MADISONVILLE, Texas—Four more bodies of immigrants left to die by human smugglers in South Texas have been found in the past two days. The bodies were found in Brooks County near the small town of Falfurrias, Texas approximately 75 miles from the Texas-Mexico border.

A spokesperson for the beleaguered Brooks County Sheriff’s Office, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Breitbart Texas the four bodies have been found in four separate locations. One of the bodies found today, a skull and some bones of a female, was found south of town on a ranch located off Highway 281. The second, a full body of a man from El Salvador, was found west of Falfurrias on a ranch near Highway 285.
The two bodies found yesterday fell into the same pattern—one south of town and one west of town. The female was found without identification. The male was from Guatemala.
This brings this month’s total bodies found in this one county in Texas to 12. The Salvadorian man found was the 37th body found this year. He was found sitting under a mesquite tree where he had succumbed to the heat and lack of water and had just been left to die.
The county has very limited resources to deal with these bodies. The costs of the burials alone has caused the county to cut the pay of deputies and cut their health insurance benefits. On most shifts there is only one patrol deputy on duty at any given time.
While the on-duty deputy was processing today’s first body, the report of the second body came in. Brooks County Chief Deputy Benny Martinez had to respond to the second call to process the crime scene.
Because all of the county’s resources were tied up, two important calls were put on hold. The first was a report by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agents of an alleged smuggling operation and the second was an ICE report of an alleged rape outcry from a minor female.
“We are only finding the bodies because of the buzzards,” Chief Martinez said. “As we move into July’s heat, this is only going to get worse.”
Martinez told Breitbart Texas that in June 2013 only seven bodies had been found for the entire month. “We are at twelve already for this month.”