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Thread: Documentary returns attention to Orange County cold case

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    clayface Documentary returns attention to Orange County cold case

    MEBANE, N.C. — The documentary about an accomplished forensic sculptor is incomplete because of an Orange County cold case.

    In 1998, the body of a young boy was found near Mebane. The child was about 10 years old, between 4 feet 7 inches and 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighed about 80 pounds, but it was Frank Bender who gave a face to "The Boy Under the Billboard."

    It was the final case tackled by a man who had worked with the FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol and the television series "America's Most Wanted."

    Bender was diagnosed with cancer before the Orange County case was solved, and the development of a film about his life gives authorities their best chance in years to gather new clues. Director Karen Mintz posted a trailer for her film on YouTube and said she'd continue to follow detectives working to identify the boy.


    Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Lt. Detective Tim Horne of the Orange County Sheriff's Office at 919-245-2900. Anonymous tips are welcome.

    Also see: http://www.officialcoldcaseinvestiga...ghlight=mebane

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    The Doe Network:
    Case File 437UMNC

    Reconstruction of Victim by NCMEC

    Unidentified White Male

    The victim was discovered on September 25, 1998 near Mebane, Orange County, North Carolina
    Skeletal Remains
    Estimated Date of Death: Up to 4 weeks prior to discovery.
    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 10 - 11 years old
    Approximate Height and Weight: 4'7"-4'11"; 50 - 80 lbs
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Dark brown hair, 3 to 4" in length, straight and fine; unknown eye color. Could be Hispanic
    Dentals: Available. He had sealants on the surfaces of the following teeth: 3, 4, 13, 14, 19, 29, 30; no cavities; teeth 4, 13, 20 decidious.

    Clothing: He was wearing "Fox Polo Club" brand, khaki shorts, international size 150 with $50 contained within pockets - 2 $20s, 1 $10; size 3 "2XS Sports" brand black and white athletic shoes, with very little wear noted and white tube socks. No shirt.

    DNA: Entered into CODIS in December 2004

    Case History
    The child's body was located along the edge of the woodline of a 1/2 acre semi-wooded lot, approximately 50-75 yards to the edge of the service road, and 500 yards from the nearest residence. This property is on Industrial Drive and runs parallel to Interstate 85/40, although not immediately or easily accessible from the interstate.
    There were no signs of foul play, no trauma to the body and no blood on the clothing. Cause of death is unknown.
    He may have been part of a migrant worker group that populates the area every harvest.

    If you have any information about this case please contact:
    Orange County Sheriff's Office
    Tim Horne
    You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

    NCMEC #: NCMU400069

    NCIC Number: U-174662253
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information:
    National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    News Observer 12/4/06
    Orange County Sheriff's Office
    News of Orange County
    NC, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

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    khaki shorts, international size 150.

    I searched for size 150, it says international size but I've never heard of it?

    On french websites I found size 150 for boys, not on websites in spanish/portugese/german/polish/turkish/swedish.
    Size 150 for boys is for 11/12 year olds and between 141 and 152 cm, which would match the 4'7"-4'11"

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    Default Re: Documentary returns attention to Orange County cold case

    Found 3 links for the brandname The foxpolo club:

    ╭*當 我 們 在 衣 起C-WIT*╯全新精品THE FOXPOLO CLUB格紋外套~一元起標


    Куртка черная, дутая, скрытый капюшон The Foxpolo Club одевалась всего 2 раза.

    A website in Estonia

    THE FOXPOLO CLUB 목폴라110사이즈 어깨53 가슴60 팔61 기장72

    신장175-180cm정도 미사용입니다 대동상사[주] 착불18000

    And that is Korean.

    The label in the shorts says Piccore Kiki, which is also Korean.

    I only picked the ones who had Foxpolo as 1 word, like in this picture:

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    Jesus Cruz 1990 Massachusetts
    Scott Echols 1983 California
    Bryce Herda 1988 Washington
    Michael Hughes 1988 Oklahoma
    Danny Jackson 1977 Florida
    Jimmy Morris 1983 North Carolina
    Adam O'Brien 1982
    Mitchell O'Brien 1991
    Trevor O'Brien 1985
    Rene Perez Jr. 1988 California
    Rene Perez Jr. 1988 California
    Jack Phillips 1986 California
    Victor Shoemaker 1989 West Virginia
    Jerome White 1974 North Carolina

    Scott Echols disappeared in 1992, if they compared his DNA, they could maybe also try comparing this boy's DNA:

    Missing since 1993, age 10, and he wore green shorts. Green/khaki not a very big difference. Distance from where he went missing would be about 4 hours by car.

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    "He may have been part of a migrant worker group that populates the area every harvest"

    A migrant child left with $50 in his pocket after he died?

    "He had sealants on the surfaces of the following teeth: 3, 4, 13, 14, 19, 29, 30; no cavities; teeth 4, 13, 20 deciduous."

    Deciduous teeth with sealants, normally only the permanent molars are sealed? Or do they mean the permanent molars have sealants, and behind the 3 molars the baby teeth are still there?

    The number of children receiving sealants during routine pediatric dental care is increasing steadily, stimulated by federal programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau in the USA and school-based dental programs. In the United States from 1999-2004, the percentage children with sealants ranged from 20.3% to 41.0%, depending on age.

    On average, 11-yr-olds had 3 for 6 sealed permanent teeth and 19-yr-olds had 5 for 12.

    As for children of migrants, this is from a German article, it mentions Russia where also the brandname "The foxpolo club" could have come from.

    Prevalence of caries, fissure sealants and filling materials among German children and children of migrants.

    The aim of this study was to collect information on dental health and dental care of German children and children of migrants for planning oral health promotion in the Rems-Murr-district.

    To meet this aim all first and fourth degree children in primary and special schools were examined.

    The dmft- and DMFT-Index, the number of fissure sealants, the filling material used and the children's nationality were recorded.

    The dmft of 6- and 7-year-olds was 1.50 among Germans, 4.61 among German migrants from Russia, 4.02 among Turks, 4.05 among children from former Yugoslavia, 2.35 among Italians, 1.95 among Greeks and 3.76 among children of other nationalities.

    At the age of 9 to 10 years Germans had an average of 0.31, German migrants from Russia 0.77, Turks 1.19, children from former Yugoslavia 1.32, Italians 0.64, Greeks 0.69 and children of other nationalities 0.57 DMF-teeth.

    In both age groups the proportion of caries-free children was highest among Germans and lowest among Turks.

    Also, more migrants than Germans were referred to a dentist for caries treatment.
    Compared to the Germans fewer migrants had at least one tooth sealed.

    The proportion of amalgam fillings to the total number of fillings was higher among 9- and 10-year-olds of Turkish, Italian or Yugoslavian origin than among other nationalities.

    The results of this study show that further development of oral health promotion programmes for children and parents with Turkish and Russian cultural background has the top-most priority.

    Article from November 2004.

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