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    REWARD !!!!:

    Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron is wanted for her alleged involvement in a series of crimes which occurred in the Texas area. On June 27, 1988, four people were murdered simultaneously in Houston and Irving, Texas, allegedly by members of the LeBaron crime family. Reportedly, this crime family started when Ervil LeBaron broke off from the Mormon Church to start his own polygamous sect, which he called the Church of the Lamb of God (CLG).
    In 1972, Ervil LeBaron was convicted and imprisoned for ordering his followers to murder his brother for breaking CLG commandments. While in prison, Ervil LeBaron wrote a book that would become the bible for CLG members. Additionally, in the book it stated that any individual caught breaking the commandments would be sentenced to death. On June 27, 1988, three CLG followers were murdered allegedly by LeBaron family members for breaking CLG commandments and for choosing to leave the church. Also murdered was a victim's eight-year-old daughter because she was a witness to her father's murder.
    By 1995, three of the six LeBaron family defendants were found guilty of the June 1988 murders and incarcerated. A fourth defendant plead guilty and was sentenced to prison. The fifth defendant was convicted of ordering the assassinations and imprisoned. Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron, the sixth defendant, remains a fugitive. Additionally, during Ervil LeBaron's incarceration and following his death in prison, many of his 54 children reportedly continued to carry out their father's teachings.
    On October 14, 1992, a federal arrest warrant was issued in the United States District Court, Southern District of Houston, Texas. Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron was charged with the following crimes: conspiracy to commit murder for consideration; murder for consideration; conspiracy to tamper with a witness; tampering with a witness; use of a firearm during a crime of violence; conspiracy to obstruct religious beliefs; obstruction of religious beliefs; RICO conspiracy, and RICO.......

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    mexico 2 Americans from Mormon sect slain in Mexico

    2 Americans from Mormon sect slain in Mexico
    By DUDLEY ALTHAUS Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle
    July 7, 2009, 10:39PM

    MEXICO CITY — A top member of a breakaway Mormon sect was dragged from his home by marauders and killed early Tuesday in a village founded and named for the American families that settled the remote community in the northern Mexican desert.

    Benjamin LeBaron, 31, and Luis Widmar, 29, a brother-in-law who tried to help him, were grabbed by at least 15 commandos shortly after midnight in Colonia LeBaron, which is about 200 miles southeast of El Paso, witnesses said.

    The bodies of the men, both naturalized U.S. citizens with five children each, were found nearby shortly afterward, each shot several times in the head, Brent LeBaron, a cousin of Benjamin who lives in the village, said by telephone.

    Benjamin LeBaron had led successful protests earlier this year to free his kidnapped brother and demand police protection for their isolated rural community.

    “We are fighting a cause that should be heard throughout the world,” said Brent LeBaron, who was helping build the slain men’s coffins Tuesday and prepare for their burials.

    “We have two martyrs on our hands, two men who are completely innocent taken out of their houses and killed.

    “We don’t know what to do,” he said. “We can’t bear arms. We have no way of legally protecting ourselves.”
    Attacked cousin’s house

    The attackers struck his cousin’s house as the family slept trying to knock down the front door and smashing its windows, Brent LeBaron said. A panicked Benjamin LeBaron phoned two brothers-in-law for help.

    But after the attackers threatened to throw a grenade into the house, LeBaron opened the door.

    The gangsters beat Le-Baron and one threatened to rape his wife in front of their children before carrying their victims away, Brent LeBaron said.

    As the commandos left they fired assault rifles at the second brother-in-law, who was wounded with shrapnel in the back.

    Benjamin LeBaron and other village leaders had led hundreds of people in May to Chihuahua City to demand government action in the abduction of Eric LeBaron, Benjamin’s 16-year-old brother. The kidnappers were demanding $1 million in ransom, but the LeBaron community had decided to instead pressure for the boys’s release, which occurred in mid-May.

    “We’re fighting as a community,” Brent LeBaron said. “Standing up against extortionists and kidnappers. But we have never done anything against the drug lords. We stay away from the drug war because we know it’s a battle that we can’t win.”

    A placard left with the bodies said the killings were in retribution for the June arrests by federal forces of 25 men in a distant village accused of running narcotics.

    “These guys blame our protest for pressuring the government to act and do something,” said Clary Jones, who helped organize the protest to free Benjamin’s brother, Eric, in May and who is directly mentioned in the warning left with the men’s bodies. “It’s a message from them.”

    Hundreds of soldiers as well as state and federal police swarmed into Colonia LeBaron on Tuesday in search of the attackers.

    Chihuahuan state officials promised to bring the killers to justice.

    The village of Colonia Le-Baron, was founded by Benjamin’s great-grandfather, Alma Dayer LeBaron, and other ancestors who broke with the Church of the Latter Day Saints in the 1920s over its ban on polygamy and other doctrinal differences.

    Practicing faith

    More than 900 people live in LeBaron today, practicing their faith and working at farming and construction. Some village men unofficially practice polygamy, which is illegal in Mexico, as it is in the United States. Many villagers are dual U.S. and Mexican citizens.

    Narcotics production and trafficking flourishes throughout Chihuahuan state and the rugged Sierra Madre range than runs along its western flanks. And as elsewhere across Mexico, kidnappers and extortionists are targeting LeBaron and nearby communities, dubbed the “Corridor of Terror.”

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    mexico Colony that lost 2 to Mexico’s gangs has long known adversity

    In killings, sect suffers a new bloody chapter
    Colony that lost 2 to Mexico’s gangs has long known adversity
    Copyright 2009 Houston Chonicle
    July 11, 2009, 11:22AM
    1 2
    Julian Cardona For the Chronicle

    Benjamin “Benji” LeBaron's family carries his casket from his funeral Thursday in Mexico. The breakaway Mormon sect has defied local gangs.

    COLONIA LeBARON, Mexico — Sustained by a stubborn resolve to live as they feel God commands them, the people of this American-founded outpost in northern Mexico's dry lands find themselves besieged again by mortal menace.

    Two leaders of Colonia LeBaron, a community of 1,000 who follow what they hold to be a bedrock Mormon faith, were snatched from their homes Tuesday morning and shot repeatedly as a warning to others who might defy Mexico's criminal lords.

    Killed was Benjamin “Benji” LeBaron, 31, a slight yet spirited man who had taken his family's battle with crime to Mexico's national stage this spring after the abduction for ransom of a 16-year-old brother.

    Dying beside him was Luis “Wicho” Widmar, 29, a linebacker-sized martial arts devotee who was Benji's brother-in-law and lifelong friend and who had tried to fight off Benji's attackers.

    Their slayings are the latest chapter in the storied lives of a family community with historical ties that reach into Texas, Arizona and Utah and whose people have long confronted adversity, even among their own.

    Founded by Benji's great-grandfather, the colony is one of several surviving communities established by Mormon pilgrims in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many colonists were fleeing the United States after the mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints banned polygamy.
    Feud, assassination

    In the early 1970s, Benji's grandfather Joel LeBaron and great-uncle Ervil LeBaron fell into a bitter feud over leadership of the clan's Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness of Times.

    One of Ervil's followers assassinated Joel in Baja California 36 years ago. Others killed several dozen more people in the ensuing years, including two in Houston, for which a handful of Ervil's children were sentenced in 1997 to long prison terms.

    The LeBarons and their followers saw themselves as ordained to create the conditions for the return to Earth of Jesus Christ and his prophesied reign. But the men of the LeBaron clan were ex-communicated more than 60 years ago for their insistence on maintaining plural wives.

    Many younger members have since discontinued the practice of polygamy.

    Benji had 51 brothers and sisters. Wicho had 24. The two victims each left behind a widow and five children under the age of 7.

    “Those who killed these men have no children. They have no mother or father,” Adrian LeBaron, Benji's uncle, said at the funeral service Thursday attended by more than 2,000 people, including Chihuahua state's governor and attorney general and people from as far away as Iowa. “They are the spawn of evil.”

    Inequity indeed stalks Mexico, killing more than 3,000 people in 18 months and tormenting hundreds more with kidnapping in Chihuahua state alone. Now it's come to the sparsely peopled farmlands surrounding the LeBaron Colony, about 200 miles southwest of the border at El Paso.
    Defiant response

    When Benji's brother Eric was abducted in May, his captors demanded a $1 million ransom. Eric's family and friends didn't have that kind of money. A group of 150 men from the colony voted and agreed to defy the kidnappers.

    Hundreds of the colony's residents and people from nearby communities flowed into the central plaza of Chihuahua City, the state capital, demanding authorities take action. Eric was mysteriously released soon afterward, ransom unpaid.

    Benji gave frequent interviews to local and national media in recent months, led other caravans to the capital calling for a crackdown on crime and attended the graduation of elite state police units.

    He became a hero for the many in Chihuahua sickened by gangsters and violence.

    “We have been afraid, haven't known how to speak,” Alejandro Rodriguez, from a farm village a 2-hour drive from Colonia LeBaron, said at the men's graveside Thursday. “We've suffered the silence of the good people.”

    But fame made targets of both Benji and his community.

    “He was so outspoken. That was the reason for this,” Nathan LeBaron, 58, who was directing the hundreds of cars arriving for the funeral, said of Benji. “If we hadn't stood up they wouldn't have bothered us.”
    Dual citizens

    Many of the colony's families have carved prosperous lives farming pecans, alfalfa and other crops in Mexico. Mostly bilingual dual citizens of Mexico and the United States, many colony members spend years working and living north of the border while retaining a strong attachment to their land here.

    “We work up north so we can come back here and build,” said Brent LeBaron, 27, a cousin of Benji's. “This is home to us.”

    Both Benji and Wicho were regarded as fearless family men by those who mourned them this week.

    A motto on small paper fans given to people inside the meeting hall where the service was held said what many felt: “I prefer to die a slave of principle, than to live a slave of men.”

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    ]1924/ Alma Dayer LeBaron Sr. moved his family to Mexico so that they could practice the religion of Mormanism and so that
    they could pursue this venture with acts of polygamy which had been outlawed in the United States. He had two wives and
    eight children at this time.

    1951/ Alma dies in Galeana, Chihuahua, where he had established his Mormon Community, "Colonia LeBaron." and he passes on
    the leadership of the colony to his son, Joel leBaron. Joel re-connects the family with Mormon communities in the United
    States. Some of the colony are living in Salt Lake City, Utah and practicing with the Church of the Firstborn of the
    Fullness of Times church and some inhabit a community in Baja, California Peninsula known as "Los Molinos."

    January 1, 1966/ Mauro Guttierez is shot 15 times outside of a bar in Babicora, Mexico. Guttierez was a missionary for the
    church and colony which Ervil LeBaron had taken command after his father's death. Mauro's death was thought to have been
    enacted by rival Mormon groups in the area who disliked Mauro's persuasiveness in getting citizens in the surrounding
    community to switch to Ervil's church.

    October 1966/ John Butchereit, is shot to death in the shack in which he is living on the outskirts of Colonia LeBaron. he
    had openly criticized both Joel and Ervil LeBaron. This murder is unsolved.

    1972/ Brothers Joel and Ervil LeBaron split after bitter feuds tear an already fragile relationship apart and Ervil starts
    a church in San Diego, California, The Church of the Lamb of God.

    August 20,1972/ Ervil orders the murder of his brother Joel.Joel is shot to death in Ensenada, Mexico. His then-14-year-
    old son Ivan later testified that he saw Daniel Ben Jordan and Gamaliel Rios, followers of Ervil, flee from the house

    after the shooting.Jordan was eventually extradited from the United States to Mexico for the crime. But he was released
    without standing trial because of reluctance of some witnesses to testify against him.

    1972/ Verlan LeBaron takes command of the Mormon Church in Baja, California.

    1974/ Ervil LeBaron is tried and convicted for the murder of his brother Joel. Ervil's conviction is overturned and he
    enacts a raid using his followers on the colony of Los Molinos on December 26, 1974, but Verlan is not present, being in
    Nicaragua. Two colonists, Morone Mendez and Edmundo Aguilar, are murdered in this attack. Thirteen others are shot and
    wounded but survive. Ervil LeBaron was put on trial for the raid, but a Mexican judge dismissed his case for lack of

    1974/ One of Ervil Lebaron's wives, Montsie, becomes disenchanted with cult life and she then disappears, never to be seen

    January 1975/ Naomi Zarate Chynoweth, a one-time follower of LeBaron and now openly opposed to his colony and way of life,
    is driven into the desert by followers of the church and is never seen again. It is alleged that Vonda White shot naomi in
    Ensenada, put her body in the trunk of her car, drove her into the desert and buried her body. Naomi's 14-year-old son was
    allegedly murdered with her.

    April 1975/ Ervil LeBaron orders the murder of Bob Simons, a polygamist who ministered to Native Americans. Simons lived
    in Grantsville, Tooele County. He openly challenenged Ervil's authority and declared himself to be a prophet. Simon's was
    led into the desert by a follower of Ervil leBaron and told an Indian Cheif wanted to hear his gospel, but instead two men
    awaited him, Eddie Marston and Mark Chenowyth. They shot him to death and buried his body. His remains were not located
    until during the investigation of the death of Rulon Allred.

    June 16. 1975/ Ervil LeBaron orders one of his wives, Vonda White, to murder Dean Grover Vest, a 40-year-old former sailor
    in National City. He was shot to death because he wanted to leave leBaron's sect. Vonda White and another follower had
    been living with Vest and another follower in his National City home at 439 E. Eighth St, where he was shot twice in the
    back of the head. Vonda had been living in National City under the alias "Jean Wolfe."

    1975/ Ervil Lebaron murders Robert Hunt Simons in Carbon County, Utah

    1976/ Ervil Lebaron masterminds a plot to have Joel's church firebombed in Mexico and as a result to church members die.

    April 1977/ Ervil LeBaron's daughter, Rebecca LeBaron Chynoweth is allegedly strangled to death by her father's orders.
    She vanished around Dallas, Texas. She was three months pregnant at the time of her death. She was supposedly buried in
    some remote location and her body has never been recovered.

    May 10, 1977/Ervil LeBaron orders the murder of Rulon C. Allred, leader of the Apostolic United Brethren, another group of
    polygamous Morman fundamentalists. Allred was also a naturopathic physician in Murray, Utah as well as Lebaron's rival.
    Ervil's 13th wife, Rena Chynoweth and Ramona Marston carried out this murder. Chynoweth was tried and acquitted of this
    murder, but she confessed to it later in a book called "The Blood Covenant." According to other church members and Ervil's
    own son, the murder of Allred was actually a plot to lure Ervil's brother Verlan to Allred's funeral, where he would be
    murdered. The plot was called off for some unknown reason.

    Ervil, Lloyd Sullivan and eight other church followers were originally charged in the Allred murder conspiracy. Four of
    the defendants, including one of Ervil's wives, Rena Chynoweff, were acquitted in March, 1980. In the trial, prosecutors
    said they believed that Chynoweff and another follower named Ramona Marston killed Allred. Marston jumped bail and

    1977/ Ervil's first wife, Delphina, disappears.

    Friday, March 31, 1978/ Vonda White is arrested in an appliance store warehouse in Brighton, Colorado for the murder of
    Dean Grover Vest. This warehouse was managed by Daniel Ben Jordan, once a patriarch of the Church of the Lamb of God. She
    was arraigned on Monday, April 3, 1978. Vonda White was convicted for this murder and received a life sentence.

    May, 1978/ A preliminary trial is held in the matter of the murder of Vest and one Lloyd Sullivan, a cultist himself who
    had recenty been charged with murder in the state of Colorado, testified that Vonda White had talked to him about what
    manner she was planning to kill Vest. Sullivan died of a heart attack before White's trial. Sullivan had formerly served
    Ervil Lebaron in the Church of the Lamb of God as a member who was responsible for indoctrinating sect members in the
    doctrines and orders of Ervil Lebaron.

    August 1978/ Ben Lebaron, the eldest Lebaron brother, dies in an automobile accident in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    June 1979/ Ervil Lebaron is captured in Mexico and turned over to United States officials.

    1981/ Ervil LeBaron dies in prison. Ironically his brother is involved in a head-on collision the very same day and Verlan
    dies from his injuries a few days later.

    December 17, 1983/ Arturo LeBaron vanishes. He is the son of Ervil LeBaron and he and Leo P. Evoniuk were supposed to have
    been given joint control of the church in the event of the death of Arturo's father.Followers claim that after a religious
    dispute, Evoniuk or his followers murdered Arturo on a remote ranch near Caborca, Sonora, Mexico. Leo gained sole
    leadership of the church after the presumed death of Arturo.

    May 27, 1987/ Leo Evoniuk leaves on a business call to a meeting spot in Santa Cruz, California and vanishes. Police find
    a partial denture and a lot of blood at the scene where this meeting was supposed to have taken place but are never able
    to verify if this was Leo's blood and partial denture.

    October 19, 1987/ Daniel Ben Jordan, a follower of the church is shot several times at close range while camping in
    Sanpete County. One of Ervil LeBaron's sons had been arrested for menacing Jordan and his family previously. Aaron LeBaron
    had moved in with the jordan family two months prior to Jordan's murder. He had been in the campground near Manti when
    Jordan was shot.

    No Date YET/ Gamaliel Rios, the man who supposedly helped Dan Jordan murder Joel LeBaron, was supposedly killed in a
    gunbattle in Mexico, as was Raul Rios - the man who supposedly shot at witnesses to the Los Molinos raid. Local law
    officials said they have been told two Rios women have also apparently disappeared mysteriously, as has Lorna Chynoweth
    LeBaron, one of Ervil LeBaron's wives.
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    If anyone reading this has photos or descriptions of Rebecca LeBaron Chynoweth, Arturo LeBaron or Leo Evoniuk, please contat me at

    Any other information is welcome as well.

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    SALT LAKE CITY — Daniel Ben Jordan, a man with many mouths to feed, went deer hunting near Salt Lake City in mid-October with 3 of his 8 wives and 30 of his 46 children. But when two shots rang out in Utah`s Manti National Forest, the burly, 53-year-old patriarch was the prey, apparently the latest victim of a blood feud that has raged for 15 years among a small number of violence-prone Mormon polygamy cults.
    ``We have strong reasons to believe that Mr. Jordan was killed as part of a pattern that has been going on since about 1972,`` Sheriff Chuck Ramsey of Utah`s Sanpete County said last week.

    The slaying ``had all the earmarks of a blood atonement,`` according to the sheriff, who added that questioning of Jordan`s gigantic family had been
    Ironically, Jordan was the trigger man in the 1972 assassination that began the reign of terror on the fringe of Mormonism. Authorities say the feud has claimed 15 to 28 victims.
    In the original slaying, another polygamous patriarch, Joel LeBaron, was gunned down by a hit squad in Mexico. The killing allegedly was organized by LeBaron`s brother, Ervil, known as the ``Prophet of Blood`` for the murders he ordered as patriarch of a cult called the Lambs of God.
    Jordan served less than a year in a Mexican jail for the Joel LeBaron murder. Ervil LaBaron subsequently was convicted of ordering 2 of his 14 wives to kill yet another leader of a polygamous group, Dr. Rulon Allred of the Apostolic United Brethren, and died of a heart attack in prison in 1981.
    Jordan, a Denver resident, was killed Oct. 16 by a single 9 mm. bullet that pierced his heart. A second bullet landed behind his ear-a pattern investigators said they have noted repeatedly in killings linked to Ervil LaBaron`s followers.
    A leading Mormon missionary in Europe before being excommunicated for advocating polygamy, Jordan once had served as chief lieutenant to LeBaron. But LeBaron later came to view Jordan as ``a vile enemy,`` according to Dick Forbes, an investigator for the Salt Lake County district attorney`s office who has followed the cult murders for a decade.
    LaBaron reportedly left behind numerous tracts listing enemies whom he expected his followers to kill, Forbes said.
    Last week, Bob Lund, spokesman for the Salt Lake FBI office, acknowledged that federal agents are seeking links between Jordan`s execution and the apparent murder of a former Lambs of God member, Leo Evoniuk, this spring in California.
    Lund said FBI agents have entered the case because Jordan was killed in the national forest. It is one of the few times federal authorities have explored the byzantine world of Utah`s polygamy cults, according to local investigators.
    The bureau`s crime lab in Washington will attempt to determine whether the 9 mm. shell casings found alongside Jordan`s body match similar casings found with a quantity of blood and Evoniuk`s broken upper denture plate on a lonely road near Santa Clara, Calif.
    There are reports that Evoniuk killed one of LeBaron`s many sons, Arturo, in 1983 and buried him on a ranch somewhere on Mexico`s Baja Peninsula, one key investigator said.
    Evoniuk came to the attention of investigators in 1984 when he wrote a letter threatening the leaders of what is believed to be the country`s largest polygamist settlement, Colorado City on the Utah-Arizona border, where some 2,000 polygamists live communally in a group called the United Order.
    Although the founding fathers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints practiced polygamy, which they referred to as ``the Principle,``
    Mormons outlawed the practice in 1890. Since then, any member found in plural marriages or advocating polygamy has been excommunicated.
    Forbes estimates there are about 10,000 Mormons who practice polygamy.
    ``The great majority of these people are decent folks with a religious belief in plural marriage,`` Forbes said. ``They are not dangerous or crazy, but they are getting a very bad name because of the LeBarons.``
    After a decade and a half of cult murders, Forbes said he suspects ``the dangerous nuts are down to maybe a handful. . . . The crazies do a lot of harm, but their numbers are small.``
    According to Forbes, Ervil LeBaron once watched while his daughter, Rebecca LeBaron-Chynoweth, was strangled on his orders. On another occasion, Forbes said, LeBaron sent a commando squad to attack the remnants of his brother followers in Mexico. Two people were killed and nine wounded in the attack, and about a dozen buildings were firebombed, Forbes said.
    Vonda White, another of LeBaron`s wives, is serving a life sentence for the ``blood atonement`` murder of Dean Grover West, a flamboyant
    fundamentalist Mormon who stood nearly 7-feet tall but wore platform shoes and a top hat to exaggerate his height.
    As children, Joel and Ervil LeBaron lived with their parents in one of the colonies set up just across the Mexican border by Mormons seeking to practice polygamy, Forbes said.
    In the 1950s, after forming a sect called The Church of the Firstborn of the Fullness of Time, the two brothers established a commune, Colonia LeBaron, in Mexico`s Chihuahua province. The commune contained about 10 men and 150 wives.
    Daniel Ben Jordan read one of the LeBarons` tracts while a district president of a Mormon Church missionary group in France. He and nine other missionaries joined in a pilgrimage from Paris to Mexico in 1958 to follow the brothers.
    These missionaries formed the early nucleus of the movement that is spilling blood nearly three decades later.
    ``I wish I could tell you that they have killed each other off, but that just isn`t the case,`` said Forbes. ``They`re just going to keep killing until there`s nobody left.``

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