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Thread: Police need public's help in identifying woman's body found 2015 Hart County KY

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    an19 Police need public's help in identifying woman's body found 2015 Hart County KY

    On June 25, 2015, the badly decomposed remains of a woman were located just off Waterloo Road in Hart County, Kentucky.

    The woman was estimated to be between 24 to 47 years of age, and her race could not be conclusively determined by forensic anthropological examination.

    She was entered into NamUs, National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, as UP 13979 four days after her remains were discovered on June 29, 2015.

    Found with the remains, was one necklace with an “S” emblem in the center, pictured below:

    Also found with the remains was a gray stud earring with a pink stone:

    The decedent was also found wearing a “Southern Comfort” t-shirt (size: medium), red/pink underwear, and white Wilson brand sneakers (size 9), with green laces.

    No identification was found with the remains, and the state of decomposition made a visual identification impossible.

    In cases like UP 13979’s, identifying the decedent is made considerably more difficult due to the decomposition of the remains.

    Fortunately, however, thanks to Project EDAN (Everyone Deserves A Name) UP 13979 might finally be identified with the help of Certified Forensic Artist Jeanne Cybulski of the Mesa, Arizona, Police Department.

    With the request made by the Hart County Coroner and the Kentucky State Police, CFA Cybulski undertook the task of creating a detailed reconstruction of UP 13979’s face, in hopes that someone, somewhere, will recognize her.

    Beginning with just the skull, CFA Cybulski began creating a clay reconstruction which would hopefully restore UP 13979 to how she appeared in life.

    Using the skull as a base, she could then position a series of markers to estimate tissue depth on the skull. Once the markers were positioned, the skull was ready for the next step.

    Using information from the forensic anthropologist, CFA Cybulski could then estimate the length of the nose, the shape of the mouth, as well as the shape and position of the decedent’s eyes, as well as other facial features. With that information, clay could be applied to the skull to create a, hopefully, accurate approximation of the woman’s face:

    Once the recreation was complete, color was added to the model to give her a more lifelike appearance:

    These images will now be uploaded into UP 13979’s NamUs casefile, and will, hopefully, assist in the identification of the decedent.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Kentucky State Police. 1–800–222–5555.

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    Default Re: Police need public's help in identifying woman's body found 2015 Hart County KY

    Remains of woman found in Hart County identified

    The remains of a woman found near Horse Cave last year have been identified as a woman who went missing from Nashville, Tennessee in May of 2015.

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, or NamUs, stated in a news release late Friday that the remains are believed to be that of Stephanie Cawthon, who was last seen entering a pickup truck of an unknown individual in Nashville on May 4, 2015, according to NamUs.

    The remains were discovered by a jogger on Waterloo Road in Hart County in June of 2015. Officials had asked for the public's help in identifying the woman, and the Kentucky State Police utilized a certified forensic artist to assist.

    According to the news release, Cawthon's family members identified jewelry that was found with the body as belonging to Cawthon. After a facial reconstruction image was released earlier this year, officials received several tips, according to the news release.

    Prior to her disappearance, Cawthon had been living on the streets in the Nashville area, according to the NamUs news release. She was entered into the NamUs system in July of 2015, and her DNA samples were submitted in December of last year.

    In April, a facial reconstruction of the woman was unveiled during the Kentucky Coroner's Conference in Louisville, and a press release was distributed with the image and information regarding the case.

    On July 19, utilizing a DNA association report, officials were able to match the Hart County "Jane Doe" with Cawthon utilizing mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.

    Though the original anthropology report indicated the possibility that the remains could have been a black woman, the skull was not atypical of any of the other groups within the reference sample which included Hispanic and white females, according to NamUs.

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