Dickinson County- In April, the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department was notified by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) of a possible match between unidentified remains found near Upland in Dickinson County in 1974 and a person reported missing from Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1974, according to a media release.
This match was the result of communication between databases maintained by the Doe Network ( and the National Missing and Unidentified Persons system (NamUS) (
Investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Department determined it was necessary to exhume the remains of the unidentified victim to attempt to determine if the remains were in fact the missing person.
On Wednesday morning, the Sheriff’s Department and the KBI exhumed the remains.
Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Michael Finnegan of Forensic Anthropological Consultants, LLC; employees of the Abilene Cemetery and employees of the Martin-Becker-Carlson Funeral Home assisted officials.
The remains will be sent to a laboratory for comparison with information provided in the Tulsa, Oklahoma case.
Investigation conducted in 1974 by the KBI indentified a serial killer, Cecil Henry Floyd, as the suspect in the Dickinson county case. Investigative reports indicate that Floyd admitted to killing 11 individuals, four killings in Florida, one killing in Kansas, and one killing in Nebraska and the remainder of the killings in Indiana.