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Thread: Authorities trying to solve cold-case homicide

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    patstar Authorities trying to solve cold-case homicide

    Caddo Parish, LA, Crime Stoppers has been called upon to assist White County Sheriff’s Office cold case investigators in Searcy, Arkansas, to obtain the possible identity of a homicide victim in a 1989 case.
    On April 20, 1989, the body of a white male was discovered in the Antioch community of Searcy, Arkansas on Swinging Bridge Road under a bridge. The victim had evidence of gunshot trauma but had no identification on his body, and his identity could not be determined by dental records.
    Unconfirmed reports developed in the case alleged the possible name of the deceased as “Gary” and he may have had connections to the Shreveport area. Also, reports uncovered during the investigation, suggested the victim had involvement in narcotics and was killed in a strawberry field in McRae, Arkansas by possibly two suspects, following a drug transaction.
    At the time of his death, “Gary” would have been in his early 20’s, 226 pounds with long brown hair and would be in his early 40’s today. Since 1993, there have been no new leads or information gathered in this case.
    Crime Stoppers and law enforcement are hoping someone in the Shreveport area may remember this victim from school or work. Anyone having information leading to the identity of this unidentified victim are encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 673-7373 or .
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