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Thread: Cold-case alert issued for Calverts who disappeared in 2008 from Hilton Head

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    ice Cold-case alert issued for Calverts who disappeared in 2008 from Hilton Head

    Seven years after John and Elizabeth Calvert vanished, the circumstances of their disappearance continue to be reviewed by local investigators.
    Beaufort County Sheriff's Office investigators have exhausted leads, and a cold-case investigative team has pored over the details yearly, but have come no closer to uncovering what happened to the well-known Hilton Head Island couple in 2008.
    Elizabeth Calvert's brother reported her missing March 4, 2008. Investigators believe Dennis Gerwing, an accountant who committed suicide a week after the Calverts' disappearance, killed them in a dispute over missing money.
    The Calverts were declared dead in 2009, but their bodies have not been found. A .22 caliber pistol an unidentified woman recalled giving to Gerwing that matched a holster found in his home has never been recovered. Investigators believe it was the murder weapon.
    Five days after the seven-year anniversary of their reported disappearance, the Sheriff's Office issued a cold-case bulletin for the Calverts on Monday, hoping someone might remember a new detail to provide fresh leads.
    The Calvert case is one of the latest to be highlighted through the Sheriff's Office initiative, which seeks to jog memories that might help investigators solve old crimes. The initiative, started in August, puts cold cases back in the spotlight around the anniversary of the crimes through alerts the Sheriff's Office publishes on Nixle and social media.
    Bromage said the Calvert case is the subject of many calls each year, but few, if any, are helpful. Most come from "self-proclaimed psychics" who claim to know the Calverts' whereabouts, he said. By putting out the cold-case bulletins, Bromage and the Sheriff's Office hope that someone will come forward with real information they can investigate.
    Meanwhile, the Sheriff's Office will continue to exhaust new leads, and the cold-case team, a 12-member group of law enforcement veterans, will continue to look at the case each year, he said.
    If you have any information regarding the disappearance of John and Elizabeth Calvert, contact Capt. Bob Bromage at 843-255-3402, 843-816-8013 or To report information anonymously, call S.C. Crime Stoppers at 888-274-6372, or text "TIPSC" to 274637.

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    Calvert couple’s case still unsolved 9 years later

    It has been nine years since John and Elizabeth Calvert went missing on Hilton Head Island.

    The couple was reported missing by Elizabeth Calvert’s brother on March 4, 2008 after the pair was supposed to confront their accountant who they believed had been embezzling money from the couple’s business interests, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office news release.

    The couple’s accountant, Dennis Gerwing told investigators the he had met with the Calverts on March 3 around 5:30 p.m. but his tale “revealed major inconsistencies and substantiated suspicion of his involvement in the disappearance of the Calverts,” according to the release. Investigators found out that Gerwing cut his hand on the night of the couple’s disappearance and also bought bandages, latex gloves and commercial grade drop cloths, according to the release.

    Gerwing committed suicide on March 11 before the Calverts’ disappearance could be solved. In Gerwing’s suicide note, he admitted to the embezzlement but neither admitted to nor denied being involved in the Calverts’ disappearance.

    A female friend of Gerwing’s who was not identified in Sheriff’s Office reports told investigators a year later that she remembered she had given Gerwing a .22-caliber pistol that once belonged to her grandfather and asked him to sell it for her. The two never spoke of the gun again.

    When they had searched Gerwing's Hilton Head Plantation home in March 2008, they found a holster but no pistol. The witness confirmed the holster was the one that went with the gun she'd given to Gerwing.

    The Calverts were declared dead in 2009 but their bodies were never found. The gun believed to be the murder weapon was also never found. The investigation is now considered a cold case and is so far unsolved.

    Anyone with information about this case, even if seemingly insignificant, can contact Capt. Bob Bromage at (843) 255- 3402, (843) 816-8013 or for a possible reward of up to $2,500. Anyone wishing to give information anonymously can call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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    Hilton Head Island couple missing ten years, case still unsolved

    avannah — (WSAV)
    It’s a case that captured national headlines. It’s been ten years since a popular Hilton Head Island couple disappeared.
    John and Elizabeth Calvert vanished in March of 2008. The couple managed the Harbour Town Yacht Basin.
    The couple’s accountant, Dennis Gerwing, committed suicide a week after the Calvert’s disappeared.
    Investigators believed he killed them in a dispute over missing money.
    The Calverts were declared dead in 2009, but their bodies were never found. Cold Case Investigators pored over details of this case for years, but see to have come no closer to uncovering what happened to them.

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