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Thread: Sandringham Estate: police examine human remains near Royal home,UK

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    earth4 Sandringham Estate: police examine human remains near Royal home,UK

    Sandringham Estate: police examine human remains near Royal home
    Residents have expressed their shock at the discovery of human remains in woodland on the Sandringham Estate, the Queen’s country retreat in Norfolk.

    A major police inquiry was launched after a dog walker discovered the remains on New Year’s Day just a mile from the Royal Stud and less than two miles from the estate’s main residence.

    Officers are carrying out a “detailed search” throughout the area of woodland in Anmer, near King’s Lynn, which is east of Sandringham House, where members of the Royal Family had gathered.

    The operation was kept secret for more than 24 hours as detectives worked to establish how remains were found to be located so close to the Royal residence. A large area of the woodland had been cordoned off.

    The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, who are currently staying on the 20,000-acre (8,000-hectare) estate for their Christmas break, were informed of the discovery on Monday night.

    The body was discovered shortly after the Royals attended a church service on Sunday.

    Detectives are set to return to the scene on Tuesday as they continue to try and establish the identity of the remains. A post mortem is due to take place later.

    It remains unclear how long the remains had been there, if they are in fact a body, or the age of the victim, or victims. The dog walker has also not been named.

    Residents told The Daily Telegraph that the large police operation had been shrouded in secrecy.

    One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “There is a heavy police presence even 24 hours after the discovery.

    "You couldn't get very close to the site. Police said they expected to be there on tomorrow (Tuesday).

    "It is just a stone's throw from the Stud and the Royals' house. It is very close."

    Another resident, who also did not want to be named, said locals were shocked at the discovery.

    "I spoke to several of my friends who work on the estate and they were at work on Monday and didn't hear anything about it," he said.

    "No one knows anything about it. It has been quite a secret operation.

    "The area is only used by people who work nearby, dog walkers and local residents."

    He added: "It is quite a bit of a shock, given the proximity to the grounds itself. The area is really not that far from Sandringham House.

    "We are all a bit stunned to be honest. It is just a really quiet area."

    Mike Berman, the Chairman of Norfolk Ramblers, added: "I believe Anmer did once have a burial site which is no longer used so perhaps that may shed some light on the discovery."

    A Norfolk Police spokesman said: “Detectives from Norfolk Constabulary have launched an investigation following the discovery of human remains in an area of woodland at Anmer, near King’s Lynn.

    “The remains were found by a member of the public who reported the incident to police on Sunday January 1 shortly after 4pm. The area has been sealed off and a detailed search is currently being carried out.”

    Police declined to comment further or release any details about the remains. No indication of the age or nature of the remains was released.

    A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman declined to comment, referring inquiries to police.

    The details emerged just days after the Duke, 90, left Papworth Hospital, Cambridgeshire, where he was treated for a blocked artery after suffering chest pains.

    The Duke’s heart scare forced him to miss the annual celebrations, including the annual Boxing Day shoot.

    He was airlifted to hospital from Sandringham on December 23 and kept under observation for four nights after undergoing the “minimally invasive procedure” of coronary stenting, which was declared a success.

    The Queen, who makes it her official base until February, was seen riding on the estate on Monday morning.

    The 85-year-old year-old wore only a headscarf and the hood of her long blue waxed jacket for protection as she rode a chestnut coloured horse.

    She emerged in the winter sunshine a few minutes later on horseback, accompanied by a smartly-dressed male groom on a white horse who was wearing a proper black riding hat in case he fell off.

    Sandringham has served as a private residence for Royal Family since 1862. King George V, the queen's grandfather, once called "dear old Sandringham ... (the) place I love better than anywhere in the world".

    Around half of the estate is let to farm tenants, with much of the remainder used for forestry.

    In October The Daily Telegraph disclosed that the remains of an American man had been lying near Buckingham Palace for years.

    Robert James Moore sent hundreds of letters to the Queen and was driven by his obsession to set up home within sight of Buckingham Palace, on an island in St James’s Park.

    But somehow his camp that he set up by went unnoticed until a tree surgeon uncovered the remains of his body in October, as many as three years after his death.

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    This is really interesting. Wonder who it could be?

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    I was thinking it could have been a vagabond who lived in the woods there, but apparently it is not:

    Body of young woman found murdered at Queen's Sandringham estate could be Latvian teenager who went missing in Norfolk months ago

    The young woman's body found on the Queen's estate at Sandringham could be that of a teenager who went missing in August, according to police.
    The remains were discovered on New Year's Day in a copse near where the Royals enjoyed their Boxing Day shoot, and are believed to have been there for up to four months.
    Police are investigating whether the body could be Latvia-born Alisa Dmitrijeva, 17, who disappeared in the summer.
    She went missing after midnight in King's Lynn, Norfolk, on August 31 and a relative reported what had happened on September 6.

    A £5,000 reward was offered for any information that would help find the teenager from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

    The murder investigation at Sandringham got under way after a dog walker stumbled across the body at 4pm on New Year’s Day.
    They confirmed that the dead woman was ‘probably the victim of a murder’ but would not reveal how she might have been killed or if she was clothed.
    Officers are now sifting through missing person reports in the north Norfolk area, including that of Miss Dmitrijeva. If this does not produce a match they will examine cold cases nationwide.
    The Queen spent the festive period at Sandringham and is still in residence. She is thought to have been briefed by police about the investigation.

    The 30ft-wide copse where the body was found sits between two fields and is 200 yards along a farm track.

    It is one mile from the entrance to Sandringham House and half a mile from the Sandringham Stud where the Queen breeds racehorses.
    The Royal Family are thought to have been shooting in a field of sugar beet next to the copse last week.
    Prince Philip, 90, normally leads shooting parties on the estate and has previously been seen with his gun in the field next to the wooded area.
    However, he missed the Boxing Day shoot because he spent four days in Papworth Hospital, Cambridgeshire, where he had a stent inserted in an artery after suffering chest pains.

    He has been recovering at Sandringham since last Tuesday.
    A villager said: ‘Prince Philip loves shooting in the field because it is a brilliant spot to bag birds.
    ‘The beaters walk through the woods to scare the birds so they fly towards the guns. The copse is quite wide so often a lot of pheasants gather there so it means there is no shortage of birds flying out.

    ‘It is incredible to think that the Royals were just yards away from where this poor woman lay dead

    A shoot took place on the estate yesterday. It is not known if Prince Philip took part.
    The track leading to the copse remained cordoned off as officers searched for clues.
    Last night Norfolk Police said the young victim had been lying on the Sandringham estate for between one and four months.
    A spokesman said: ‘The pathologist believes it is highly unlikely the death was through natural causes.
    ‘There is no evidence of accidental injury, damage due to firearms or bladed weapon.’ Earlier, Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry had described the case as ‘challenging’.
    He said: ‘The body has been in situ for some time. The body is female and the circumstances indicate that she is probably the victim of a murder.
    ‘We will be continuing our inquiries over the next few days and weeks to establish who she is and how she came to be here.

    'Members of the public were walking around, but unless someone went into that wooded area, they would not have found her.’
    Mr Fry added: ‘It is early days, but on the face of things, it could be a challenging investigation.

    'We will be looking at missing persons across the UK as well as locally.
    ‘We will also be using fingerprints and DNA to help identify the victim.’

    Pathologist Nat Cary arrived at the site yesterday to examine the body and entomologists were looking at insect life on the corpse to establish how long it had been there.
    One Anmer resident said: 'We were all aware of the police activity and normally in this area gossip travels fast. But at the moment we know very little other than the fact a body has been found.'

    Read more:

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    Sandringham remains: police question royal estate staffEstate gamekeepers and manager among interviewees as detectives try to uncover identity of murdered woman

    The mystery over the body of a young woman found at Sandringham deepened as police revealed they were examining events that took place at the Queen's residence in late summer.

    Detectives are interviewing gamekeepers and the manager of the royal estate as well as organisers of events, including the Sandringham game fair and the Tour of Britain cycle race, which were held at the Norfolk property in September, in an effort to find more clues about the fate of the 15- to 23-year-old woman, who detectives believe was murdered.

    The identity of the woman, who was wearing jewellery, had high cheekbones and was between 5ft 4ins and 5ft 6ins, is expected to be finally confirmed by DNA analysis of bones on Monday after tests on tissue and bone marrow failed to establish who she was.

    The identification of the murder victim has narrowed to a small number of missing women in the region, including 17-year-old Alisa Dmitrijeva, a Latvian-born teenager who was last seen in nearby Kings Lynn on 31 August.

    Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry of Norfolk constabulary said on Friday reports that Dmitrijeva's grandmother was told by police the body was not that of her granddaughter were incorrect. When asked about the missing woman, he said: "She obviously fits the profile."

    Fry visited Cambridgeshire police to discuss the case of Dmitrijeva, who lived with her grandmother, father and younger sister in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, and disappeared on the day she was due to enrol on a course at college in Kings Lynn. She was last seen in the Norfolk town sitting in the Lexus car of an associate shortly after midnight.

    One missing woman who has been ruled out is Vitalija Baliutaviciene, 29, from Peterborough, who vanished last August. Four separate tests by a forensic anthropologist on different parts of the body, including bones in the wrist that fuse in a certain order in young adults, pinpointed the age range as between 15 and 23.

    The body was discovered by a dog walker at dusk on New Year's Day in a copse close to King's Avenue, a tree-lined country lane a mile and a half from the main gate to Sandringham House.

    Fry admitted he was "surprised" the body, which had been on the royal estate for between one and four months, had not been discovered sooner. Although no members of the royal family were in residence at their country retreat before 1 1 December, there was a pheasant shoot around the copse three days after Christmas. A number of partridge shoots have also been held on fields close to the body in recent weeks.

    "It is slightly surprising it has taken so long [to find the body] but due to the nature of the estate it's probably less walked than other areas, because people aren't sure where they can go," said Fry.

    Investigating officers have liaised with security at Sandringham to recover CCTV from the royal estate, which might provide clues about suspect vehicles. They are also appealing for information from the public.

    Botanists have helped pinpoint the time the body had laid there. As the remains were not covered in ivy growth, and the creeping plant stops growing in August, detectives believe the body has been there only since the end of August.

    An entomologist from the Natural History Museum has been examining the crime scene to provide further information on the length of time it had been there based on the insect life around the body.

    Once a DNA profile has been obtained, it will be checked against the national DNA database. If no match is found, forensic experts will take samples from tooth and hairbrushes and other personal items belonging to a number of missing people. In the absence of such evidence, detectives will take samples from family members.

    Fry said results of toxicology tests would not be available for six to 10 weeks, adding: "There is some body tissue left and we well be carrying out toxicology to clarify if certain drugs have been taken."

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    Sandringham body identified as missing Latvian student

    Police confirm remains found on royal estate in Norfolk are those of 17-year-old who disappeared from her home in August

    Murder detectives have identified the body of a young woman discovered by a dog walker on the royal family's estate in Sandringham on New Year's Day.

    Norfolk police say the remains are those of Alisa Dmitrijeva, a 17-year-old Latvian student who went missing from her home in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, in August.

    The teenager's family, who moved to the UK three years ago, said in a statement that they were devastated by the news and asked to be allowed to grieve in private.

    Police said the body, found in woodland at Anmer, near Sandringham, west Norfolk, had been identified using palm records and DNA testing.

    Dmitrijeva was last seen in Friars Street, King's Lynn, on 31 August. She was reported missing by a family member a week later.

    Since then, there had been a number of unconfirmed sightings, and police had offered a £5,000 reward for information on her whereabouts. At the time of her disappearance, detectives said they wanted to trace the movements of a P-registered green Lexus GS300.

    Police, who have spoken to the Sandringham gamekeeper, estate manager and beaters in their search for potential leads, said the site where the body was found is used regularly for pheasant and partridge shoots, often attended by members of the royal household. A pheasant shoot is known to have taken place on 28 December.

    Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry, senior investigating officer in the case, said: "I shall now be liaising with officers from Cambridgeshire who have been working on trying to locate Alisa in recent months as a missing person. The information they provide will give me and the team an extra focus to the inquiry.

    "I should also add we are still trying to establish any activity which took place on or around the site during the time frame of the end of August to the end of September 2011.

    "We would like to identify people who may have worked in that area or were involved in organising or running any specific events that may have taken place."

    It is understood that Dmitrijeva's mother, Anzela, moved to the UK three years ago to work in a food processing factory and was joined by her husband and two daughters a few months later. Alisa Dmitrijeva lived with her father, sister and grandmother at a rented house in Wisbech, while her mother stayed in Lincoln.

    Before the body was discovered, Anzela Dmitrijeva had told of her growing fears for her daughter."In my heart for a long time now, I have said it is finished," she told reporters. "I hope Alisa is alive, but I think something bad has happened."

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    ALISA MURDER: Experts examine ‘scrapped’ Lexus

    NEW forensic evidence could provide police investigating the murder of teenager Alisa Dmitrijeva with a major breakthrough.

    Rare fungi spores found at the isolated woodland on the Royal Sandringham estate, where Alisa’s body lay for months, could provide the key to unlocking the investigation.

    Police said yesterday they have recovered the green P-registration Lexus in which Alisa was last seen. It was located at a Wisbech car scrapyard “several weeks ago” and forensic experts are now testing it to see if it contains these spores.

    An expert who specialises in identifying pollen and spores found a “very rare composition of spores from fungi” at the site along with an unusual distribution of pollen.

    Alisa’s body was discovered by a dog walker in the copse off King’s Avenue, which runs between Sandringham and Anmer, on January 1 – months after she was reported missing.

    The 17-year-old Latvian, who lived with her family in Railway Road, Wisbech, was last seen getting into the Lexus shortly after midnight on August 31 in Friar’s Street, Lynn, with two men. They say that they later dropped her off at Asda in Wisbech.

    The man leading the inquiry, Det Chief Insp Jes Fry, says the new forensic evidence is pleasing.

    He said: “To be honest it is very encouraging to know that the distribution of spores in that area is very unusual, as it gives us a real chance to try and link a vehicle or person at the scene.

    “It (the tests) will do one of two things. It will either link the car to it or it will exclude the car and then the investigation will proceed and progress.”

    The car was found at a scrapyard in the Wisbech area at the end of January as a result of inquiries made by Cambridgeshire officers, who are working on the investigation.

    Mr Fry said that the car had probably been there for a couple of months and its windscreen had been broken as a result of being moved about the site.

    Scientists have already examined the car, which is at a lab.

    He said: “Although we’ve had some testing done, we needed the result from the scene where Alisa was found to look at what we target on the vehicle.”

    Experts will be looking at debris from different parts of the car to identify pollen and spores.

    But Mr Fry said that this will be a “laborious” task and will take several weeks.

    Alisa’s mobile phone has not been recovered.

    The investigation is waiting for the final report from Home Office pathologist Dr Nat Carey.

    Officers will also be reviewing several hundreds of hours of CCTV footage recorded in Lynn and Wisbech. The team will also be speaking to several people who were closely associated with Alisa.

    The men, who were seen with Alisa in the Lexus, were originally questioned as part of the missing person inquiry. No Norfolk officer has spoken to them since taking over the investigation.

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