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Thread: Rockford Police Update Search For Kyrian Knox

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    tbear Rockford Police Update Search For Kyrian Knox

    Officials with the Rockford Police Department have provided an update on the search for a missing two-year-old boy.

    According to a press release, it’s not clear when Kyrian Knox was last seen, but it is believed to be mid-August of 2015. Kyrian is described as an African-American male, approximately 30 inches tall, 35 pounds, with low cut black hair and brown eyes.

    Rockford Police, aware of an investigation regarding the discovery of a young child’s body parts in a Chicago park lagoon, contacted the Chicago Police Department last week to advise that Kyrian was reported missing. DNA samples from Kyrian’s mother have been provided to both the Rockford and Chicago Police Departments and have been sent for processing.

    Rockford officials warn that any connection drawn from the Chicago case to Kyrian Knox remains speculation. However, the Chicago Tribune reports that detectives in Chicago are “cautiously optimistic” about the lead.

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    Rockford Police call the connection between a missing two-year-old and a dismembered toddler found in Chicago speculation.

    That announcement came at a news conference centered on the disappearance of Kyrian Knox. He went missing from a Rockford home sometime this summer. Around the same time, a toddler's dismembered body was found in Chicago. Rockford Police say they're still actively searching for Kyrian.

    13 News has also learned that the person Kyrian was allegedly staying with was arrested the day he was reported missing on a different charge. That's according to Kryian's mother. We know this person's name but are not releasing it. Rockford Police confirm a person by that name was arrested but will not confirm that he is involved with the case. They say the focus now is on finding Kyrian.

    Kyrian Knox's family says there isn't anyone who did not love their little boy.

    "He's the highlight of anybody's life who walks in and meets him, like he will make you smile," says Lanisha Knox, Kyrian's mother.

    But what happened to Kyrian since he came to Rockford this summer is a mystery. Kyrian's mother says she was moving apartments between Marion, Iowa to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She needed someone to watch her son. Her best friend's father offered to take Kyrian Knox in Rockford. She says she dropped him off in Rockford around August 18th and then went to Chicago for a visit. Clannish Knox says on her way back to Iowa for work she visited Kyrian.

    "We stopped in Rockford checked in on the boys, everything was fine," says Lanisha Knox.

    Last Thursday, September 17th, Rockford Police called Lanisha Knox. They told her Kyrian was reported missing by her friend. What police don't know is when Kyrian disappeared.

    "Their details of Kyrian's missing status are still under investigation but there is no evidence to support he was abducted. This was not a random act," says Assistant Deputy Chief Pat Hoey.

    Knox says the last person to see her son is now in jail. He was arrested on an unrelated charge on the day Kyrian was reported missing. However, Rockford Police won't confirm this.
    Rockford is saying even though Chicago Police found the body of a dismembered toddler, they are not connecting the two cases.

    "They did send a team of detectives in the next morning, Friday morning and we've kind of been doing a joint investigation. But at this point until we can identify the child found in Chicago, it would be speculative to say that is Kyrian," Hoey says.

    Chicago Police took a DNA sample from Kyrian's mother, but no results are back yet. Rockford Police say they have a lot of people calling in possible sightings of Kyrian and they are following up on those tips. They have also done some targeted searches looking for him. According to the flyer police put out to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Kyrian may be with a man or a woman. Lanisha Knox says she doesn't care who has him she just wants her Kyrian back.

    "I'm not hung up on all the, they said 'somebody picked him up.' I can't hang up on that. Cause if somebody picked him up I just need somebody to return him. I need my child to come home," says Lanisha Knox

    Police say the DNA results are being expedited but they do not know how quickly they'll come back. They say if you see Kyrian Knox call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 or Rockford Police at 815-987-5846.

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    Police ID Toddler Found in Garfield Park Lagoon as Missing Rockford Boy

    After a lengthy investigation, Chicago police identified the child whose body parts were found in the Garfield Park Lagoon in September as missing Rockford toddler Kyrian Knox.
    The boy was identified through DNA testing, Chicago Police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said Wednesday.

    Police took DNA samples from Lanisha Knox, the mother of 2-year-old Kyrian Knox, who was reported missing from Rockford earlier in September, according to Rockford Police Assistant Deputy Chief Patrick Hoey.
    Kyrian's mother, Lanisha Knox, said she left her son with her best friend's family in Rockford on Aug. 18, and the family agreed to watch him for two weeks while she started a new job. Knox has not seen Kyrian since she dropped him off.

    The details surrounding Kyrian's disappearance are under investigation, but Hoey said there is no evidence he was abducted, adding that the disappearance did not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert.
    Knox said she made repeated attempts in early September to go to Rockford to pick Kyrian up, but the family who was watching him always made an excuse about why it wasn't good timing.

    "At this point, I don't trust anyone and I do feel like somebody knows something and they're not saying anything," Knox said.
    In September, authorities found several body parts belonging to a toddler in Chicago's Garfield Park lagoon. Police said they recovered two feet, two hands and a head, all belonging to a child.

    A 20-pound weight was also found near the body parts, but it has not been determined if the weight is related to the discovery.

    Rest in peace little angel

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