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Thread: 6-year-old boy, Kelly Hollan, Missing since 1982

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    starstar 6-year-old boy, Kelly Hollan, Missing since 1982

    It's a mystery that's baffled a mother and police for more than 25 years. A six year old child vanishes with no explanation.
    In tonight's Mountain Cold Case, why the mother of Kelly Junior Hollan believes her son could still be alive.

    On February 12th, 1982 in the Pinetree Hollow area of Knott County, Judy Moore let her six year old son Kelly go outside and play and he hasn't been seen since. At first, Moore says she assumed Kelly had walked to a friends house to watch television. It was a Friday night and the Dukes of Hazzard was on. But later, when she went to bring her son home, nobody at the friend's house had seen him. Moore believes her son was kidnapped and may still be alive.
    "I really believe he's still out there, I really do. I'll always believe it until proven otherwise," Moore said.
    A few years after his disappearance, Mountain News profiled the case. Police said at the time, they never found any sign of Hollan around his home.
    "We searched in here three times that I can recall. There was never no evidence found of the child, nothing whatsoever," said Former State Trooper Paul Sandlin in the 1991 WYMT interview.
    Police have questioned Judy Moore and she denies having any involvement in her son's disappearance.
    "He was just like a little angel. Why would I want to do anything to him," Moore said.
    Kelly Hollan would now be 32 years old.
    "If he's out there somewhere, I wish he'd let me know. I don't want to disrupt his life. I just want to know my son's alive and let him know that I do love him," Moore said.
    Moore says she still thinks about her son all the time, but certain months are more difficult than others.
    "November to February is the hardest. November is his birthday then Christmas, New Years, then his disappearance date. It's like it's all coming again," Moore said.
    Kelly Hollan had blue eyes, a scar on his upper lip and his speech was impaired. If you have any information about the disappearance of Kelly Junior Hollan, call the Kentucky State Police post in Hazard at 606-435-6069. You can also visit the Kentucky State Police cold case list at
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    Default Re: 6-year-old boy, Kelly Hollan, Missing since 1982

    Search For Missing Knott Co. Child Continues 35 Years Later

    KNOTT COUNTY, Ky (LEX 18) Nearly 35 years ago, a young boy disappeared in Eastern Kentucky.
    Kelly Junior Hollan was just 6 years old the last time he was seen in 1982.
    “For lack of a better, a better term, he just kind of disappeared into thin air,”
    said Trooper Jody Sims with the Kentucky State Police.
    Although tips and leads have turned up little to nothing in the investigation, KSP Detective Chris Collins has taken on the case that has little evidence.
    Family members of Kelly Hollan say he was outside playing in the middle of the day, but when his mother went outside to get him, he was gone without a trace.
    “There was nothing in and around the residence to indicate that injury or struggle or anything like that,” said Trooper Sims. “It was just a matter of, he was there, and then when they went to check on him again, he wasn't.”
    Trooper Sims told LEX 18 there has never been a named suspect in the case.
    At one point, Kelly’s mother, Jude Moore, was a person of interest.
    Four years ago, Moore spoke with LEX 18.
    “If I had done anything, I'd come forward and say, 'I did it.' But, I didn't do it,” Moore told LEX 18.
    The house where Kelly Hollan was last seen alive is no longer there. A couple years ago, working on tips, police came back out to the area. They dug up some ground underneath concrete, but found nothing.
    Trooper Sims said anytime new information comes in, KSP checks on it right away.
    Some people wonder if Kelly Hollan may still be alive.
    “I don't know that that would be a stretch, but you still have to be cautious about how you talk about those things, because there always is that chance that he is still alive,” said Trooper Sims.
    The decades-old case of Kelly Hollan is the only missing child case that the KSP Post in Hazard is working.
    Police hope that with the passage of time, someone with a guilty conscience will come forward with information.
    “I think it's safe to say someone, still in this world, knows what happened to him,” said Trooper Sims.
    The last time police got a tip was in 2015. They hope people will continue to talk about the case and report information to State Police.


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