A dutch 34 year old serial killer is convicted for 2 murders, but police think he might have killed many more. There is a full story in dutch, he told his sister there is a beast in him, and she wouldn't want to know what he did.
picture here:

In his appartment they found hair of at least 3 different persons, and various nail clippings, and lots of jewellery. As no one has come forward yet for most of the jewellery, and some of the gold items look more yellow as our gold, like from eastern/southern europe, I thought it might help to post the link here, maybe someone recognizes some items. Patrick S is from Spijkenisse, near Rotterdam, the home work could be english lessons from a 13 year old boy or girl, but could also have been from a grown up trying to learn english, like someone from a foreign country ( as most of us got english in school, these sheets look like english for beginners).

Please take a look at these items!


I will try and post the full story, although not all was in the news yet, he loved to wear high heels, he almost killed a polish man who is brain damaged now, he dressed up in skins, and he fantasized about burying people alive.
How sick

A golden brooch, scissors with a diamond:

A golden brooch, two swans with ( Swarovski?) stones:

And some of the rings that were apparently cut on the inside:

Just some of the jewellery, these for instance, seem more yellow then our 14K gold to me.