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Thread: RICHARD JOSEPH VAQUISH, Vanished December 15, 1969

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    starstar RICHARD JOSEPH VAQUISH, Vanished December 15, 1969

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    Democrat and Chronicle,
    (Rochester New York)
    Sunday, April 25, 1982
    Richard Joseph Jaquish
    Vanished December 15, 1969

    There's no mystery as to why Richard Joseph Jaquish disappeared. The question is, where is he? Jaquish was an assistant secretary in the trust department of Lincoln Rochester Trust Co., now known as Lincoln first Bank, N.A. He disappeared December 15, 1969, after auditors called him in to ask about missing money. Jaquish had just returned from a vacation in Jamaica. While he was there, a routine audit had shown that a check for $606.28 was missing. It was found in a briefcase near Jaquish's desk, and auditors wanted to find out more.

    "I guess I have stayed around long enough," Jaquish told a girlfriend. Then he wrote a note to a friend and vanished. "Theyre on to I'll give them a run for their money," the note said.

    As it turned out, "their money" was considerable. Jaquish had embezzled $330,205.30 from June 10, 1966 to September 2, 1969, according to a 14-page, 33-count federal indictment handed up two years later. But don't get the idea that somewhere Jaquish is living it up on ill-gotten gain. Of the $330,000, all but about $15,000 was spent before he disappeared.

    "He certainly did not have that much to take with him," said an FBI spokesman.

    How, you may ask, can you spend $315,000 in just 3 years? In Jaquish's case, it wasn't hard. Jaquish, who was 35 when he vanished was a gentleman farmer. He had bought a small farm on Lee Road in Groveland, Livingston County, owned a winterized cottage and lake property on East Lake Road on Conesus Lake and had contracted to buy another farm on Wilson Road in Groveland. He also rented a $200 a month apartment in Henrietta.
    He worked the farms only in the summer.

    "In the summertime he worked hard," a neighbor said. "No fat on him, nice build. Worked like a beaver."

    Jaquish had more equipment for his farm than he knew what to do with, and he often loaned it to neighbors. An inventory included seven tractors, a 12-ton truck, two pickup trucks, a bulldozer, 80 head of cattle, two thoroughbred mares, a half Arabian gelding, 100 lambs, 100 sheep, 10 dogs, a pony and a donkey. He also owned a year old corvette and a new Ford LTD.

    At the time he was making $12,000 a year.

    Jaquish was born in Mansfield, PA. and attended Penn State University. He and his wife lived briefly in Clearwater, Florida before they moved to Rochester and he became an administrative trainee with Lincoln Rochester in 1964. In 1966 he became office manager of the trust department and in 1968 he was elected an assistant secretary by the bank's board of directors. The job gave him unusual control with the bank's money. The bank's trust department regularly received checks from large corporations and municipalities for payment to trust accounts administered by the bank. It was Jaquish's job to send out the payments to those trust accounts.

    The bank's policy was to send out the trust payments on time, whether or not the bank had received it's check from the corporation or municipality. That made the bank vulnerable, one bank official said, because the trust department was "always in the overdraft position, not reconcilable at any one point in time."

    Jaquish deposited 33 Lincoln Rochester checks totalling $330,205.30 in his two accounts at Groveland State Bank, an account in his name and an account in the name of his farm, Terra Bella Stock Farm, the indictment said. The smallest check was for $3,000 and the largest was for $32,500. Then that money was withdrawn a little at a time and used to buy his property and the equipment for it. In the last year before he disappeared, he deposited and withdrew $60,000 from his account. When he disappeared, the account had a balance of $334.

    FBI and bank officials gave grudging respect to the scheme.

    "It took someone with great ingenuity to dream this one up," said one. Another called it "a very clever manipulation"

    Jaquish's wife, from whom he was already separated when he vanished, divorced him six months later. FBI agents checked out leads across the nation, including Ohio, where his mother lived. They followed up tips in Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Wisconsin and Alabama. Ads were taken out in farm publications such as the Farm Journal, giving the circumstances of his disappearance and his description. Five feet 10 inches tall, 170 pounds, dark hair and eyes and the unusual physical characteristic that "he walks like a cowboy" because of deformed toes.

    Nothing, they have found no trace.

    But, they haven't given up. The 33 felony counts of embezzlement are still on file, with no statute of limitations, and the FBI still considers the embezzlement an open case. "Once a person is indicted, the statute of limitations stops," says an FBI spokesman. "If he's indicted and 30 years later he's found, theoretically we can still prosecute him.
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    I think his ears are different

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    Ears keep growing all your life, just like the nose, but this John Doe has really large ear lobes. His eyebrows don't match, John Doe's eyebrows are very straight, and what I do think is a bit weird about the John Doe is that he looks so much older in that 1997 picture compared to the ones taken 5 years earlier, it's not just the hat, but his face.

    He has a very small little finger on his right hand, it only reaches the first phalanx of his ring finger? I wonder why no one recognized him after all these years? Very clear pictures.

    I keep looking at those pictures from 1992, the look on his face, cocky, and smirking as if he fooled everyone. He got away with something. I don't think he was someone who just stole money, he looks like a very bad person, selfish also which makes me wonder if they are sure he killed himself?
    This John Doe gives me the shivers. It is not Jaquish I think, this John Doe feels bad, he could have killed his wife and children and just went on living his life as if they never existed. I would never try to help to find possible matches for him, he wasn't a victim, he made victims, harmed persons. I never felt anything like that with any of the John or Jane Does, the man looks like pure evil to me.

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    Well he could have plucked his eyebrows to appear straight but I still think the ears are wrong anyway

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    I do think the chin and the nose hole similarities

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