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Thread: Madeleine McCann

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    ..LAWFUEL - The Legal Newswire - A Portuguese judge has started to examine the files into the disappearance of their four-year-old daughter Madeleine, Sky News reports.

    He has ten days to read the 4,000-page dossier and review the evidence complied by the Policia Judiciaria - Portugal's CID.

    Legal experts said the judge has the power to order the couple back to Portugal and place them under house arrest.

    Intense attention has focused on what exactly police found in the hire car rented by Madeleine's parents 25 days after she went missing.

    Detectives denied reports that forensic tests on a sample taken from the vehicle, a silver Renault Scenic, had revealed a "100% match" with the missing girl's DNA.

    Police spokesman Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa said: "That's not true. Even specialists have said there is no 100% in anything."

    But senior sources linked to the investigation told Portuguese journalists they discovered "bodily fluids" - not blood - with an 88% match to Madeleine's genetic profile in the car's boot.

    Police also found so much of the girl's hair in the car that it could not have been transferred from a blanket or clothes, and must have come directly from her body, one of the sources said.

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    Hmmm. The hair could have come from a hairbrush, and the body fluids, well, it's not outside the realm of possibility that a four year old may wet her pants at some point. It seems to me that I heard that the DNA/body fluids were found in the trunk of the car, but if while travelling the child wet her pants, it would stand to reason that the parents might put the wet pants in the trunk and go on about their drive with the intention of removing the pants a bit later for the purpose of washing them.
    While I hold no opinion of whether or not the parents had anything to do with it, I suspect the government may be weary of the international attention this case is bringing and may be leaking misleading or even incorrect information to the media.

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    Ohio expert being called in to help.

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    <TD></TD><TD valign="top" height="1">Forensic DNA tests 'reveal traces of Madeleine's body on resort beach'

    Mark Townsend and Ned Temko
    Sunday October 7, 2007
    The Observer

    Traces of Madeleine McCann's body were found on a Portuguese beach weeks after she was reported missing, during tests by a former detective renowned for locating abducted children.Forensic analysis by retired South African police superintendent Danie Krugel claimed to reveal Madeleine's body had either been temporarily buried or was still beneath the beach at Praia da Luz, the resort from where she disappeared on 3 May.
    Based on a combination of Madeleine's DNA sample and GPS satellite technology, Krugel's findings were taken so seriously by Portuguese detectives that officers twice searched the beach.


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    The parents of Madeleine McCann are considering legal action against "hurtful" claims that they gave their four-year-old daughter - and her younger brother and sister - sedatives on the night she disappeared.
    Gerry and Kate McCann's lawyers are studying speculation in the Portuguese press that tests on evidence carried out in the UK suggest their elder daughter and twins Sean and Amelie were given the drugs on May 3.
    The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Contrary to renewed speculation in the Portuguese press, Gerry and Kate McCann wish to make it categorically clear that they have never, ever used sedatives on their children. To suggest otherwise is as outrageous as it is hurtful."
    He continued: "Lawyers for the McCanns will be monitoring British coverage of the latest Portuguese claims very closely and will take action if it's felt necessary."
    According to Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas, a Policia Judiciaria (PJ) source said the conclusion came from preliminary results from tests conducted at the Forensic Science Service laboratory in Birmingham last month. The Forensic Science Service would not comment on the reports.
    Spokeswoman Laura Mackin said: "We don't comment on any tests from the lab. The inquiry is ongoing and we just can't comment. We are just working closely with the police."
    The speculation came as it emerged that the team of detectives investigating Madeleine's disappearance is now down to six from the 100 police assigned to the case when she first went missing.
    The team now comprises five detectives and a chief inspector, said Carlos Anjos, president of the Association of Criminal Investigation Staff. The resizing was "normal", he said, in investigations where the missing person was not found quickly.
    Paulo Rebelo, a senior criminal investigation co-ordinator at national police headquarters in Lisbon, will now lead the inquiry. Mr Rebelo was expec.....

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