POLICE say they need more families of missing persons to submit DNA samples before they can send two separate sets of bones away for identification.

Over recent weeks, police have found two skeletons which have yet to be identified.
Last week, skeletal remains believed to be that of a man, were discovered in a marshy area of Sea Breeze.
Police say the bones were uncovered by men who were bird shooting near the Sea Breeze canal.
Two weeks before that, Baha Mar workers unearthed a human hand during routine road works.
Superintendent Paul Rolle, officer in charge of the homicide division, said police need the public's help in identifying the bones.
"We have had a couple of people come forward to give us DNA samples but we need more people who may have loved ones missing to submit their samples as well. The only way we will be able to identify these bones now is if a relative comes forward," he said.
"As it relates to the skull that was found last week, we now have a full skeleton but we still can not tell the sex.
"The bones appeared to be there for more than a month because all the flesh was already gone.
"We need DNA samples to send off to the lab but we can only get those from family."
A source close to the investigation said the skeleton appeared to have been there for quite some time but from the facial impressions it is more than likely to be the skull of a man.
Supt Rolle said the hand found on Cable Beach appeared to have been there for months - possibly years.
"Some people have come forward as it relates the hand as well. We haven't found any more body parts so that case is going to be a little more difficult because of the length of time the bones were there as well, and the fact that its only a hand.
"However we are still asking members of the public to submit DNA samples for that as well," he said.
The hand was discovered near Superclubs Breezes resort on December 7, coincidentally close to the former residence of the serial killing mother-son team-- Sante and Kenneth Kimes.
The discovery has sparked speculation that the remains could belong to a victim of Kimes.
The two are presently serving life without parole in a California prison on several counts of murder.
In 1998, the pair murdered businessman David Kazin in Las Vegas after he exposed Sante Kimes' loan fraud.
That same year, they also murdered New York socialite Irene Silverman while attempting to steal her Manhattan mansion.
In 1996, they murdered banker Syed Bilal Ahmed in their Cable Beach home.
According to testimony from Kenneth Kimes, the banker had flown to Nassau from the Caymans to investigate irregularities in a bank account belonging to the late Kenneth Kimes Sr - Sante's husband and Kenneth Jr's father.
He said he and his mother drugged the banker and drowned him in their bathtub before throwing his body in the sea.
However, neighbours of the Kimes were convinced the body was buried on the site, possibly under the patio of their Cable Beach home.
In July of 2004, police began digging at the Kimes' home and he surrounding area, looking for the body of the missing banker.
However, the search was suspended after Kenneth testified that he and his mother dumped the body at sea.Syed Bilal Ahmed's body has never been found.