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Thread: Police seek assistance on unidentified body

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    canada Police seek assistance on unidentified body

    ANTIGONISH, N.S. - Police are seeking the public's assistance in identifying a man who was found dead in a wooded area near Antigonish two months ago.

    The man was discovered Dec. 5 off Highway 104, close to the small community of Lower South River.

    It's not known how long the body was there and police aren't disclosing the cause of death other than to say it wasn't suspicious.

    Police estimate the man's age at about 50 years old, and describe the body as being about five feet eight inches tall and weighing 160 pounds.

    The police description also says the man is white, with brown and grey hair and a moustache.

    At the time he was discovered, the man was wearing black Dakota-brand hiking boots, Wrangler-brand jeans with a belt, and an Athletic Works black and grey light jacket.

    The man also had a laminated map of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in his backpack, and police said he'd had one kidney surgically removed.
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    I found a larger sketch with another article.

    A man died alone along Highway 104 and no one knows who he is.

    While the rest of northern Nova Scotia was preparing for Christmas, it appears he died with his few meagre belongings in a copse of fir trees in Lower South River.

    After sending an artist’s sketch of the man, estimated to have been about 50 years old, to law enforcement agencies across Atlantic Canada and checking missing person lists, the Antigonish RCMP held a news conference Friday to seek the public’s aid in identifying the man.

    Sgt. Brian Rehill estimated the man was dead for less than three weeks when Billy Diggins of North Grant discovered his body on Dec. 5 while collecting fir boughs for Christmas wreaths.

    "I thought I saw somebody out of the corner of my eye," Diggins said Friday. "I turned around and thought there was someone standing there staring at me. I hollered at him but there was no answer. So I started walking toward him and that’s when I noticed the rope."

    Rehill said the death was "non-suspicious" in nature and the RCMP are not seeking anyone else in connection with it.

    Two forensic sketches have been made of the man. They attempt to show what he would have looked like while living. The man was white, with brown-grey hair, moustache, weighed about 160 pounds and was about five-foot-eight.

    "He was fairly thin," said Rehill. "I wouldn’t say malnourished but possibly transient and not eating on a regular basis."

    The man was wearing Dakota-brand, size 10.5, hiking boots, Wrangler jeans, an Athletic Works black and grey light jacket and glasses. Found on his person was a laminated map of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
    Sgt. Michel Fournier, a forensic art specialist, cautioned that the sketches are an attempt to recreate his appearance but are not necessarily 100 per cent accurate due to the partially decomposed nature of the body.

    "So when people observe the sketch they need to give themselves a certain level of mental flexibility in trying to identify the victim," Fournier said.

    An autopsy by the Nova Scotia medical examiner’s office showed that the man had a kidney surgically removed. Rehill said that fact may help identify the man.

    Asking for the public’s help in circumstances like this is rare, Rehill said.

    "I’ve been with the RCMP for 22 years and never had a situation like this," he said. "So that gives you an idea how often it happens."

    Diggins is hoping someone steps forward because "that poor man has a family somewhere."

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    Whoever drew that sketch is a very good artist!!!

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