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    Murder suspect free because gays silent.

    Police say a suspect in 14 homosexual murders has not been charged because
    3 survivors of his knife attacks, including a well-known entertainer and a diplomat, won't come out of the closet, and testify against him.

    For the past year, the police have been questioning a young man they call the "Doodler" about the 14 slayings and 3 assaults that occured in San Fransisco's gay community between January 1974 and September 1975, Inspector Rotea Gilford said Thursday.

    Interest in the case surfaced again this week after two Redondo Beach, Calif., men were arrested in Riverside for questioning about as many as 28! slayings linked to homosexual encounters.

    The suspect here, his name not released, has talked freely with police, but has not admitted the slayings, Gilford said.

    He said police are "fairly certain" they have the right man but need the testimony of survivors who may be able to identify the Doodler.

    In the attacks the murder met other men at a number of after hours gay clubs and restaurants in San Fransisco.
    He usually sketched the men before having sex with them and then stabbed them. Police believe the man committed the murders after feeling shame over his homosexual experiences.

    Girlford said the 3 survivors include the entertainer, the diplomat and a man who left San Fransisco and won't answer letters or phonecalls at his new adress.

    "My feeling is they dont want to be exposed", he said.
    Harvey Milk, and advocate of homo sexual rights, said of the victims who refuse to speak up; I can understand their position.I respect the pressure society has put on them.

    Milk said many homosexuals may keep their sexual preference a secret, because they fear losing their jobs.
    they have to stay in their closet, he said.

    Milk estimated that San Fransisco has 85,000 homosexuals. Of that number 20 to 25 percent are in the closet, those are the people with high paying jobs- doctors, bank vice presidents, lawyers and entertainers.

    Another spokesman for the gay community, teacher Hank Wilson, said the case represents; society's "double standards" in dealing with crimes involving homosexuals.

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    It is an interesting case for sure. Even in my country gay people were not much accepted those days. But now it is 2011 and someone should be able to tell who the Doodler is. Is this well known entertainer still famous after all these years? Are most of the survivors married or something, so none of them dare to tell who he is, as they are scared their name might be in the papers?
    What about justice for all victims, that is more important. I read most soccer players, most of them married to very beatiful woman, are often gay too, they married just for the world and to stop the gossip, not for themselves, but I often wonder if it made them happy, and the women they married also. Who wants to live her/ his live as an actor/ actrice while you only live once and should feel good about yourself, love the one you want to love while growing old? Honesty is the best policy, I hope one of them will speak up!

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    well stated Jace...i was thinking that perhaps HIV/AIDS had maybe taken some of the survivors...i do hope someone comes forward if they know or think they know anything

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    I think these men did a lot of research and a great job on the video above!! Great work guys!!!

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    John Doe, Located July 7, 1974
    Name:  john doe.PNG
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Size:  186.4 KB

    His body was located stabbed multiple times at the end of Lincoln Way at Ocean Beach. An anonymous person came forward and said he had seen this man at a club called Bojangles the night of July 6.

    The man was five-feet-seven and 1/2

    150 lb.

    about 25 yrs. old

    Small forehead scar

    He was wearing:

    Tan leather jacket

    Blue denims bearing the name "Levi" but not made in the United States by the Levi Strauss company.

    Black side zipper ankle boots with brown Cuban heels

    White Italian (Sela) shirt

    Orange bikini briefs

    One blue moonstone ring

    One brown cameo ring

    One gold wedding band

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    On January 27, 1974, the body of Gerald Earl Cavanaugh, 49, was found on Ocean Beach, with the tide threatening to drag his corpse out to sea. Cavanaugh had been stabbed several times. The coroner’s report described him as “never married” — a polite way of implying that he was homosexual.

    Cavanaugh was the first known victim of the Doodler, a serial killer who preyed on gay men in the Castro in 1974 and 1975. Also called “The Black Doodler” because of the color of his skin, he met his victims in bars and restaurants, then lured them in by sketching their likenesses on cocktail napkins. Once the Doodler made it home with his intended victim, he stabbed him to death and dumped the body on the beach.

    The sheer number of gay men murdered in San Francisco in the 70's makes the Doodler’s body count hard to determine. The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes by Michael Newton credits the Doodler with as many as 14 murders. However, in his exhaustive 2014 history of the serial killer in The Awl, Elon Green attributes only five known kills to him, which matches the number of known victims killed by the Zodiac Killer and Jack the Ripper.

    But even with a pulp villain name, the Doodler remains obscure. No bestselling books detailing his still-unsolved crimes have been made into blockbusters starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo, although Inspector Dave Toschi (the cop Ruffalo plays in the 2007 movie Zodiac) did investigate a series of “S&M slayings” of gay men in the mid-70's that may or may not have been the Doodler’s handiwork.

    The Doodler's last known victim was Harald Gullberg, a 66-year-old sailor. His partially decomposed body was found on June 24, 1975, on the Lincoln Park Golf Course overlooking the ocean.

    Six months later, on June 19, 1976, the San Francisco Chronicle finally mentioned the case in a front-page story titled “Sado Murder Horror” that bore a two-tone font similar to a grindhouse poster. By then, 17 gay men had been murdered in San Francisco in a two year span, some by the Doodler, some by other suspects — a death toll high enough to finally get the mainstream press’s attention.

    A day later, in a follow-up story titled “The Gay Killers,” the Chronicle published a police sketch of the Doodler.

    See sketch of suspect at link above

    By 1977, police had a good suspect for the murders, and they also had witnesses who could identify him. One Los Angeles man recalled a night where he was about to go to bed with a young African-American man matching the Doodler’s description, but reconsidered after a knife fell out of the man’s coat. Among the survivors of brutal Doodler attacks were “a well-known entertainer and a diplomat,’” according to a July 1977 AP story.

    Over several conversations with homicide detectives, the man suspected of being the Doodler talked freely but stopped short of confessing to the murders. Inspector Rotea Gilford told UPI that the suspect had been under psychiatric care, and police were "fairly certain" they had the right man. The problem was that none of the witnesses would testify for fear of being outed.

    Harvey Milk, then described as “an advocate of homosexual rights," gave his thoughts on witnesses' reluctance to testify in the Doodler case.

    “I can understand their position,” Milk told the AP. "I respect the pressure that society has put on them. They have to stay in the closet.”

    Without any witnesses willing to go on the record, the Doodler suspect walked.

    Calls to the SFPD's Cold Case unit about the Doodler were not returned. If the Doodler is still alive today, he would be in his early-to-mid 60s. What's even more terrifying is that one or two other mass murderers who killed gay and trans men in San Francisco in the 70's could have also escaped justice.

    The bloody trail just goes in too many directions.

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    'The Doodler': San Francisco police release sketch of suspect in 1970's cold case murders

    San Francisco police released a sketch of a suspect in a string of cold case murders that terrorized the city's gay community in the 1970's.

    The killer was dubbed the "Doodler" after he told a person who later became a victim and survived that he was a cartoonist. Police say the attacker was doodling while he and the man talked at a late-night diner.

    The Doodler is believed to have killed at least five men and as many as 14 between January 1974 and September 1975.

    The killer targeted men he met at after-hours gay clubs and restaurants in San Francisco. He usually sketched them before having sex and stabbing them.

    The bodies of four men were found along the beach. Another stabbing victim was found in Golden Gate Park.

    A witness was able to give investigators a description of the attacker, leading to a man being detained in 1976. But he was never charged.

    An Associated Press story from 1977 quotes police saying they needed testimony from victims in order to charge the suspect. However, three survivors, including a "well-known entertainer" and a diplomat, were reluctant to "come out of the closet" to testify against him, the AP reported.

    AP interviewed gay rights advocate Harvey Milk at the time about the victims' refusal to testify.

    "I can understand their position," Milk said. "I respect the pressure society has put on them."

    The interview with AP came just over a year before Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office in the U.S., was assassinated.

    Police also intend to offer a $100,000 reward Wednesday for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer and release audio from a 1974 phone call to police reporting a body found along Ocean Beach.

    Last year, CNN reported that SFPD had sent DNA samples to be tested. If alive, the suspect would be in his early 60's.

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