Apr 02, Colombo: Sri Lanka's Marxist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna has demanded the government to appoint a special court to investigate the killings of over 150 people whose remains were found at a mass grave in the premises of Matale Hospital in Central Province.
Speaking to the local media, JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva Monday demanded the government to appoint a special court or give authorities special powers to carry out complete investigations regarding the 154 individual skeletal remains found at the grave.
"A special court must be appointed to pursue the matter, or the authorities must be given the power to carry out complete investigations into the identities of the individuals responsible for the massacres, so that they may be brought to justice," Silva told the reporters.
An expert in forensic archeology, Professor Raj Somadeva of the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeological Research at the Kelaniya University, told a court that the remains belong to the time period between 1986 - 1992.
The finding confirmed the suspicions the JVP had that the remains were of JVP rebels disappeared or killed at the hands of government security forces during the 1988-89 insurgency.
Silva accusing the government said the government is making efforts to 'keep the dead buried' as it did in the past.
He said the government is trying to cover up the killings to protect the then United National Party (UNP) MPs who are now in the government.
Meanwhile, the main opposition United National Party which was in power during the time of JVP insurgency in the late 80's said the steps should be taken to punish the persons responsible for the Matale mass grave regardless of which government was in power at the time.
"Rather than pointing fingers at the then government or a party, the officials who were responsible for those killings must be identified and dealt with, no matter who they are," UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake said.