people out there with information,” McDonald said.
    A few times a year they go back to the boxes of reports and sift through them, hoping to find something that was overlooked earlier but could be of use today.
    Jensen and McDonald never give up hope of finding who took Jacob. Someone, somewhere knows something.
    Someone is carrying a heavy burden about what happened that night. McDonald said it’s only a matter of finding the right investigative tool to help that person give up that burden.
    “It is possible,” McDonald said...............
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    Default Re: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

    For the first 14 years of the investigation, authorities had focused on a vehicle that a witness reported seeing near the abduction site on 91st Avenue Southeast in St. Joseph Township. The driver came forward in 2003. He was ruled out as a suspect and authorities decided it was likely that the abductor hadn’t used a vehicle.
    McDonald said it wasn’t routine for the boys to ride their bikes along that road. It is most likely that the suspect saw them going to the store and knew they would be coming back. And the road is in such a remote area that it’s unlikely someone unfamiliar with the area would be there, he said.
    “It raises the likelihood that it was someone local,” he said.

    If he didn't use a vehicle, than it almost must be someone from the area.
    I wonder if there weren't any other roads for the boys to return home after leaving the store? Anyone knows?

    Someone not familiar with the area wouldn't know the boys would return on that same road, so he would have grabbed them on their way to the store, not wait to see if they might come back?

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    Default Re: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

    I didn't see this article before, Patty Wetterling, David's mother on Missing Children's day:

    (ABC 6 NEWS) - Of the 2,200 kids that are reported missing in the United States every day, eight percent of them will never return home.

    But the people attending a two-day conference in Rochester hope to significantly increase that number.

    For Patty Wetterling, it's as if it was yesterday.

    "It's hard to really go back to that time. It was sheer terror, confusion. I was mad at myself, I was mad at my husband. I was frustrated, and absolute terror, absolute terror," said Wetterling.

    Her son Jacob was kidnapped 21 years ago at gunpoint, when he was just 11 years old.

    "Our case, if I remain quiet, could shift to the bottom of the pile, and I won't let that happen," said Wetterling.

    Which is what brought her to the Missing and Unidentified Person's Conference in Rochester.

    "We're still searching. I feel like I was in this room addressing the very people who have the best chance of finding a clue," said Wetterling.

    And she has a message for the 150 law enforcement officials, families and experts attending this conference.

    "Never give up. Some of these kids are out there. I believe there's a lot of these children out there and in bad circumstances, and it's our job to find them and bring them home," said Wetterling.

    And this conference will help prepare them to do just that.
    Experts in the industry are going over new developments in DNA, learning about human trafficking, and getting a private lesson in child abduction case studies by the FBI.

    "It's absolutely important to train law enforcement because we don't want to be planning or preparing or writing policies on the day that we get a child abduction call. Everybody wants to have a plan in place," said Janelle Rasmussen, the Amber Alert Coordinator for the state of Minnesota.

    And how to use that plan to help people like Patty Wetterling.

    "You don't ever forget. You try to overcome some of the sadness, and some of the hurt, but we never forget ever. Every day I think of him," said Wetterling.

    Officials say if you ever see anything that looks suspicious, you should call the police right away.

    They say it's better to have it turn into nothing, then to miss a lead that could be key to bringing a missing child home

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    news Re: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

    PAYNESVILLE 5: Investigators probe possible Wetterling link

    Jacob Wetterling disappeared nearly 25 years ago, but the hope for answers is alive today. In fact, a blogger's latest theory is now being investigated by Stearns County detectives.

    Investigators confirmed that they're taking another look at a series of attempted and actual child molestations that occurred in the Paynesville, Minn., area in the two years leading up to the Wetterling abduction. In fact, they've already re-interviewed some of the victims and are working with the blogger who brought the information to light.

    A recent post by Joy Baker takes readers back nearly 28 years to a community on edge after 5 teen boys were attacked between the summer of 1986 and spring of 1987. No one was ever arrested.

    Yet, after months of research and interviews with some of the victims, Baker believes the attacks were not random and that the culprit could be connected to the abduction of 11-year-old Wetterling in St. Joseph, Minn. -- a town just 40 minutes away.

    Some of Baker's findings include that the suspect knew who the boys were and assaulted them at night near their homes, and she said the man usually wore a dark, puffy jacket and face mask.

    Jacob Wetterling, his brother and a friend were cycling home at night when a man came out of a driveway and ordered the boys to throw their bikes into a ditch and lie down on the ground. Police believe that suspect wore some sort of mask and targeted boys -- but in the Wetterling case, the suspect pulled out a handgun before threatening to kill the group Jacob Wetterling was traveling with.

    As Baker lays out similar characteristics and modus operands of the suspects in all the cases, she hopes someone will come forward with new information after reading her stories and possibly help solve the crimes.

    Barker declined a request for an interview for this story.

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    Default Re: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

    More details in this article:

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There is a new development tonight in one of Minnesota’s most infamous unsolved crimes: the abduction of Jacob Wetterling.
    A masked stranger grabbed the 11-year-old as he biked home from a store in St. Joseph nearly 25 years ago. Now, WCCO-TV has learned that a cluster of at least six unsolved sexual assaults on boys were never looked at as a possible lead in Wetterling’s case.

    Those attacks happened two years prior to Wetterling’s kidnapping, just 30 miles away in Paynesville. They are now being investigated by the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office.
    This new development in Minnesota’s most notorious kidnapping case begins in the most unlikely of places.

    For four years, Joy Baker, a blogger from New London, has written a detailed blog about the Wetterling case. Last summer, her research uncovered articles in the Paynesville Press in 1986 and 1987. They detailed six unsolved sexual assaults on boys just two years before Wetterling’s abduction.

    “The police chief is asking for the public’s help in finding this guy who has been assaulting 12-16 year old boys,” Baker said of one article. “What went through my mind is that they have to be connected. How many psychopathic pedophiles can exist in a 20-mile radius?”
    WCCO-TV asked Patty Wetterling if she had ever heard of the Paynesville cases and showed her two of the original police reports from the Paynesville attacks.
    “We did not know about these cases until Joy Baker put it on her blog, and it was like, ‘Wow,’” Patty Wetterling said.

    Those reports, as well as the newspaper accounts, list a series of striking parallels with Jacob Wetterling’s kidnapping. He was abducted at 9 p.m. as he rode his bike home from a convenience store with his brother and friend. The Paynesville attacks also all happened at night as the victims were heading home.

    In two cases boys were attacked while riding bikes. They were sexually assaulted. The attacker sometimes wore a mask, which in one case was described as made from candy-striped, indoor-outdoor carpeting. He had a low, gruff voice and he threatened the boys with a knife or a gun, saying he would blow their heads off.

    “Some of these were taken from a group of boys. That is really rare,” Patty Wetterling said. “The threat of a gun, the age of the victims, they were close to Jacob’s age. I do think there is a strong possibility they are connected to Jacob’s case.”
    While two of the Paynesville victims were questioned by law enforcement after Jacob Wetterling disappeared, one Paynesville victim, who is now 40 and did not want to be named, told WCCO-TV he and other victims he knows were not, and that to this day they feel their cases both individually and as a group were overlooked.

    Patty Wetterling said it’s frustrating to learn so many years later about the Paynesville cases, but she is also understanding.
    “It was a different world back then. We didn’t have the Internet, we worked hard so that each law enforcement agency had a fax machine,” she said.
    Current Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner agreed the lack of Internet and the fact that small town law enforcement agencies often acted independently may have kept the Paynesville cases from becoming a significant part of the Jacob Wetterling investigation.

    “We can’t look back. We are actively investigating these cases now. We want anyone with any information to come forward no matter how small. You could hold the key,” Sanner said.
    Sanner stressed there is another unsolved case that investigators have always linked to the abduction. Just months before Jacob Wetterling disappeared, a stranger kidnapped a 12-year-old boy named Jared in nearby Cold Spring. Jared told WCCO-TV the threat his kidnapper left him with: “I was told to run, don’t look back or he would shoot.”
    Jared is speaking out for the first time in years. On Thursday, hear why he’s convinced the same man is behind all of these unsolved crimes against boys.
    If you have any information about any of these cases, please call the Stearns County Sheriff at (320) 251-4240. You can also call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST.

    Joy Baker's blog:

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    Default Re: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

    Neighbors Discuss Paynesville Family & Possible Wetterling Connection

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate a father and son from Paynesville to see if they might be connected to the 1989 abduction of Jacob Wetterling.

    Delbert and Tim Huber are in prison for the 2011 murder of Tim Larson, an Albertville teacher who the Hubers shot in dispute over $50. Tips about the Hubers have been coming into the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department since WCCO-TV aired stories last week about a series of unsolved sexual attacks on young boys in Paynesville that took place two years before the Wetterling abduction. ( )

    Neighbors said Delbert Huber terrorized anyone who dared to come near his farm home outside rural Paynesville.
    “He threatened to shoot us, physically with a gun actually pointed right at us,” Brian Jones said.

    In the early 1980s, Brian Jones’ father bought the gravel pit in back of the Huber farm. Over the years he had many encounters with Delbert Huber, most of them threatening. After Wetterling disappeared, Delbert Huber was one of many people questioned by law enforcement.
    Another neighbor, David Lauer, said Delbert even boasted about it.
    “He was proud of the attention,” Lauer said of Huber. “‘They think they got something on me. What are they going to prove?’”

    Delbert lived with his wife Jane, her brother Harvey and Tim Huber. Lauer said Delbert beat both Harvey, who was mentally disabled, and Tim.
    “[Tim] … told me that Delbert just hit him and hit him hard,” Lauer said.
    Few outsiders were ever allowed into the Huber home, which had no indoor sewer system.
    “Chickens, cats, dogs in the house,” Jones said.
    Lauer said Huber’s home “reeked terrible.”
    After the Hubers were arrested for the 2011 murder of Tim Larson, the property was sold. Six months ago, the home and farm buildings were destroyed.

    Now that the Hubers are being investigated for a possible link to the Wetterling case as well as the unsolved sexual assaults in Paynesville, Jones said he remembers seeing a white van on the property, similar to the one police put out an alert for in 1989 in connection to the Wetterling case.
    “The white van was still there at the time of the Larson murder,” Jones said.
    And Jones said he immediately recognized a photo of a vintage 1970s-era blue parka with an orange lining posted by Joy Baker, a local blogger who first uncovered the unsolved Paynesvlle assaults. The coat was described by at least one of the Paynesville victims. Jones said he saw both Delbert and Harvey wear a parka like that.

    And Jones remembers Delbert Huber’s voice.
    “Very raspy, deeper, raspy voice,” Jones said.
    The suspects in Wetterling’s kidnapping seen in two sketches and another abduction that happened in nearby Cold Spring before Jacob and the Paynesville cases all were described as having a raspy, rough, low voice.

    The Stearns County Sheriff said investigators are looking into all tips, including ones involving the Hubers.Anyone with any information is asked to call the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department at 320-251-4240.

    Couldn't resist to post their mugshot, very scary people if you ask me.

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    I missed this news report dated June 12, apparently Delbert Huber has died.

    Huber, questioned in Wetterling case and in prison, dies.

    FARIBAULT – Delbert Huber, who was recently re-interviewed by investigators about the abduction of Jacob Wetterling, has died.

    Huber, 83, was serving a sentence at the state prison in Faribault for the 2011 murder of Albertville teacher Tim Larson. Huber died Wednesday, said Sarah Latuseck, spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections.

    Huber was interviewed about Wetterling's disappearance at the time of the 1989 abduction. Investigators recently interviewed him again after a blogger speculated about a link between the Wetterling case and several assaults on young boys in the Paynesville area that happened before Wetterling was taken.

    Huber was featured in a recent KARE 11 report in which he denied having anything to do with the Wetterling abduction.

    Huber was imprisoned in the geriatric unit at the medium-security Minnesota Correctional Facility-Faribault prison, which houses inmates who are older and in poor health. There is no suspicion of foul play in Huber's death, Latuseck said.

    An autopsy was being done to determine Huber's cause of death, Latuseck said.

    Huber and his son, Tim, were convicted of shooting Larson at Larson's farm in Belgrade. Delbert Huber lived in the Paynesville area for decades.

    Anyone with information about the Wetterling abduction can call the Stearns County Sheriff's Office at 320-251-4240.

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    Default Re: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

    COLD CASE SPOTLIGHT: Jacob Wetterling

    In October 1989, 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling was abducted near his St. Joseph, Minnesota home.

    Jacob, along with his brother and friend, were riding their bikes around town when a masked gunman kidnapped him, letting the others go.
    While Minnesota police have aggressively pursued all available leads over the years, neither Jacob nor his captor have ever been found.

    Most recently, in June 2014, police questioned convicted killer Delbert Huber, an 83-year-old who is serving time for the 2011 murder of Minnesota teacher, Tim Larson.
    Huber had been in the area at the time of Jacob’s kidnapping and told police in his confession that he had killed Larson after the teacher accused him of being involved in Jacob’s disappearance.
    Huber denied any involvement, but police say that they are still investigating him, along with any other new leads.

    Although October 22, 2014 will mark the 25th anniversary of Jacob’s disappearance, his story has continued to get attention in the media.
    This is due in large part to his mother Patty’s tireless crusade to help him and other children who have gone missing.

    After a cable news network ran a special on Jacob in September 2014, Patty spoke with local NBC affiliate KARE, about what the last 25 years have been like for her;
    “It’s amazing to me, and it’s a statement to the character of the people in Minnesota that everyone still cares. People still want to find Jacob.”

    If you have any information pertaining to Jacob’s disappearance, please Stearns County authorities at (320) 251-4240.

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    Default Re: Jacob Wetterling, 11, MN, Abducted 20 Years Ago

    Wetterlings mark Jacob's 37th birthday, 25 years of hope via center

    Patty Wetterling cut a cake Tuesday afternoon at the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center in Minneapolis to commemorate the organization’s 25th anniversary.

    With her were her husband, Jerry, daughter Carmen, and twin granddaughters Maizie and Belle.

    Also there was Jacob’s aunt, Peg Overturf, who wore a vintage “Jacob’s Hope” button along with one on which Jacob’s image has been “age progressed” to what he might look like at age 35.

    Tuesday would have been Jacob’s 37th birthday; he was 11 when he was kidnapped in 1989 in his hometown of St. Joseph, Minn.

    In her remarks, Patty Wetterling said, “I became aware of the need for a foundation from all the letters I received” after Jacob’s disappearance.

    For 25 years, the foundation that evolved into the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center has been “building a world where kids can grow up safe and follow their dreams.” The center assists families of missing and exploited children and works to prevent crimes against children.

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