York Regional Police are hoping facial reconstruction technology may lead to the identity of a man whose body was found badly decomposed nearly a decade ago in Vaughan.

Video with the facial reconstruction:

Staff with the Ministry of Agriculture were working in a ravine off Highway 407 in 2005 when they came across the man's remains.

Police know very little about the man other than he may have been dead a few months before his body was discovered. They say he was white, a senior, possibly 5'7" to 6'1" tall, had missing teeth, and was likely homeless.
Police also believe he'd been living in the area for some time.

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Cathy Gruspier says things like fibers at the scene helped create a blueprint for reconstruction.

"It doesn't actually take very long," said Gruspier. "Often when we have found skeletal remains out on the scene I can provide a preliminary biological profile from there."

An artist was then brought in, and using data collected by detectives, they estimated the shape of the man's face based on tissue depths.

Police say the 3D model they've created is likely what the man looked like when he died, and are appealing to public to help them solve this cold case.