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Thread: 3 Missing Women

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    Default Re: 3 Missing Women, Video, A New Look

    The "Accident With the Jeep" was just a "Speculative Scenereo" that someone threw out there. The scerereo was that, may be the people they were partying with had an accident, the girls were killed, and it was covered up to save the person driving from going to jail for drunk driving. It never happened.

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    i think it was me who came up with that scenario. I just got that idea after reading all about the discussion back then, that maybe somehow it could have been just an accident.

    I also remember the questions why would they have taken Sherrill then? And I though maybe someone called her to say something terrible happened to her daughter, later got regrets after thinking it over, and then they had to get rid off the messages that maybe were left on the answering machine,
    and therefore they took Sherrill away from her house?

    Probably all wrong....But I still do remember this so called friend, Janelle in those video's. And I still might be totally wrong, but something deep inside still tells me she knows! She and her friend Mike were at the house all day almost, that Sunday, they so called went for a swim, thought after they found broken glass at the porch, purses inside, bathing suits in the bed rooms, that they went to a lunch room or a pool without them, even without their cigarettes, and more important even without any money!

    They then started searching the neighborhood,
    went to Shane, and later on decided to go for a swim, after deleting some messages from the answering machine, Janelle crying in the backseat,
    Mike sitting all lonely in front, with a crying girlfriend in the back, and they decide to go for a swim? Ooh, I forgot to mention they cleaned the porch, as a favor to Sherrill, there was glass on the entrance, Janelle barefoot, and Mike cleaned it all, he didn't need to find a broom, it was just there, right next to the broken porchlight.

    Janelle was back at the house
    with Mike in the early evening, still nothing..Then how come Stacy's mother came there that evening, and no one was there and she had to put on the lights? Were Mike and Janelle in the dark inside Sherrill's house, or were they just not here then? How come Janelle didn't inform anyone the cars were there, their purses, the keys, cigarettes, bathing suits, she called very early after this graduation party, and she called
    for hours, then went there, saw nothing was missing exept for Sherrill, Stacy, and Suzie but still went for a swim, even while crying in the back seat, as if she knew something bad happened. I am just posting most facts as I do remember them, I can be wrong, but even if graverobbers are involved,I am convinced this so called close friend
    knew a lot more than she told, or she is scared of those people involved, so won't tell anything

    On the other hand I also do remember how controlling Stacy's mother was about her if she didn't hear from her, and got Janelle's sister on the phone, telling her Stacy didn't stay there, but was at Suzie's house,
    how come she decided to go for an afternoon with other relatives also? She didn't think anything was wrong either apparently, and all I read about her back then, is that she just wanted to know where her children were. And she didn't even worry.......

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    Default Re: 3 Missing Women, Video, A New Look

    I don't recall a great deal about the information coming out at the time but I do know that a friend of mine knows a lawyer who worked on a prominent case just concluded in Springfield and the individual being prosecuted is one person quietly suspected in these abductions. Not trying to sound mysterious but I don't want to put names because it is hearsay.

    There was a book signing this weekend that Janis McCall was at along with several other family members of missing or murdered individuals from the Ozarks. It's very sad to think that this group of maybe 15 represents hundreds of victims around the country.

    Regarding digging Cox Parking Lot, I think if police really thought the information was viable, they would dig there. Janis McCall is not pushing for this to be investigated so I think this could be one reason why they are leaving it alone. I feel bad for Susie Streeter and Sheryl Levitt as they rarely get the publicity that Stacy does but at least the case is still in the media.

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    I'll say it....Gerald Carnahan. He's in prison for life for the brutal rape and murder of Jackie Johns. He had also been charged in the attempted abduction of Heather Starkey on Ingram Mill road if I recall correctly. I can't remember if he was convicted of this or not though.
    I re-watched the Disappeared Video tonight and a couple things really stuck out. First: JK seems a lot more "Composed" in the Disappeared Video, than she did in the interview with the reporter that was done years ago. In that video, she had some strange body language, and referred to one of the girls as "That Other Girl". In the Disappeared video, in my opinion , doesn't really exhibit much body language at all. I don't know if "Time" has taken the edge off of emotions, or if she over compensating by not breaking her gaze at the reporter. Her eyes never waver from looking at the interviewer. However, there is no doubt that the other interview done years ago, did not go that smoothly. Also I have to agree, that she and her boyfriend Mike's actions the day of the disappearance, were more than strange. Second: It had been purported that the Grave Robbers had been "Cleared" and were no longer suspects. However, Detective Neal specifically stated in the Disappeared Video that Clay and Recula had shaky alibis that couldn't be solidly confirmed.....and that they were NEVER taken off the table as being possible suspects. Also, when the police returned to Clays the after being there the the day prior, and Clay not being there, all the Satanic things that were displayed in his house.....were gone! And you have Clay stating to investigators that, "I hope those bitches are dead". Why in the holy hell would someone who was being questioned in an investigation such as the 3MW....say something like this to the police. Wouldn't you think that that would put you on the top of the suspect list!??? Clay stated later to police, that he just due to his disliking of the person questioning him. Was he so deep into satanism that he had no remorse....or was he just mad and reactive? Last but not least for now. I'm convinced that Bartt didn't have anything to do with what happened. He seemed very very sincere in the Disappeared Video, and didn't exhibit any odd body language that I could see.

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    Default Re: 3 Missing Women, Video, A New Look

    I do agree JK acted a lot different in the Disappeared video, much more relaxed, maybe it is just because it all happened almost 20 years ago. I was trying to find that short clip, I saw it several times, Stacy, Suzie and Janelle right after graduation, there is an arm around Janelle from a boy/man right behind her, and you see his fist on her shoulder, and she somehow looks irritated/bored. I guess all who graduated wore the same clothes?, but then this guy didn't graduate, no yellow clothing. Will try to find it, I wondered back then who he could be.

    I never thought Bartt had anything to do with it, and as Savannah Dreamer wrote: I feel bad for Susie Streeter and Sheryl Levitt as they rarely get the publicity that Stacy does.

    I guess this could be a reason why: Stacy was still living with her family, they knew exactly what she took with her, what she was wearing, and what was missing or not, and what the plans were for that evening, who her friends were and such.
    In Suzie and Sherrill's case there was no one left behind who lived in their house, who could tell what they were wearing,what was missing,
    tell about friends, what the plans were ( exept for Sherrill's sister who called her that evening) I guess as parents with children living at your home, you can give a lot more information as Bartt or Sherrill's sister could give.

    For me Sherrill is the most interesting, allthough I have no full explanation for it.
    The girls were at a party, but Sherrill was at home, maybe the girls ran into a bad person at the party, if so, why also take the mother of one of the girls, and wait till they returned at Sherrill's house? They didn't even plan to go there.

    He/they could have driven them off the road on the way home, force them to stop.
    If someone was already at the house, you would think he/they came for Sherrill, and didn't expect the girls to come home, so maybe they did overrun a creep at the house? Could be, but her book and glasses were on the bed, as if she had been reading, so somehow I guess the wasn't panicking when she got out of bed, or someone just stepped in her bedroom and tried to rape her, and seeing the pictures back then, I always thought she was alarmed by the lights of both cars shining in her bedroom, got out of bed to see who it was.

    If this was a stranger, or maybe even more than one.... Why would a friend delete (a) dirty phonecall(s) ( I don't remember if it was just one, or maybe more) on the answering machine, as I read more and more people dropped in that evening, and someone even decided to clean. ( with the vacuumcleaner if I am correct)
    That is odd, adults not even thinking the house could be a crime scene, not thinking something bad could have happened, after 3 women were missing for almost a day, and they took nothing with them, no cigarettes, purses, money! And also: A friend panicking very early, if it was around 8 or 9, it doesn't matter, but the party ended after midnight, all you want is to get some sleep normally, yet someone was frightened somehow, as she called overand over and went to the house later on. No one there, all their belongings in the house, so after driving around, ask for any other pool in the neighborhood, you decide to go for a swim, meanwhile crying in the backseat, which would mean it wasn't just M and J in the car I suppose?

    This is a very odd case, but I bet they can solve it.

    If they would ask questions nowadays, I bet a lot more answers would come somehow. If something bad happens, sometimes years later you start to remember, and even when it might be not that important, don't ever think it is too late to report it!

    Monkyman, I hope you are still reading after my looong post here Do you know if there is any connection between JK and Carnahan? Maybe someone threatened her back then, but if it was him, he wouldn't make a difference on taking four victims instead of three I guess?

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    Default Re: 3 Missing Women, Video, A New Look

    I think the police KNOW who but the lack of defiled evidence prevents an indictment, or the chance of a sucessful trial. An officer who is far above reproach once told me it will take a confession to solve this case. I trust him with my life and so I believe his statemene to be true.

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    Default Re: 3 Missing Women, Video, A New Look

    Quote Originally Posted by olddog View Post
    I think the police KNOW who but the lack of defiled evidence prevents an indictment, or the chance of a sucessful trial. An officer who is far above reproach once told me it will take a confession to solve this case. I trust him with my life and so I believe his statemene to be true.
    I do agree Olddog, they must have found something in all those years. But to prove it with facts is a different story, you need facts, you can't just trust on feelings, gossip, or how someone acted in a video taken shortly after, or intuition you need facts. For me any feeling , especially all that feels wrong, is good enough, but that isn't prove, unfortunately.

    Alot of things could have happened. And for me it still doesn't sound good some so called close friends were around at the house for "almost" all day. all was replaced, picked up, and such, maybe out of curiousity, but I would think they had something else on their mind, like calling for help after no one showed up after some hours. Purses in line, make up wiped off, everyone could have done that.
    But somehow the wiped off make up is a female thing, not something any serial killer or group of men who were in for an after party would think off?

    Clay saying: I hope those bitches are dead. If he knew something bad happened he wouldn't have said it I think, he only said it because he somehow hated them? For whatever reason..ofcourse the satanic altar is very suspicious. But somehow I don't think he would have said those words if he would have known something bad happened to them, if he was involved he would have kept quiet?

    And somehow I think there is more than one witness who could tell what happened,
    and if they would start asking them questions again, start with the friends and all who were at the party, I bet they would get more answers as they got back then. Afterall it has been almost 20 years! Personally I think some people didnt sleep at all at night, at least that is what I hope for.

    Can you imagine, 20 years of not knowing, what happened to your mother, sister or daughter...

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    Default Re: 3 Missing Women, Video, A New Look

    Jace, I don't know what I really think about Charnahan. Although I have say, that I don't think Jackie Johns was Carnahans ONLY victim. In my opinion....Someone doesn't comitt a crime as horrendous as the Jackie Johns Rape/Murder....Go on to attempt to abduct Heather Starkey....and that end up being the only TWO times. I have a feeling that there are a few more women that met their fate at the hands of Gerald Carnahan. I just don't know if Carnahan could have pulled something like the 3MW case off. And, I have to agree that I don't understand why SOMEONE....ANYONE....of the 20-Plus people who were suppose to have been in and out of the 1717 Delmar house that day, didn't realize something was wrong sooner. Especially with the fact that the whole day started with Janelle and Mike arriving at the house to find the porch light globe broken on the front porch with the porch light still on. And then, for them to have gone into the house, seen the purses lined up next to each other, the cigerettes and lighters still in the house, TV still on in Susies room, Stacys clothes folded next to the bed, Sherills glasses and a book still on her night stand, dog freaking out, all the cars still there, front door unlocked, ....etc. I mean, who in the holy hell doesn't take all of that a very short time.....once they have gone into the house and seen everything I've mentioned.....and DOESN'T HAVE A RED FLAG GO UP? I mean...WTF? Where the F$#@ were their brains that day? Thats the part that doesn't make any sense to me. Thats the part that makes me really suspicious about Janelle and Mike's actions that day. And who the hell cleans up someone elses house....especially when they have never been to their house to began with, as well as, arn't really suppose to be inside of to began with. None of it makes any sense.

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    Also....After watching the Disappeared Video.....I have a had to really re-examine the whole Robert Cox angle. I had always thought it was just a "Rumor" that he had worked as a mechanic at the same car dealership as Stacys father. How old was Robert Cox at the time of the 3MW's disappearance? I think he was in his mid to late 20's at the time. It seems reasonable to me that he may have inadvertenly been at one of the same partys as the girls, and followed them home afterwards. Or, may be he was out "Trolling" for women on "Graduation Night"....(Prime Hunting Time) to speak, and he just happened to run into them and follow them home. That might explain the whole Georges sighting. Maybe the girls didn't go straight home. May be they went to Georges first, and then went home. Or may be they went home, parked their cars, and all three of them went to Georges to eat. Someone somewhere had stated that Sherills car was pulled into the carport, further forward than she normally parked. Not to mean that that has anything to do with anything, but it may point to them taking Sherills car to Georges. Just a thought. Plus Cox had a history of Rape/ least one....and an attempted abduction in California....even if it happened after the 3MW case, it speaks to his mindset and what he was capable of. Also, he made up an alabi, for no reason. He was also an Army Ranger. I know that has been down played a bunch as not having any bearing on his capability of pulling the 3MW crime off. But as a former U.S. Army veteran myself....I know a guy in the Army who was a Ranger. He had been in the 75th Ranger Reg. out of Ft. Lewis Washington. This guy Ate, Slept, and Breathed Army Ranger. We had a competition on our base called the R.A.C.O. competition. Rear Area Combat Operations. He was the one who was chosen to train our group in land navigation and patrol tatics for the competition. During part of the training he gave us a block of instruction on the capture, and securing of POW's. With out getting too detailed about it for the sake of any longer of a post here, it was a standard Ranger Practice to "Quickly Secure" all captured prisioners, search and segrated them. This was a STANDARD Ranger practice that was taught to Rangers in Ranger school. So when I started thinking about this the other day, after seeing the Disappeared Video, I started thinking about Robert Cox, and thinking about the fact that his standard training would have placed him in a position of it being no big deal, to over come multiple individuals, and quickly secure them (hands tied behind their back, and possibly hog tied to their feet). I seem to recall that being part of the securing of the POW block of instruction the Ranger gave us when I was in the Army. I don't think it would be too far fetched for someone with this type of training, to pull off it off. Especially if they if someone was helping them. Just food for thought.

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    Also: Didn't Robert Cox get "Soldier of the Year" award? I seem to recall that. If thats true, that would speak to his ability. You HAVE to have your S$%T together to get Soldier of the Year. That would mean he was definately a "Squared Away" soldier, that knew his Information and Army Skills Very Very Well! Please take my word for this......He would have HAD to be VERY VERY VERY SQUARED receive this award!

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