After a year spent trying to identify a dead man, found wearing a disposable hazmat suit in a tent in the Port Lands, Toronto police are turning to the public for help.

His remains were found in a Coleman tent near Cherry Beach last May. Also in the tent: a Neil Young concert T-shirt, an embossed belt and a pair of flip-flops.

embossed belt

Police believe he had been dead for some time before his body was found. Foul play is not suspected.

According to Meaghan Gray, with Toronto police corporate communications, officers worked closely with a forensic pathologist to create a profile of the man. They believe he was between 32 and 54 years old, tall, black, with short curly hair.

Ms. Gray says it is uncommon for an investigation into an unidentified body to get to this stage. This is the first time Det.Charles Ricci, the officer in charge of the case, has had to request help from the public in identifying remains.

Typically remains are identified at an earlier stage of the investigation, Ms. Gray says. Profile details are entered into a database and compared to reports of missing persons. In this case, that turned up dry, so Mr. Ricci turned to the public for help.

Police are asking anyone with information about the man’s identity to call 51 Division at (416) 808-5104 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-8744.