FBI provides facial reconstruction of Carson City Jane Doe found in grave near Lone Mountain Cemetery

The FBI Approximation Services has provided facial reconstruction photos for a Jane Doe who was found in a shallow grave last March.

On March 17, 2015, around 11:20 a.m., Carson City Investigators responded to a walking trail near Newridge and Northridge drives just north of the Lone Mountain Cemetery for a body in a shallow grave. An unidentified body was discovered wrapped in a sleeping bag inside the grave site.

An autopsy was performed and it was discovered to be a female, between the ages of 42 and 71, with a height between 4-feet 6-inches and 5-feet 3-inches, with reddish, blonde hair. She was wearing an adult diaper and white with purple lines Asics sneakers size 7. Also found were Aristar bifocals glasses with 135mm inscription in the pocket, size 8 rings, and partial top dentures.

The deceased was estimated to be in the ground 1 to 12 months. DNA recovered was entered into a national database.

Anyone with information should contact Detective Acosta at 775-283-7855 or 775-887-2008 or at sacosta@carson.org.