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Thread: Aliayah Lunsford

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    Lena Lunsford Reportedly Gives Birth to Twins Who Are Now in State Custody

    Thursday marks 48 days of Aliayah Lunsford's disappearance, and there's still no sign of where she may be. But reports from family members on Facebook say her mother, Lena Lunsford, has given birth to a set of twins.

    But it was apparently a day of mixed emotions for Lena, as those same reports suggest those twins have already been taken into custody by the state.

    Wednesday, Lena released a statement related to Aliayah's disappearance. Lena says that the family still believes she is out there, somewhere, alive. She's asking folks to keep a vigilant eye out for anything regarding her disappearance.

    In a letter released by her attorney, she thanks the thousands of people looking for her daughter.

    This Saturday marks the seventh week of Aliayah's disappearance.


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    Lena Lunsford Investigated for Dangerous Drug 'Bath Salts'

    CLARKSBURG - Her daughter has been missing almost two months, and last week Lena Lunsford released a statement asking people to pray for her family and daughter Aliayah, 3. She also wrote she is fully cooperating with the investigators working to bring Aliayah home.

    But the same can't be said for the authorities handling her six charges of federal welfare fraud. U.S. Pretrial Services Officer Brian Kilgore wrote in a statement that Lunsford is violating her probation and is not fully cooperating with her supervision. West Virginia State Police tracked her and her husband Ralph Lunsford to the parking lot of a store called Hot Stuff Cool Things in Clarksburg Nov. 1. Ralph told Kilgore he had just purchased "Sextary," a version of the synthetic drug "bath salts" for $52. Lena told Kilgore on Oct. 20 she did not know what bath salts were. She also told him she had not been to a "head shop" in "several months."

    "It's much like the PCP back in the '70s. It's a medicine that makes someone very euphoric and happy. But there's a fine line for them to go over to being acutely psychotic," said Dr. Chris Goode, head of the Emergency Department at United Hospital Center.

    But if a pregnant mother is taking the synthetic drugs, it will have an impact on her unborn child(ren).

    "It'll affect breathing issues and then the central nervous system," Goode said. "You can only imagine the effect it'd have on the nervous system and the mother. If the mother is not doing well, then the fetus is not doing well."

    State Police are investigating the bath salts incident and is waiting on lab results. Neither she nor Ralph has been charged.

    Kilgore recommended she be placed in home incarceration and substance abuse treatment.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Chris Goode calls bath salts an "epidemic" in north central West Virginia.

    "We see it a lot. People are known regular users. But one bad dose of bath salts, heroin or K2 could be your last."

    Lena Lunsford has a bond revocation hearing at Elkins federal court Nov. 28.

    It is the picture in the article that really shocks me! Who did that to her?

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    The Search for Missing Aliayah Lunsford Continues

    November 24th, this Thursday, will mark two months since Aliayah Lunsford went missing in Lewis County.

    Lena Lunsford reported her daughter missing eight weeks ago Saturday, and police have been tight lipped about the investigation ever since.

    Lena is facing federal charges on allegations that she sold her family's food stamp benefits. She is set to appear in front of a federal judge on November 28th for a bond revocation hearing.

    New missing and endangered posters have been released of Aliayah and can be found in the links below.

    West Virginia Fusion Center

    FBI Missing Persons

    FBI - Pittsburgh Field Office


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    Hearing Monday For Mother Of Missing Girl
    Elkins, Randolph County

    A bond revocation hearing is scheduled for Monday for the mother of a missing three year old girl who is facing unrelated federal charges.

    Lena Lunsford, 29, from Bendale in Lewis County is awaiting a trial on federal welfare fraud charges. A probation officer says she should be on home confinement and ordered to undergo substance abuse treatment until then after she was allegedly caught with synthetic drugs called bath salts.

    In a petition filed in U.S. District Court, the probation officer says Lunsford is not meeting supervision requirements.

    Lunsford has plead not guilty to the welfare fraud charges. She is accused of selling her federal food stamp cards for cash.

    FBI officials say the charges against Lunsford are not connected to the disappearance of her daughter, Aliayah, who is three. The little girl was reported missing on September 24th and there has been no sign of her since.

    Monday's bond revocation hearing will be held in Elkins Federal Court.

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    80 Days Missing, Still No Sign of Aliayah Lunsford

    The search for Aliayah Lunsford continues 80 days after she was originally reported missing.

    Her mother, Lena, called 911 the morning of September 24 saying she couldn't find the girl. Since then there have not been any confirmed sightings of her.

    Authorities continue to look at her disappearance as a murder, a concealment, or an abduction. No one has been named a suspect in the case.

    Lena is facing federal charges that she sold her families SNAP benefits. She is supposed to enroll in drug rehab as a result of her alleged bond violation. Lena said she had no comment surrounding everything going on.

    If you have any information about the three year-old's disappearance call the West Virginia Fusion Center at (304) 558-4831.


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    The mother of missing 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford is supposedly scheduled for a plea hearing in a federal fraud case.

    According to reports, Lena Lunsford should be in an Elkins federal courtroom on January 10 regarding indictments claiming she sold her family's S.N.A.P. benefits.

    More than three months after Lena reported Aliayah missing, community members raised enough money to place a large banner including Aliayah's picture and information in downtown Weston. It was taken down after strong winds but organizers plan to have it up in the next few days.

    No suspects have been named in the disappearance that's being looked at as a murder, a concealment or an abduction.

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    Investigation Continues to Aliayah Disappearance

    Police are still looking for a missing Lewis County girl who hasn't been seen in months.

    We're approaching five months since 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford was reported missing. Her mother Lena called 911 in September claiming she couldn't find her. Over the past few months, her disappearance has been officially called a crime described as either a murder, a concealment or an abduction. We still don't know of any suspects in the case. There is a $20,000 reward for information towards her recovery.

    if you know anything that can help the state and federal investigators, call the West Virginia Fusion Center at 1-866-WV-WATCH.

    I feel sorry for those little children, but also very angry, they should punish those parents/step parents some more to get confessions, and make sure those little children will be found and get a proper funeral, all of them!!

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    "they should punish those parents/step parents some more to get confessions"

    As much as we would all like the children to be found, what you suggest is NOT the American way of Justice. What if the parents are in all ways innocent? Then "they" would have committed a crime no better than punishing the jews for being Jewish. I.E. punishing the parents for being the parents of an abducted child. Two crimes do not make anything right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jace View Post
    I'm trying to catch up on Aliayah's story, she is missing for a while? I found two different pictures on one website, the girl looks so sad, no smile on the pictures and very sad eyes.

    While reading the story below, I ran into this terrible part :

    Aliayah’s stepfather Ralph Lunsford is related to two women who went missing from Lewis County in 1999. The women have still not been found.

    Doesn't sound good at all
    Who are the two women?

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