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Thread: Pauline Rourke, 32, Missing 1976, Maine - Likely a Homicide Victim

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    I have never had so many bugs consecutively in my whole entire lifetime.

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    Photo of her is coming in the mail in a couple days.

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    perl Guest

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    Hope Mr Leprechaun brings you a nice hot toddy tonight to make you feel better, Starless!

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    Awww. Thanks, I do feel better.

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    Ok, not great pictures, but this gave me a hint that she is a possibility. It'll take me a while to type out the long articles. This guy apparently killed one woman, his ex-wife and is a suspect in the Pauline Rourke disappearance, or at least was in the 90s.

    This is a collage that appeared, Pauline is in the center, the big face in the middle.

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    This is Pauline's daughter, Honey, holding a photo of her:

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    Sunday, March 22, 1998


    In The 21 Years After Janet Baxter's Slaying, Many Signs Pointed To Albert Cochran As Her Killer. It Took Sophisticated DNA Tests To Yield An Arrest.

    By Sarah Ragland

    One thing was certain, when Maine State Police Detective Michael Mitchell took charge of the Janet Baxter murder case last year, he had a lot of reading to do.

    He had inherited 20 years worth of work by two dozen detectives and a 40-pound case file. "Holy cow, Mitchell thought at the time, "this is old."

    Mitchell had no personal memory of the killing that riveted so many in central Maine, now 34, he was a sixth grader in Showhegan when Janet Baxter was raped and shot to death.

    But he brought to the investigation two powerful weapons, evidence collected years ago by his predecessors and sophisticated new dna techniques to test it. In the end, that was all Mitchell and the State Police needed to show that even the oldest and most stubborn cases can be solved with old fashioned persistence and modern science.

    On Tuesday, Mitchell, flanked by Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials, knocked on Albert P. Cochran's door in Stuart Fla to place Cochran, a suspect identified within days of Baxter's death in November, 1976, under arrest in connection with her murder.

    With the arrest came details of Cochran's dark past, his 1964 conviction for murdering his first wife in Illinois and the disappearance, soon after Baxter was killed in 1976, of Cochran's live-in girlfriend with whom he had argued.

    Cochran, 60, was flown back to Maine on Saturday afternoon after waiving extradition from Florida. Cochran arrived at the Portland International Jetport at 4:20 p.m. and was escorted, handcuffed, across the tarmac, and through the terminal by Maine State Police troopers and detectives.

    He is being held without bail at the Somerset County Jail and has vowed to attorneys and detectives that he will fight to clear his name............

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    ..........In the years since Janet Baxter was killed, her case, more than a murder mystery, became the story of investigators who wouldn't give up, of parents who never lost hope, of sisters demanding answers, of a wide cast of characters who shared one thing in common. Their lives were changed by two bullets fired from a .22 caliber hand gun on the night of Nov. 23, 1976.

    Vaughn Stevens, who was dating Baxter in 1976, struggled last week to deal with the rush of emotions brought back by Cochran's arrest and by revelations of Cochran's criminal history. He was torn between elation that a suspect is in custody and anger that 21 years ago, Cochran, a convicted killer, had been let loose in Maine.

    "It's unfathomable that this could happen." he said.

    An Evening Trip For Cough Medicine

    Vaughn Stevens drove to Janet Baxter's Oakland home the night of November 23, 1976, to visit with Janet and her 7-year-old daughter Julie, 7.

    Janet, 30, a licensed practical nurse, was suffering from a nagging cold. About 9:30, she headed out to Waterville to pick up some medicine.

    She took Stevens' car, a 1974 Ford, because it was blocking hers.

    At 9:59, according to a cash register receipt, Baxter bought cough syrup, Tab and some crackers at the A&P in JFK plaza.

    Stevens, back in Oakland, worried when Baxter didn't quickly return home since the shopping center was only about 5 minutes away. He looked for her, concerned that perhaps she'd had an accident on the slippery roads.

    Shortly after 11, a motorist on Maine Street stopped Leroy Jones, who was then the Norridewock police chief, to tell him that a car had gone off Old River Road in Norridewock and was on the riverbank.

    The car was Vaughn Stevens' Ford, perched on the edge of the riverbank, hung up on an old house foundation, it's engine running...............
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    .........Jones and a deputy investigated. When Jones popped the trunk at about 1:30 a.m., he saw Janet Baxter's body. She was wearing nothing but socks, her jacket covering part of her body.

    She had been shot once in the head and once in the chest with a .22 caliber handgun. An autopsy later would show she had been raped.

    Jones notified the State Police and the Attorney General's Office.

    "At the time, you do what you have to do as a professional police officer," Jones said, "You close the lid down and secure the scene. But then when you get alone later, the movie projector moves again and you start seeing things. Yeah, it was on my mind."

    Pat Perrino, the former head of the criminal division for the State Attorney General's Office, said that although he had handled plenty of homicides, this one was different from the start.

    Perrino had attended high school in Augusta with Janet Baxter. She was only a few years his junior.

    "I've seen a lot of bodies," Perrino said last week, "But when I opened the trunk.. to see someone I knew.. that made it personal."

    Stevens, who was waiting back at Baxter's house, said he's never been able to express how he felt when he heard that Janet had been killed.

    "I can't put into words what was going through my head. I can't put it into any context. I can't now and I never could," he said "It's beyond the worst thing that ever happened in my life."

    A String Of Unsolved Murders

    Baxter's killing came amid a string of homicides in the Kennebec River Valley, all of them women, all of them unsolved.

    It was a bad time, Perrino said and it made detectives more eager to find out who killed Baxter.

    Earl Smith, dean at Colby College, said people were doubly anxious in the immediate area because of the 1971 murder of Katherine Murphy, a Colby student.

    "It was very traumatic to have two unsolved murders in this community," Smith said, "Both of these murders were so high profile and terrifying that for a very long time people wondered what happened to the area."

    In the towns of the Kennebec River Valley, a region of rolling hills and farmland sculpted by the river's waters, fear took root among the long stands of pines and birches.

    Nowhere was the fear more palpable than in Norridgewock.

    "People were scared to go out at night," Earla Tibbetts said last week as she waited for customers in her hair salon on Main Street.

    Police, however, had zeroed in on a suspect.

    Five days after Baxter's death, an officer saw a man checking out the crime scene. The officer jotted down the man's license plate number, and the detectives had another lead: Albert P. Cochran.............

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