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Thread: Missing since April 2011, Dwight Stallings,22 months old

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    milkicon Missing since April 2011, Dwight Stallings,22 months old

    Sacramento County deputies need help finding missing baby

    ELK GROVE - Sacramento County sheriff's investigators need the public's help to find a baby boy who has been missing since April 2011.

    Dwight Stallings, 22 months old, has not been seen by family members since last April.

    Law enforcement recently learned that this child has been unaccounted for during the last eleven months and are aggressively seeking his whereabouts.

    On Saturday afternoon, the baby's mother, Tanisha Edwards, was in custody at the Sacramento County Jail for a violation of her probation and a Child Protective Services (CPS) issued warrant for her arrest.

    "She didn't tell me anything. She just said he's with someone else or being baby sat," said Tanisha's mother Barbara Edwards when asked what her daughter said about the whereabouts of the baby over the past year.

    According to Deputy Jason Ramos, detectives have been working with the Elk Grove Police Department, as well as CPS, both of whom have had contact with Edwards throughout the course of the investigation.

    Ramos said Edwards has been unable to give law enforcement authorities any information that can lead to Dwight's location.

    Detectives believe Dwight may possibly be living under a different, unknown name. Officials also believe there's a good chance that the baby could be dead.

    Law enforcement officials said Edwards has given several conflicting stories about what happened to Dwight. They also said that CPS officials went to her apartment in south Sacramento several times last April to do a welfare check on the child, but that Edwards was never around during the visits.

    A month later, neighbors said Edwards was evicted. Law enforcement officials said she lived a transient life ever since.

    After not being able to locate Edwards or the baby, CPS issued a warrant for her arrest.

    CPS spokesperson Laura McCasland said workers have the authority to report a baby missing to get law enforcement involved, but would not explain why Dwight was never reported missing when they couldn't locate him last spring.

    The sheriff's department is asking anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Dwight to immediately contact the sheriff's communications center at (916) 874-5115.


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    Missing baby feared dead; Sacramento County deputies criticize CPS

    Law Enforcement authorities are worried that a baby boy last seen 11 months ago may be dead, and they say Sacramento County Child Protective Services failed for all that time to alert them the boy was missing.
    "We can't ignore the possibility that the baby is no longer alive," said Sacramento sheriff's spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos. "The disconcerting thing is that no family members or friends of (the mother) can say they've seen the baby since April 2011."

    Dwight Stallings would be 22 months old today.
    His mother, Tanisha Edwards, was arrested last week by Elk Grove police on suspicion of violating probation and being under the influence of a narcotic. She was also arrested on a warrant sought by Sacramento County Social Services against a parent or guardian who fails to appear for a hearing.
    Edwards is being held at the Sacramento County Main Jail without bail.

    Her son was nowhere to be found, and the mother was unable to provide investigators with an explanation for his disappearance, Ramos said.
    Edwards is a drug user with a transient lifestyle and may have given her child to someone who is raising him under a different name, Ramos said.
    Sheriff's deputies accompanied a CPS caseworker on four different occasions over six days in April 2011, when the caseworker could not locate either Edwards or the boy, the sheriff's spokesman said. In August, deputies once again went with a caseworker who was unable to find the mother and child.
    Friends and family questioned after Edwards' arrest said they hadn't seen Dwight Stallings since last April.

    Ramos said CPS may have been investigating Edwards for neglect or abuse but until last week did not file a missing persons report, which would have prompted the Sheriff's Department to began an investigation.
    "It does sound like an inordinate amount of time without taking it to the next level (by filing) a missing persons report with us," he said.
    CPS spokeswoman Laura McCasland said privacy rules prohibited her from discussing the case or even saying if Edwards or her son was involved with the agency.

    "Everybody is very concerned about this child," she said but declined to discuss the case further.
    She said that generally in such situations, caseworkers will look in many places for missing children, including at home and at preschool or day care. They will also check with other social services agencies and law enforcement to see if they've had contacts with parents, she said.
    Ultimately a warrant will be issued for the parent's arrest, which brings the case to the attention of law enforcement, she said.

    Ed Howard, a senior counsel with the Children's Advocacy Institute in San Diego, called it unusual and disturbing that CPS "would simply drop the ball by not telling the Sheriff's Department or anybody they can't find the baby or the baby's mom."
    "That's unbelievably troubling but consistent with what we hear about Sacramento County CPS," he said, "that they seem unable or unwilling to get their act together keeping track of abused or neglected kids."

    The Sheriff's Department is working with Elk Grove police to find Dwight Stallings. Anyone with information should call sheriff's investigators at (916) 874-5115.

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    Default Re: Missing since April 2011, Dwight Stallings,22 months old

    Somehow I think this sad story won't have a happy ending. This isn't a bright smiling little child that only knew happy times. Like a lot of those little ones who went missing. I hope she gave him to someone who would care, but somehow I doubt that.

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    Default Re: Missing since April 2011, Dwight Stallings,22 months old

    Missing Baby's Mom: 'Black Muslim Women' Took My Child

    Sheriff's department releases details of conflicting stories in Dwight Stallings case

    The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department has released details of comments the mother of missing baby Dwight Stallings made to investigators about her child's whereabouts, in hopes that it will help them locate him.

    Baby Dwight's disappearance grabbed headlines earlier this week after Elk Grove police arrested his mother, Tanisha Edwards, at a home in Elk Grove. Investigators with the sheriff's department say Edwards told them conflicting stories about the child, who would be 22 months old today, and other family members reported they last saw him in April 2011.

    Edwards at various times said Dwight was "taken by unknown males dressed in black" and "died due to an illness at an unknown hospital," according to a sheriff's department press release.

    The mother also said her son was with relatives or a group of black Muslim women, sheriff's deputies said.

    Sheriff's spokesperson Deputy Jason Ramos said in an email to media that the purpose of releasing the stories was "twofold: 1) To advise you of just what some of the conflicting accounts by Edwards has been, and 2) To IMPLORE the public to contact us with any knowledge about this baby’s whereabouts. Although it is possible that Edwards has successfully kept this baby hidden from law enforcement authorities, surely she has NOT kept Baby Dwight hidden from the entire community."

    Investigators have said it's possible the boy is now deceased or living under another name.

    Anyone who may have spotted Dwight Stallings recently can call the sheriff's department at 916-874-5115.

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    Default Re: Missing since April 2011, Dwight Stallings,22 months old

    Missing boy's mom pleads no contest to charges

    The mother of a little boy whose whereabouts are still unknown after nearly four years entered a no-contest plea to child endangerment and perjury charges Thursday.

    Tanisha Edwards was charged with felony child endangerment under circumstances likely to produce great bodily harm or death, and three counts of perjury by the Sacramento County district attorney in connection of the disappearance of her son Dwight. The D.A.'s office said Edwards hid her son, who was then 1-years-old, from Child Protective Services after she tested positive for drugs. Under oath she provided inconsistent answers about the boy's whereabouts to a judge. She claimed she had given Dwight to virtual strangers.

    Dwight would be almost 5 years old now. Authorities don't know what has happened to him.

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