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Thread: Police seek murderer of 11-year-old girl,Germany

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    an6 Police seek murderer of 11-year-old girl,Germany

    German police are looking for a "young male, dressed in dark clothes" believed to have sexually assaulted and murdered an 11-year-old girl, who was found in a multi-story car park in Emden, northwestern Germany on Saturday night.

    "The perpetrator is still unknown," local police spokesman Werner Brandt told a press conference on Monday. Police have not yet released further details about the young man, because relevant facts "have not yet been 100 percent verified."

    "I can say that the crime was sexually motivated," said Brandt, adding that the exact cause of death is also yet to be disclosed, for tactical reasons.

    "Our current investigations suggest the place the body was found was where she murdered," he added.

    The girl, identified as only Lena, had gone out with a boy of the same age at 5 p.m. Saturday evening to feed ducks.

    The pair had cycled into the car park, adjacent to a multiplex cinema, between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

    A security guard discovered Lena's body a few hours later and alerted the emergency services, who failed in their attempts to resuscitate her.

    The boy is still in shock, according to Brandt. "His testimony is still very fragmentary," he said. It remains unclear whether he saw the murderer, or whether they had been followed. He had gone home and told his parents that she was missing, who then contacted Lena's parents.

    Police had kept the investigation secret until Monday for strategic reasons, but are now appealing for witnesses who may have seen the two children and anyone suspicious near them.

    "We are at the start of our investigation," said Brandt. Video surveillance footage from the car park is currently being inspected.

    The Local/DAPD/bk

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    The boy who was with her is in shock, he came home and only could tell she was missing. If he was there and saw something is not known.
    They fed the ducks, then he returned home apparently, saying Lena went missing, and his parents immediately called Lena's mother, who went to search for her with the person working at the parking lot. Her mother found her, and apparently she was sexually abused, or someone tried to sexually abuse her. It happened close to a police station. It was in the parking garage from the cinema, and there was a lot of blood on the floor near some stairs near the emergency exit.

    This is the guy who is on the video footage:
    Very unclear, and they don't know for sure this is the guy they are looking for

    There is a reward;10.000 euro. But who cares about any reward, I wouldn't even want it, I would only want justice. They got over 75 tips so far.

    A very short translation of the articles I read so far. It is very difficult to translate german to english, if both are not your languages. And german language often use sentences the other way around, what is in the middle is in the last part and the other way around.

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    Default Re: Police seek murderer of 11-year-old girl,Germany

    They arrested someone, he was caught in Emden, and the police can't say anything more yet! They will hear him this night. Even if it might take days I hope they won't give up.

    They caught him on the camera walking in fast, and he walked out after 11 minutes, fast but not panicked.As if he didn't want to put any attention of him fleeing.
    A witness called said he recognized the man. They still hope more witnesses will call, who saw the girl and the boy on their bikes, feeding the ducks, or cycling in the neighbourhood, between 17.30 and 19.00.

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    Default Re: Police seek murderer of 11-year-old girl,Germany

    The 17 year old that was arrested, apparently had nothing to do with it, he had no alibi, but dna that didn't match with this boy.

    Sad part in this story is that the boy was released but had to leave town, as others wanted to lynch him, and everybody knows his name now, while being innocent!

    Good part is that right now they got a dna match with an 18 year old suspect, who confessed yesterday evening; David H.

    Although it isn't sure yet if he will be sentenced to jail for a lifetime, as he deserves, and he is an adult, at the age of 18!! Or if he will be convicted as a juvenile, max. sentence 10 years!!!

    I read somewhere this guy was arrested before in 2010, and not for a burglary, but can't find it in this article right now. This is a sick person for sure, as he now just says he doesn't remember he did anything wrong

    The girl was raped and then killed, and he doesn't remember? What will happen when he gets on parole, for good behaviour.

    Yeah, he knitted a sweater and didn't attack anyone, he made lots of wooden clothes pins, didn't get angry, he didn't attack any other inmate, is that good behaviour?
    It is overhere. The ones who decide about his future,will be the ones who spoke to him, until he gives normal answers, saying what they want to hear. And they all believe that crap?

    There are no children in jail, so he can't abuse and kill them, his interest isn't in adults, so what does good behaviour mean anyway? Not only for this sick person, but for all (serial) killers, everywhere. On parole, my ass. As often those sick fucks can't resist anyone interesting on their path, even while they are just out of jail. Parole, they should get rid off that for sure, for all victims they made and their relatives, but also for the victims they make while they are out there somewhere, because of their good behaviour in jail.

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