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Thread: Aliayah Lunsford

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    replica3 Aliayah Lunsford

    • This undated photo, provided by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, shows 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford. The child was last seen Saturday at her home in Bendale, W.Va.

    Federal investigators say the disappearance of a 3-year-old West Virginia girl is now considered a crime, the Charleston Daily Mail reports.
    FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen told media outlets Monday that investigators no
    longer believe Aliayah Lunsford just walked away from her Bendale, W.Va., home Sept 24. Lena Lunsford told police her daughter was in bed that morning at 6:30, but there's been no sign of the child since.
    Killeen said she's likely been the victim of a homicide or abduction, and that authorities have identified a few people of interest.
    More than 1,000 volunteers helped hunt for the girl last week, but as of Monday only professionals remained involved in the search. The target area is a 5-mile radius around the Lunsford home.
    Aliayah's family was moved to an undisclosed location last week and the home was roped off with crime scene tape.
    Aliayah is about 3 feet tall and 35 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Her ears are pierced and she is missing her top four front teeth, according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. She was last seen in purple pajama bottoms and a pink sweatshirt.
    No Amber Alert was issued after she vanished because the case didn't meet the requirements of that program. Amber Alerts require a vehicle description or license plate number, and investigators didn't have either.
    Lena Lunsford has four other children, from 9 months to 11 years old, and is eight months pregnant with twins.

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    Default Re: Aliayah Lunsford

    Amber Alerts require a vehicle description or license plate number, and investigators didn't have either.

    Really? So if a child is taken away by someone walking or on a bicycle, or if a child gets lost, there will be no Amber Alert?
    That is different in my country, we have Amber Alerts for runaways, endangered missings and so on, licence plate or not, but there will be an Amber Alert with a picture, and all that is known about the child.

    Last week a ten year old girl got missing overhere, she had to walk through a park while going home, but never arrived there. The police said after she was reported missing: maybe she stays the night with a friend, and she'll be back tomorrow.( An Amber Alert came after 26!! hours, so very very late.
    The girl was killed by her sister's ex boyfriend where she was last seen, and she was in his cellar.She never left the house. Very sad story, but my point is that the requirements to fit an Amber Alert should not include licence plates or vehicle descriptions, and when it's about little children, they should go for an Amber Alert immediately. The sooner all information is spread around, the better others can help to look for the child.

    I hope Aliayah will be found safe and healthy!!

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    I'm trying to catch up on Aliayah's story, she is missing for a while? I found two different pictures on one website, the girl looks so sad, no smile on the pictures and very sad eyes.

    While reading the story below, I ran into this terrible part :

    Aliayah’s stepfather Ralph Lunsford is related to two women who went missing from Lewis County in 1999. The women have still not been found.

    Doesn't sound good at all

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    Default Re: Aliayah Lunsford

    Here is another girl, Amber Alert cancelled although the 5 year old is still missing. The reason for the cancellation was standard procedure.
    Which means in this case the Amber Alert lasted 48 hours, and they haven't been able to locate the girl, no new information developed so off is the Amber Alert?
    I bet all mothers and fathers wouldn't want this Just imagine this is about your child!!

    "Normally Amber Alerts are put out for a short period of time," Graves said of the cancellation. "This has been a couple of days now and there's no new information developed."
    Was it because of the car, little Jahessye got an Amber Alert?

    Police said their most solid tip was a report that a woman was seen putting a child matching Jahessaye's description into a black car, possibly a Chevrolet Malibu, near the girl's home about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

    As a mother I would say No Way this isn't an Amber Alert anymore, even if the investigation hasn't been stopped, just keep them high profiled, any missing child is one too many. Keep them on the Amber Alert as long as possible.

    And I also still see this boring Google search page, for every country there is a website,,, and so on,
    sometimes there is art above, even small clips when you click on them,
    but mostly nothing, just an empty search page.
    Why not give more attention to all those missing children,
    Amber Alerts first, and every day another missing person in the spotlights, even if it was just a little picture with a link in a corner, it would be so very helpful to trace missing persons, because all of us would click on it, to see if we could help in anyway.

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    Default Re: Aliayah Lunsford

    WESTON, W.Va. — The FBI says it is narrowing its search for a 3-year-old West Virginia girl reported missing three weeks ago.
    Special agent Jeff Killeen says the agency is reviewing video evidence from security systems in the South Weston area in the search for Aliayah Lunsford.
    According to The Inter-Mountain (, Killeen said investigators have recovered video from civilian, governmental and business security systems. He would not comment on what might be on the security tapes.
    Killeen said investigators have narrowed the focus of their investigation into Aliayah's disappearance. He said they are moving to "a favorable conclusion."
    The little Lewis County girl has been missing since Sept 24.

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    Default Re: Aliayah Lunsford

    I was surprised that I hadn't even heard mention of this little girl until the other day when I put the 3-year-old up. If someone had her they could be in Mexico by now and then some. I wonder why this wasn't pushed in the news as are other very small child abductions.

    I do hope they locate her safe.

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    Default Re: Aliayah Lunsford

    Lena Lunsford, Mother of Missing 3-Year-Old Girl, Arrested

    Lena Lunsford has been arrested, however these charges are not related to the case of missing Aliayah Lunsford.

    According to the criminal complaint, Lena Lunsford did knowingly transfer a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card issued in her name and Personal Identification Number (PIN) issued to her to a person known to the United States Attorney, in order for that person to use the benefits on defendant Lena Lunsford's SNAP EBT card to purchase approximately $114.82 of food in exchange for $50 in United States Currency.

    Lunsford was released on her own personal recognizance Monday afternoon and is currently out free.

    FBI investigators would not say if Lunsford is a suspect in her daughter's disappearance.

    "I'm not going over who's a suspect... We're not labeling anybody a suspect at this time. That investigation remains ongoing. We're still committed to resolving this case favorably," says FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen.

    Investigators are still looking at surveillance videos.

    "We continue to get evidence everyday, in the form of most particularly, video evidence. Again, as I said last week, we're looking very, very hard at video evidence. There's a lot of public and private facilities around this area that have video cameras and video capability so we have scoured the area and it takes a long time. We're trying to have a lot of that enhanced," says Killeen.

    If you think you have any video evidence that can help investigators, call the WVSP Weston Detachment at 304-269-0500.

    Also, if you have information but aren't comfortable calling law enforcement, you can call the 5 NEWS newsroom and we can forward the tips anonymously. To do so, call 304-848-5000 and ask for the newsroom.

    We will not be reporting any of the tips we receive.

    This stinks, a stepfather who was related to two missing women who are still not found, and a mother that probably followed her new husband. Husband more important than her child. Whatever the outcome will be, I think it won't be good for little Aliayah

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    Default Re: Aliayah Lunsford

    Lighting the Way for Aliayah's Return

    Folks in Lewis County are working hard to keep the face of a missing 3-year-old out in the public.

    It's now more than three weeks since Aliayah Lunsford was last seen in her Dennison Street home. Investigators call her disappearance a crime and say it's being looked at as a murder, a concealment or an abduction. While the FBI says it's hard to believe she's still out there alive, some still have hope are are lighting the way for her return by keeping porch lights on at night.

    "Maybe it's just that, she'll see the lights to light her way home. You guys can keep it on for at least about an hour. You can keep it on for however long you even want to. We've got other people now leaving their lights on until she's found," says Sean Smith who organized the Porch Lights for Aliayah Campaign.

    Folks from other areas are getting involved.

    "We've gotten a lot of contacts outside of the state of West Virginia and that just tells us that it's not only our town that cares," says participant Patricia Bean.

    Investigators continue to look at surveillance videos from the area to help piece together her disappearance. If you believe you may have any video that can help, call the Weston Detachment of the West Virginia State Police at 304-269-0500.


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    Default Re: Aliayah Lunsford

    I was searching google pictures for more pictures of Aliayah, she doesn't seem very happy on anyone of them. I worked in Kindergarten for years, and I didn't see such a grieving face on children of this age often, luckily. I feel so very sad for her.

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    Default Re: Aliayah Lunsford

    Speaking of kindergarten, was she in pre school or something? The police should ask the teachers there. They would have noticed something for sure.

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