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Thread: Unknown Child, Buried In Texas, 1972

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    arr Unknown Child, Buried In Texas, 1972

    Lubbock Avalanche Journal
    Wednesday Morning, May 10, 1972


    The decomposed skeleton of an infant found Sunday in a five-gallon paint can in a riverbed on the Meadowbrook Golf Course was buried early Tuesday in an anonymous grave in the City of Lubbock Cemetery. There were no mourners, only representatives of Henderson Funeral Directors, which supervised arrangements for the burial, were on hand as the tiny coffin, purchased by community funds, was lowered into the ground. A temporary marker which reads simply "unidentified" was placed on the small grave.
    May Never Be Identified
    According to county officials, there appears little chance that the infant ever will be identified, Justice of the Peace Wayne LeCroy said Tuesday. "All we know at this point is the skeleton was that of a human infant less than two years old. It doesn't appear to have been a newborn baby, but we can't determine it's race or even it's sex."
    The small skeleton was discovered about 8 p.m. Sunday by a man searching for golf balls along the river bank. According to Lecroy, "The baby was sitting in an upright position in a can which appeared to have paint stains on it. A plastic trash can had been jammed into the top of the metal can, making it virtually airtight.No clothes or other identification was found."
    Lecroy speculated that the child had been dead for 30 to 90 days. He said, "Apparently the can had been dumped into the riverbed and washed by recent rains onto higher ground, where it was found. The keleton appeared at first sight to be that of a child but as soon as it was touched, it crumbled."
    He said pathologists reported Tuesday that the remains were that of a human but Lecroy is withholding a ruling as to the cause of death pending further medical examinations of specimens.
    However, Lecroy admitted the chance for a positive identification of the infant was small. "There was a similar case a couple of years ago when we found the body of a stillborn infant in an alley trash can," he recalled. "We never did learn who left that baby there."

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    I bet they could figure out race and sex nowadays? But maybe it is too expensive, and the chances might not be that high that this child will be identified after all those years?
    Very sad to read this child doesn't have a name, while someone just knows who this child is

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    It really made me sad when I read about the child. That's why I posted it. Maybe someone knows, after all of these years and will tell, you never know.

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    How incredibly sad. I've never seen anything on this one. Poor baby, breaks my heart. The 'NO MOURNERS' just kills me. Someone has to know who this baby is.

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