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Thread: 3 Missing Women

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    glitter14 3 Missing Women,5284528.story


    SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The city's biggest and most mysterious crime is receiving some new attention. It's the case of three women who disappeared after a high school graduation party 18 years ago. On Tuesday, there was a meeting of the minds with Springfield's new police chief and others who were involved in the case in 1992.
    Investigators are not releasing exactly what was discussed behind closed doors, only that law enforcement officers, the prosecutor, and others are reviewing the cold case and deciding what their next move is.
    Meanwhile, some on the case detail the difficulties that lie ahead in solving the women's disappearance.
    "We were working 12-hour days and everything. They were pulling people out of patrol from regular assignments to address this because it became a beast of its own really," Mark Webb said recently.

    Webb was a Springfield Police Department detective on the case in 1992. He says he distinctly remembers the hectic days and weeks just after Sherill Levitt, Suzie Streeter, and Stacy McCall disappeared from 1717 E. Delmar St.

    "We had stacks of 3 X 5 cards on a desk where callers were taking information. We saw them at the Greasy Skillet in Fordland, or we saw them at wherever, getting on a plane to Mexico," Webb remembered.
    There were thousands of tips, just more than 5,000, but still there was little good evidence to go on.

    "The scene had basically already been corrupted by friends and people that had come to the house looking for them," Webb said.
    Those friends, he said, had no idea with what they were dealing on that Sunday in June. It would become Springfield's biggest crime scenes.

    "I think it should be remembered that law enforcement was not called at first when the three women first went missing. This delay resulted in significant changes to the crime scene by well meaning friends," said Terry Knowles, who was the police chief in 1992.
    There have long been questions about how the police work was handled. Getting a glimpse of that now is the new police chief, Paul Williams, who arrived here from Tulsa, Okla., last summer.
    "For some reason, that was a top-down investigation; top-down driven as opposed to bottom-up investigating. If we have a homicide or robbery, I don't go out and step in and tell the detectives what to do. I monitor their progress and get updates; that's generally what happens," said Williams.
    That was not the case here. Dozens of hands were in the pot.

    "From the moment SPD was notified of the case, it was worked aggressively. We worked 24-7. We brought in special teams, the FBI, criminal profilers, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and countless other law enforcement agencies," Knowles said in a telephone interview from Kansas, where he moved to take a job at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.
    Perhaps it was too many investigators too soon, some thought.

    "We had so many people we didn't normally work with, so now you had those relations to deal with. Somebody is going to have to say, 'Hey, I'm responsible for this, I did this and I'm confessing.' It's going to take a confession in my opinion, for what it's worth," said Webb, who left the Springfield Police Department for other law enforcement jobs.
    Knowles said this was not an ordinary case. He compared the situation to football head coach wjp wouldn't let all the assistant coaches make the call in a critical game.
    Knowles said, if memory serves him correctly, there were some 32 people known to have been at the house where the women disappeared before police were called. They were all friends who simply didn't realize what had happened. Some straightened and cleaned up the house, thinking that would help the women when they returned to the home.

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    Default Re: 3 Missing Women, Video, A New Look

    32 People !!!!!

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    As I have stated on several occasions, the crime scene was corrupted.
    Forensic eveidence from that scene most likely can never be used.

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    an12 A Documentary may Shed New Light on a Cold Case in Springfield

    A national spotlight on three missing women from Springfield could help bring new light to a cold case.

    The disappearance of 18-year-old Stacy McCall, 19-Year-old Suzie Streeter and Suzie's mom, Sherill Levitt is the subject of a documentary airing Monday.

    One victim's mother hopes a program on Investigation Discovery channel might produce new leads.

    The documentary is called "The Springfield Three".

    Even Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams is considering digging up a parking lot where some people think the women may be buried.

    But the mother of Stacy McCall doesn't share the same hunch.

    "And I do not believe that they're buried under the parking garage. But I know someone out there knows. And all it takes is one phone call. Please call." says Janis McCall, Stacy's mother.

    Chief Williams has assigned three detectives and one sergeant to the case.

    "The Springfield Three" airs Monday March 7th on Investigation Discovery channel.

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    Starless, what do you think about the rumor there could be bodies buried under the Cox South Hospital parking garage that was being built at the time the women went missing?

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    I think, I'm not sure, but I think that was based on the vision of a psychic, so I don't really know what to think of that.

    Has any intense searches been done of all wooded areas in that region? How many bodies of water need to be searched? Obviously if they are dead their bodies must be somewhere.

    But then I guess if you look at the late-breaking Kitty Wardwell case, I guess you can hide bodies pretty well if you want to.
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    They still didn't dig there? I have no idea if they could be there or not, but I do remember that a half year ago or so, they wanted to get the concrete out to see what was there? If they wouldn't be there, they could focus on other places. I thought this digging would have been done already, what is taking them so long?

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    I think the police should re-examine the Grave Robbers Case. I have looked at this case from every angle I can find, and my gut feeling keeps pointing me back to the Grave Robbers having something to do with this case....either directly, or indirectly.
    1. Susie gave a statement to police regarding the Grave Robbers (they had used Susies car in the commission of the crime).

    2. The Grave Robbers were charged with Felonys related to the Grave Robber crime with in a week or two of Susis statement to police and the 3MW's disappearance.

    3. Two of the Grave Robbers skipped town shortly after the women went missing.

    4. One of the Grave Robbers made a statement to a reporter, if I recall correctly, "I hope those bitches are dead". (Why would he refer to them in the plural tense. Susie was the only one that I know of that gave a statement to police....not all three.

    5. Even though they were "Supposidly" Cleared by police, that doesn't mean that they actually WERE. Investigation Tactics 101. Let them think they're not a suspect anymore, and hope they slip up and tip their hand to you. Police may just not have had enough SOLID evidence to arrest or charge them.

    6. Proven...At least one (Probably all) of the Grave Robbers was into drugs at the time....including the one that dated Susie! One of them STILL IS....into Drugs!

    7. If the Grave Robbers didn't actually "Commit" the crime themselves, it doesn't mean that one of their "Associates" didn't. If someone connected in some way to one or more of the Grave Robbers, who was into illegal activities much DEEPER than the Grave Robber crime, thought that Susie's statement, or possably subsequent testamony would reveal their illegal activities, that might have been enough of a catilist to set the ball in motion. That could explain why/how the Grave Robbers were able to endure the scrutany of well as...pass a polygraph when asked if "They" had committed the crime. (I don't know if any of them were actually polygraphed or not)

    8. Former Chief Knowles was supposely the one that cleared at least "One" of the Grave Robbers....over coffee at a coffee shop....or something like that. The case was supposidly handled from the "Top opposed to....the traditional method of handling the case from the Bottom Up". What if Former Chief Knowles was wrong in clearing who ever he had supposidly cleared. He's human.....mistakes can be made.

    9. Also, I have heard that the owner of the Pawn Shop, where the Grave Robbers sold the gold teeth stolen in the Grave Robbing crime were sold....left town shortly after the 3MW disappeared as well. for thought. Anyone have any input on this?

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    You have a lot of information, I do remember the discussion back then, and I thought they were in some kind of accident with that jeep the night when they had the graduation party. Maybe my thoughts were much too simple, as there seemed to be much more going on that I wasn't aware of, as an outsider.
    Anyway, I still hope they will find them, and solve this case. It is almost 20 years ago in June, that is a long time for their relatives, who need to know what happened back then.

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