The National Registry of Missing Persons acknowledges that from 2007 to date, there are 23,605 cases of disappeared persons; 40% have been reported during the current administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

With the 5,098 victims of disappearance that have accumulated in México between January and October of 2014, this is already the year with the highest number of cases reported in the entire history of the country, as revealed by the statistics of the National Registry updated yesterday.

In the first ten months of the year, according to this official registry, presented by the Secretary of Government Relations, in Mexico 4,836 persons have been reported as “not located” in state jurisdictions, to which is added another 162 reported under investigation within federal jurisdiction.

In total, the authorities acknowledged that, from 2007 to date, there have been 22,610 disappeared persons in Mexico, to which they must add another 995 victims “from before 2007” or whose date of disappearance has not been specified, giving a final result of 23,605 existing cases, of which 40% have been reported during the current administration of president Enrique Peña Nieto, that is, between the years 2013 and 2014.

With the current statistics on disappearances, on the data base that the government maintains, the cases of the 43 students from the Normal Rural School of Ayotzinapa that were detained and disappeared by the municipal police of Iguala and Cocula this past September 26 were already included.

Sustained Increase

Since 2007, the year in which the strategy of the war against organized crime began in Mexico, the number of disappeared persons has increased year by year, and the only drop that the statistics has registered was in 2012.

In 2007, for example, the authorities acknowledged 749 cases of forced disappearances and for the following year, another 862 cases were added to the register. Then, in 2009, 1,338 new disappearances were registered; and in 2010 another 2,739 announced.

In 2011, 3,957 disappeared persons were reported in Mexico and in 2012 there were 3,353 (600 cases less than the prior year, this being the only registered drop in the annualized incidence of forced disappearance).

For 2013, the first year of the Enrique Peña Nieto government, the number of disappeared persons rose to 4,514 victims (that is, 1,161 more cases than the prior year).

And, finally, between January and October of 2014, 5,098 more records have been added. Even though it has not ended, this year is already the one with the highest reports of disappeared persons accumulated.

State by State

As evident in the statistics from the National Registry of Missing and Disappeared Persons, Tamaulipas is the state where the most persons have disappeared, with 5,380 victims registered (under both state and federal jurisdiction). From it, 30% have been disappearances during the current administration of Enrique Peña Nieto.

In second place is Jalisco, where there are 2,150 cases of disappearances registered, of those, 49% were perpetrated with Peña Nieto as president.

The State of México follows in third place, with 1,745 disappearances recorded, 51.6% of which were committed during the current federal administration.