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Thread: Jaliek Rainwalker case gets national attention

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    newflash Jaliek Rainwalker case gets national attention

    The investigation of the disappearance of Greenwich youth Jaliek Rainwalker received some national media attention Monday night.
    The case was the subject of a segment on the Nancy Grace: America's Missing show on Headline News. The show focuses on missing person reports across the country.
    The segment came about after Rainwalker's adopted grandmother, Barbara Reeley, posted information about the investigation on CNN's website earlier this month.
    Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell said he was contacted Tuesday by four psychics who offered their help after seeing the Nancy Grace show. Police had help from psychics earlier in the investigation, to no avail.
    Rainwalker, who was 12 when he disappeared, has been missing since Nov. 1, 2007. He was last seen by his adopted father, Stephen Kerr, who reported him missing from a home owned by Kerr's parents on Hill Street in the village of Greenwich.
    Police have said there were inconsistencies in Kerr's description of events surrounding Jaliek's disappearance, and they have identified him as a "person of interest" in what they consider a homicide.

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    Washington County District Attorney Kevin Kortright said Friday he believes his office can pursue a murder prosecution in the death of Jaliek Rainwalker if the missing boy’s body isn’t found during the next year.
    With Rainwalker’s disappearance hitting its six-year anniversary next week, Kortright said he believes the passing of another year with no sign of the teen could put the case at a threshold where prosecution could take place.
    He said “bodyless” murder prosecutions historically are successful when a disappearance reaches the seven-year mark because it can be concluded the person is no longer alive.
    Kortright, who is in a tough re-election battle against Assemblyman Tony Jordan, said “we would be looking strongly to doing something on Jaliek Rainwalker,” after that threshold is reached.
    “There’s some information on it that we think is very interesting,” he said. “There is circumstantial evidence I think is worth strongly looking at.”
    He would not elaborate.
    Kortright made the comments as he spoke to The Post-Star’s editorial board Friday for his re-election campaign.
    He did not identify the person or persons against whom a prosecution would be pursued. But police have identified Rainwalker’s adoptive father, Stephen Kerr, as a “person of interest” in the case.
    Rainwalker, then 12, was last known to be with Kerr Nov. 1, 2007, at Kerr’s father’s home in the village of Greenwich. Rainwalker had been in a respite home after behavioral problems in the preceding days, and Kerr said he awoke to find the boy gone that morning.
    Police said Kerr made inconsistent statements and was not truthful with them about his whereabouts before the boy was reported missing. Police last year changed the classification of the case from a missing persons case to a homicide.
    Police said Kerr stopped cooperating with them in the days after the disappearance was reported. His lawyer, Jeffrey McMorris, has said Kerr believes the boy ran away.
    Told of Kortright’s comments Friday, McMorris questioned whether Kortright was making the statement for “political purposes.”
    He said it was “outrageous” to suggest Kerr should be charged criminally, and if Kerr is not the suspect, authorities should let the family know who is, he said.
    “We see a lot of presumptions and assumptions in law enforcement that don’t always turn out to be true,” McMorris said.
    Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell, whose agency has headed the investigation — which has involved State Police, the FBI and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children — said he doesn’t think the passing of seven years was the criterion for pursuing criminal charges
    While he said he agreed there is substantial evidence to back up the police theory of what happened to the boy, he said authorities would have one chance to pursue a case and had to “make sure our I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.”
    “I don’t want to say seven years is the time to do it,” he said.
    Bell said police continue to pursue leads in the case and have been monitoring an effort to dredge the Hudson River near where the Batten Kill spills into the river. Police have searched the rivers extensively.
    He said he and state Forest Ranger Lt. John Solan recently met with those involved with the dredging to ask them to keep an eye out for clues that could play a part in the case.

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    Chief: Skull's discovery stirs hope for break in Jaliek Rainwalker disappearance

    George Bell has gotten countless phone calls over the last decade about the disappearance of 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker but, until last week, no caller had reported the discovery of a young boy's remains.
    When a hiker spotted a skull, partially buried in state wetlands along the Hudson River in Greene County, on Feb. 26, State Police investigators immediately called Bell, the Greenwich-Cambridge police chief, with the news. On Monday, state conservation officials said an examination revealed the skull likely came from a boy between the age 10 and 13.

    "I have mixed emotions. If you look outside the box, it all fits," Bell said Tuesday. "But I don't want to draw false conclusions or give false hope."
    Bell said investigators told him the remains washed up 5 to 10 years ago into the Vosburgh Swamp in Coxsackie.
    Rainwalker vanished from his adoptive parents' Washington County home in November 2007. Police believe foul play was involved and have scrutinized his adoptive father but no one was ever charged in his disappearance.

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