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Thread: The Rainy Day Murders by Gregory A. Fournier

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    dot The Rainy Day Murders by Gregory A. Fournier

    Slated for Halloween 2013. The book is about killer John Norman Collins.

    The Rainy Day Murders, about the book
    The Rainy Day Murders, by Gregory A. Fournier will be a non-fiction account of what is currently known about the John Norman Collins killings of seven young women in the late 1960s in the university towns of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, Michigan.
    Collins was only convicted of one in a string of murders and isn't officially a "serial killer." This case has been novelized and fictionalized, and in the process, marginalized. It's been almost fifty years, and it is time the public had a full accounting of the facts.
    Researcher, Ryan M. Place, of Detroit, and author Gregory A. Fournier present the latest information known about these cases and leave it up to the readers to decide Collins further guilt or innocence. They have uncovered some interesting material from government documents, and have interviewed people connected with this case and will present some of their living history accounts of these events never reported before.John Norman Collins attended Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI) from 1967-1969 and is currently serving life without the possibility of parole in Marquette Prison (8hrs NW of Detroit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, prison known as “the Siberia of Michigan”). He is thought to have raped, mutilated and fatally bludgeoned and strangled numerous women in the Ypsi-Arbor area but was only convicted in 1970 for the murder of the last woman, even though he has also murdered women in other states.
    Collins was born in 1947 in Windsor, Ontario, went to St. Clement Catholic High School in Center Line, Michigan from 1962-65, attended Central Michigan University 1965-66 and then transferred to EMU. At the time of the killings he was 6’2”, 160-pound, white male, handsome and athletic honor roll student. The actual number of white brunette females (ages 13-23) that he strangled, raped and killed is still unknown but is thought to be as high as two dozen. John Norman Collins will be 66yrs old this year, meaning he’s been in prison for the past 43yrs and still to this day proclaims his innocence, which is highly dubious due to the evidence.
    It's a fascinating unsolved case (that may in fact include accomplices and copycat killers) and Gregory A. Fournier and Ryan M. Place, of Detroit, have gone deeper than anyone into the reality of the facts surrounding the originally botched investigation. This book will be the most comprehensive and detailed account ever on John Norman Collins.

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    New book reexamines notorious Washtenaw County serial killings

    ANN ARBOR, MI - Almost fifty years after the first body was found, a new book is reexamining a series of serial killings in Washtenaw County.
    On Aug. 7, 1967, Eastern Michigan University student Mary Fleszar was discovered fatally stabbed, her fingers and feet cut off.
    The 19-year-old was just the first victim in one of Michigan's most infamous killing sprees.
    John Norman Collins was convicted in one of the seven murders that took place in Washtenaw County between 1967 and 1970, although authorities believe he is linked to each crime.
    He's currently is serving a life term in the Michigan prison system and, even after 50 years, has maintained his innocence.
    Collins has been the subject of many books, movies and television shows over the years. The latest is Gregory Fournier's "Terror in Ypsilanti: John Norman Collins Unmasked."
    Fournier said he and a researcher spent five years scouring public documents, conducting interviews and reading old newspaper accounts in an effort "to write the most complete retelling of this regional tragedy."
    The slayings are alternately remembered as the "Co-Ed Murders," since many of the victims and Collins had ties to EMU, and the "The Michigan Murders," which is the title of a popular book published by Edward Keyes in 1976, not long after Collins started his lengthy prison sentence.

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