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Thread: Anthony "Three Fingers Brown" Castellito, Vanished 1961, Never Found.

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    dice08 Anthony "Three Fingers Brown" Castellito, Vanished 1961, Never Found.

    Washington Post, The (DC)
    June 15, 1978
    Edition: Final Edition
    Section: First Section; Around the Nation
    Page: A11

    Index Terms:

    Two Guilty in '61 Killing

    Dateline: KINGSTON, N.Y.

    Article Text:
    New Jersey Teamster leader Anthony (Tony Pro) Provenzano and Harold Konigsberg were found guilty of murder in the 1961 killing of union rival Anthony (Three Fingers) Castellito.
    The jurors returned the verdict in their second day of deliberations, after having testimony from the two main prosecution witnesses reread to them.
    The jurors apparently believed the informant-witnesses, including one Kenneth Appleby, left, suspect in kidnap-slayings, is led into police station, who said he helped strangle Castellito, even though the victim's body has never been found.

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    Default Re: Anthony "Three Fingers" Castellito, Vanished 1961, Never Found.

    Press of Atlantic City, The (NJ)
    December 18, 1988
    Edition: All
    Section: General
    Page: A8


    Author: BYLINE: United Press International

    Dateline: CLIFTON

    Article Text:

    Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano, the once powerful union boss and reputed mobster who was a prime suspect in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, was buried Saturday without fanfare under chilly and leaden skies.
    About 120 mourners gathered for the funeral at St. Andrews Church in Clifton, where the Provenzano family has donated a 10-foot-high stained-glass window, while police cruisers kept vigil outside.
    Provenzano, 71, died Monday at a hospital near the federal prison in Lompoc, Calif., where the reputed soldier in the Genovese crime family was serving a 20-year sentence for labor racketeering.
    He would have been eligible for parole in 1992, but he also faced a life sentence in New York for the 1961 killing of Anthony "Three Fingers" Castellito, a competitor for power at Teamsters Union Local 560, which Provenzano controlled for 20 years.
    The Rev. George Rutler, a family friend, said the private ceremony was a time for the family to gather.
    "When a baby is born, the family comes together and when a man dies, the family also comes together," he said, looking out over Provenzano's unadorned casket, which was nearly bare of the elaborate floral displays that usually mark mob funerals.
    "May Christ be merciful in judging Anthony," Rutler said. "Our brother Anthony left this life fortified by the Holy Sacrements. He was baptized in the church and he received the last rites before he died."
    His wife and other family members joined the priest later at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Hackensack where Provenzano was buried following the simple ceremony.
    With his brothers, Nunzio and Salvatore, Provenzano maintained a stranglehold on Local 560's leadership for nearly 20 years. Both Nunzio and Salvatore Provenzano were eventually convicted on federal labor corruption charges.
    The family's control was so pervasive that the federal government, in an unprecedented move, sued to have the local placed into trusteeship in 1986.
    Earlier this month, in a federally-monitored election that was the local's first contested battle for control in 20 years, a slate of officers with ties to the Provenzano regime was elected to head the local.
    In 1982, a federally-protected witness told a congressional committee that Provenzano and Salvatore Briguglio, a slain 560 official and reputed Genovese family soldier, had former International Brotherhood of Teamsters leader James Hoffa "ground to pieces" and buried in a Florida swamp.

    Mourners follow pallbearers from Anthony Provenzano's funeral.
    AP Laserphoto

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    Default Re: Anthony "Three Fingers Brown" Castellito, Vanished 1961, Never Found.

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    Default Re: Anthony "Three Fingers Brown" Castellito, Vanished 1961, Never Found.

    Caption Under Photo Above:

    Teamster Missing / Anthony (Three Fingers Brown) Castellito, 49, Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local No. 560, of New Milford N.J., has been missing four days. A missing person alarm was issued by Union City, N.J. police, Castellito, shown above in 1959, was last seen late Monday.

    Evening Times
    Cumberland, MD
    Friday, June 9, 1961
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    Default Re: Anthony "Three Fingers Brown" Castellito, Vanished 1961, Never Found.

    Aide Missing
    For 4 Days
    UNION CITY, N.J. (AP)—The
    secretary-treasurer of a turbulent
    Teamsters Union local has
    been missing for four days.
    Police issued a missing persons
    alarm Thursday for A n t h o n y
    (Three Fingers Brown) Castellito,
    49, a leader of Local 560 and possessor
    of a lengthy criminal record.
    Castellito, of New Milford, was
    last seen at 10:30 p.m. June 5
    as he drove away from the local's
    hall, police said.
    • • •
    CASTELLITO and A n t h o n y
    (Tony Pro) Provenzano, president
    of Local 560, were among Teamsters
    officials summoned before
    the U.S. Senate rackets committee
    in July, 1959.
    They were questioned about accepting
    payoffs from trucking
    firms to insure labor peace. Both
    men pleaded possible self incriminatkm
    and invoked the fifth
    A resident of Hoboken for many
    years, Castellito has a police record
    there dating back to 1931.

    The Hammond Times
    Friday, June 9, 1961
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    Default Re: Anthony "Three Fingers Brown" Castellito, Vanished 1961, Never Found.

    Other articles say he drove away from the Union Hall in his 1960 Cadillac. Did they find his car?

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    Default Re: Anthony "Three Fingers Brown" Castellito, Vanished 1961, Never Found.

    Dang grainy photos
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    Default Re: Anthony "Three Fingers Brown" Castellito, Vanished 1961, Never Found.

    I'm not sure if he was 49 or 59, I've seen both said.

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