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Thread: Bernard 'Bunny' Ross Jr., 19, Missing 1977, Maine

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    bynew Bernard 'Bunny' Ross Jr., 19, Missing 1977, Maine

    Bernard 'Bunny' Ross Jr.

    Missing since: 1977 from Ashland-Portage area

    Age: 19

    Height and weight: 6'1" 160

    Hair: Dirty blond

    Eyes: Blue

    Race: White

    Other: Despondent at time of disappearance.

    Contact: State police

    A Fort Kent resident, Ross initially was considered a suspect in a Presque Isle

    truck theft. Though the vehicle was found and the charges dropped, Ross was not

    found and was reported missing by his family. Ross last was seen on May 12 in a

    wooded area off Reality Road near the Ashland-Portage town line. Numerous attempts

    to find him have turned up no clues.
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    Snippet from:

    MISSING IN MAINE Have you seen these people? For many, the search for truth about lost loved one is an ongoing struggle, even decades later
    Bangor Daily News (ME) - Saturday, June 27, 2009
    Author: Bangor Daily News

    The son of a Fort Kent schoolteacher now living in Portland, Bernard "Bunny" Ross Jr. initially was the subject of a warrant in a truck theft case. The truck was found and the charges dropped, but Ross remained missing.

    Despite a thorough search, Ross was never found.

    Though 32 years have passed, Ross' parents maintain regular contact with Ouellette to see if there have been any new developments.

    "We've done some work trying to locate him," Ouellette said. He periodically checks for activity with Ross' Social Security number, but so far has found nothing.

    "Once in a while [Ross' father] will see a vanity plate that has the word bunny, and he'll ask me to run the plate and find out who it is, and I'll run the plate and I'd find out that it belongs to a female or somebody else," he said.

    "So there's always that glimmer of hope that he's alive, that he just ran away or he had some sort of accident where he doesn't know where he belongs or whatever. But he's accepted the fact that his son may be dead," Ouellette said.

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    After 39 years, Maine parents get mysterious letter about missing son

    Carol and Bernard Ross of Portland recently received an anonymous letter claiming to know details about the disappearance of their son, Bernard "Bunny" Ross Jr., in 1977.

    A mysterious letter that was recently sent to a couple whose son disappeared in 1977 from Fort Kent has rekindled police interest in the 39-year-old case – and dredged up old emotions for his loved ones.

    Bernard “Bunny” Ross Jr. was 18 years old when he vanished May 12, 1977, after leaving the family’s home one morning in a state of distress, his parents said. He was suspected of stealing a vehicle, which was later found abandoned on a dirt road in Ashland.

    No one has heard from him since, and his parents, Carol, 78, and Bernard Ross Sr., 80, had to learn to live without knowing his fate.

    But any peace they might have found was disrupted when they received an unsigned letter a couple of months ago at their home on Munjoy Hill in Portland, police said. The author indicated that he or she knew about their son’s disappearance, referenced a previous story in the Kennebec Journal about missing persons that mentioned the Ross case, and then suggested that another story about Ross should appear in the Kennebec Journal. The Augusta-area newspaper is owned by MaineToday Media, which also publishes the Portland Press Herald.

    A police spokesman said he was not aware of any connection the Kennebec Journal might have to Ross’ disappearance. Maine State Police Lt. Troy Gardner of the major crimes unit in Houlton contacted the newspapers, hoping that a story might coax the letter’s author to contact police.

    “I’ve never had anything like this happen in my career,” Gardner said. “Basically, all we’re doing is extending an olive branch, saying we want to make contact with this person. Of course, there’s no way of knowing whether the letter’s truthful or the information is accurate, but we are asking for whoever wrote the letter to please contact us.”

    Gardner declined to release the letter, describe what it said or explain what made police take the unusual step of contacting the newspapers to arrange for an interview with the missing man’s family. Gardner acknowledged that the letter could be an elaborate hoax, but added that even if it wasn’t, police wouldn’t release it to the public.

    “If there was details in the letter that we felt were important to the investigation, we wouldn’t release them,” he said. “That’s common sense. It protects the integrity of the investigative process.”

    Gardner arranged for an interview with Carol and Bernard Ross Sr. on Friday. The couple said they are reluctant to put themselves into the spotlight, but were willing to endure the pain of talking with reporters because they want to do what’s right for their son.

    The couple, who have been married for 60 years, said their other children are grown and have children of their own, but they still wonder what happened to their oldest son. Perhaps the most painful memories were the calls they received from police departments around the country trying to identify a body, putting them in the macabre position of hoping the deceased person was their son.

    “We’ve had several calls,” Carol Ross said. “You’d get your hopes up, but of course it would turn out to be someone else.”

    Let's hope it's not a hoax and that the parents find closure.

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