A 3 month old baby was reported missing by her mother Friday morning. The mother went outside the house for a moment, and when she returned, the baby was not in her crib.
She said the child was kidnapped, but police officers noted the garbage was taken from the streets that morning, so they decided to investigate the garbage truck, and found the baby.
The mother suffocated the child, as she was going to get divorced and couldn't take it anymore. The live in grandmother put the baby on the street in a garbage bag, where it was taken by the truck.
The mother confessed.

Dutch link only: http://www.trouw.nl/tr/nl/4496/Buite...huisvuil.dhtml

Why do some parents just treat their children like trash

I should ad that in Belgium and my country they have so called Babyluikjes. If you can't take care of your newborn, you could put your baby there, so others would take care of the foundlings, or abandonned children.
Even if we wouldn't have those, there is no need to kill your child, there are so many adults that can't have children and would love to take care of them.