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    dice08 Book

    Just got this and it looks great!!! In all of the research I did for the TOMMY TERRIFIC mob case on this forum, I just recently ran into this. I am very excited about it because it will open up yet even more doors for me. Up until now I had no insight into the life of John Biello and apparently he rubbed shoulders with some pretty famous people. I am very anxious to start reading this.

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    I read the book, and while it was a remarkable read that I enjoyed very much and gave a lot of history about John Biele, I realized that the Biele murder may or may not have anything to do with the bodies in the waterway. I think the newspaper stories coming out about the incidents, the murders, were lumping them all together because the mob is so secretive and the papers and reporters had no clear understanding of exactly what was going on. I consulted another researcher, who I do not know if he would want his name mentioned here, but suffice to say I am super grateful for a little bit of information he gave me about Nate Ehrenberg. I do believe now I am closer than ever to cracking this. I am on the right path. In the following months I am going to be re-arranging a lot of things on this whole website and frankly, now, this whole Tommy terrific forum has to be shook up. I even may have a pretty good idea who Tommy Terrific is, but don't want to say yet. I will add threads in the weeks to come about the information I am finding as a result of the small bit of information that researcher supplied to me and to which I am most thankful. Thanks S.D. You Rock!!!!

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