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Thread: Police sketch of man seen in area of Cornwell disappearance

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    cons Police sketch of man seen in area of Cornwell disappearance

    CLEVELAND - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the family of Kristi Cornwell held out hope Monday that Cornwell, who disappeared August 11, will be found alive. They are hanging their hopes on new information released to the public for the first time.

    Special agent in charge of the GBI’s Northeast Georgia Region Mike Ayers issued two pictures of a man and a silver Nissan SUV he was driving when he knocked a woman down and started approaching her August 2 in Ranger, North Carolina, 25 miles from Blairsville, where the former probation officer disappeared August 11 while walking on Jones Creek Road.

    Ayers told a news conference at his office in Cleveland the GBI is looking for this man and his vehicle and they want the public’s help.

    “It is my firm belief that you never abandon home, that you maintain hope until you’re proven otherwise,” Ayers said. “It will always be the policy of this office and the other law enforcement agencies involved in this investigation that Khristi Cornwell is still alive.”

    Ayers told reporters the timing and the vehicle description involved in this incident indicate a possible connection to Cornwell's disappearance.

    "I would say there are a great deal of similarities," Ayers said. "Both of them occurred about nine o'clock at night, both of them involve a pedestrian walking down the road."
    "Does that mean the two are related, we don't know, they could be, and that is good information for us to follow-up on in this investigation."

    The incident in Ranger occurred around 9:00 p.m. on August 2 while a woman was walking along a road toward the Ranger Community Center. A vehicle pulled up behind her and knocked her to the ground. A man got out of the vehicle and as he approached the woman, another car drove up and the man left.

    As the man drove by, the woman, who was not seriously injured, saw his profile since the driver's side window was rolled down. She also noticed that the vehicle is a silver, late model SUV. The North Carolina State Patrol was notified and interviewed the woman, but no report was filed.

    After media reports of Cornwell’s disappearance included that a white or light colored SUV was seen in that area of Union County the evening of August 11, the woman called the tip line to report what had happened to her.

    With the assistance from the Cherokee County, North Carolina Sheriff's Office and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, GBI agents are pursuing this lead. GBI Forensic Artist Marla Lawson completed a sketch of the Ranger suspect based on the woman's description. She indicated that he is a white male in his mid-20s with dark hair. The woman also told agents that the vehicle was a silver, late model Nissan Xterra with tinted windows and with a brush guard on the front.

    Using the sketch and vehicle description, authorities conducted numerous neighborhood canvasses in Cherokee County, North Carolina, but were not successful in developing solid leads. It was also determined that between 400 and 500 vehicles matching the suspect vehicle are registered in that area of North Carolina.

    Investigators are now asking anyone with information on the possible identity of the man in the sketch or on the Nissan to call the GBI Tip Line at 1-800-597-TIPS (8477).

    According to Ayers, GBI agents have conducted 1,168 individual, documented investigative acts as part of this continuing investigation. This does not include the 11 days of active searching for Cornwell during August in Union County by numerous local, state and federal agencies. Six hundred and sixty-four (664) tips were called in to the tip line and investigated. The neighborhood canvassing involved conducting interviews at 450 houses in the area. The GBI case file is now 32 volumes and continues to expand as additional information is developed and thoroughly investigated.

    Several members of Cornwell’s family attended the news conference and her brother, Richard, said he has not given up hope either.

    Suspects Vehicle

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    Default Re: Police sketch of man seen in area of Cornwell disappearance

    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has released a sketch of an unidentified man involved in an early-August incident 25 miles from where Blairsville woman Kristi Cornwell disappeared on Aug. 11.

    On Aug. 2, nine days before Cornwell’s disappearance, a woman in Ranger, N.C., reported that, while she was walking to the Ranger Community Center around 9 p.m., a vehicle pulled up from behind her and knocked her to the ground.

    The driver of the vehicle got out of the vehicle to approach the woman but returned to his vehicle and drove off as another car approached.

    The woman said she saw the man’s profile through the rolled-down driver’s side window as he drove off.

    The woman was not seriously injured. While she did speak with the North Carolina State Patrol, she did not file an official report.

    She called the GBI’s tip hotline after seeing information about Cornwell.

    While speaking with GBI agents after calling the hotline, the woman from Ranger described the man as a white male in his mid-20s with dark hair.

    She also identified his vehicle as a silver late-model Nissan Xterra with tinted windows and a brush guard on the front.

    Mike Ayers, a special agent at Cleveland’s GBI office, said the incident in Ranger and Cornwell’s disappearance had “a great deal of similarity” and pointed out that both women were walking alone in rural areas around 9 p.m. when the incidents occurred.

    “We know that Kristi told her boyfriend she was stepping off of the road because a vehicle was coming,” Ayers said. “Does that mean these two are related? We don’t know. They could be. This is good information for us to follow up on, and (the driver of the Xterra) is definitely a person we want to talk to.”

    More than 1,600 tips have been called in to the GBI hotline, all of which have been investigated. Ayers said the incident in Ranger is the one that is most similar to Cornwell’s disappearance.

    Ayers said he could not indicate when the GBI received the tip about the man in Ranger or how long they had been following it.

    He said the information from the tip had been released to law enforcement before it was released to the public this week.

    As for Cornwell’s whereabouts now, Ayers said, “It is my firm belief you maintain hope. We will do everything we can to bring her home.”

    Cornwell’s brother, Richard Cornwell, said the family has been continuing their search and will be able to adjust their search based on the results of the tip regarding the man in Ranger.

    “If we need to transition to a manhunt for this subject, we are prepared to do that,” he said. “We do appreciate this woman coming forward. It’s a difficult thing to do, and we appreciate it.”

    Anyone with information on the man in the sketch or other information in the disappearance of Kristi Cornwell should call 1-800-597-8477.

    The Union County Sheriff’s Office, Cherokee County, N.C., Sheriff;s Office and North Carolina Bureau of Investigation are also continue to investigate the case.

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    Default Re: Police sketch of man seen in area of Cornwell disappearance

    Kristi Cornwell’s 39th birthday will be marked with a candlelight vigil Sunday in her hometown as authorities continue to track down new leads in the Blairsville woman’s disappearance more than four months ago.
    Cornwell’s family is inviting the public to the 7 p.m. vigil at Union County’s Meeks Park, located off Ga. 515.
    "We did not want that day to go by without a celebration," said her mother, Jo Ann Cornwell. "She is such a wonderful part of our family, and we just pray she will feel or know that we’re celebrating her birthday and she is not forgotten, and will never be forgotten."
    Meanwhile, a second composite sketch is making the rounds in law enforcement bulletins on Cornwell’s case.
    An unidentified person in a newly-created sketch based on a June 5 incident in Morgan County is similar to a sketch in profile released last week of a person involved in an Aug. 2 incident in Ranger, N.C., authorities said.
    "We’re hoping that anyone who knows the person in the sketch would recognize him and contact us," Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Mike Ayers said Wednesday.
    The GBI said after it released the first sketch on Dec. 7, agents were contacted by an investigator with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, who said the person in the sketch shared similarities with an unidentified person who attacked a female motorist on the side of a road this summer.
    The GBI’s forensic artist met with the Morgan County victim and made the second sketch last week.
    The person in the second sketch was described by the witness as about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, slender and "young looking," and wearing a white T-shirt and beige shorts that fell below the knees.
    Cornwell was abducted on a remote Union County road near her parents’ home while walking for exercise about 9 p.m. Aug. 11. Her boyfriend heard indications of a struggle over the cell phone she was using at the time of the abduction. Investigators later recovered the phone and other personal effects near the site of the abduction.
    Cornwell’s case shares similarities with the Aug. 2 incident in Ranger, about 25 miles north of Blairsville, in which a man driving a car bumped into a woman walking along a road and knocked her down. The woman said the man got out of the car, described as possibly being a Nissan Xterra, and began walking toward her. Another car approached and the man got back in his car and left. The woman was not seriously injured.
    In the Morgan County incident, a woman was replacing battery cables on the side of Ga. 441 at about 5:30 p.m. on June 5 when she was attacked from behind by an unidentified man. The woman fought off her attacker and was able to flee in her car. She did not see if the man was in a car.
    Ayers said Cornwell’s case and the North Carolina incident share the similarities of time of day and are close in location. Investigators are looking into the similarities between the descriptions of the men in the Morgan County and North Carolina cases. There were no witnesses to Cornwell’s abduction to provide a description.
    Ayers said composite sketches like those distributed to law enforcement agencies in the past week have led to arrests before.
    "We are getting additional leads," he said.
    Cornwell’s mother said the family continues to work hard to keep attention on the case.
    "We’re not letting up, and we will not let up until we find Kristi and bring her home safely," Jo Ann Cornwell said.

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