TUCSON-Tucson Police spent countless hours on the investigation, following up on more than 2,000 leads in the case of missing Isabel Celis.

Everyone who worked on the case was passionate about finding the little girl, some of the detectives continued searching even after they retired.

Pointing to a picture of Isabel, Bill Hanson, who worked the Celis case, said, "This is Isabel's picture we put that up there after I retired."

“I was the co-lead in the investigation when I worked in homicide. I came in on day three of the investigation and worked with Bryn Fox and Greg Wright and numerous other detectives were working this case.”

Hanson retired three months ago, but he kept Isabel's picture, and placed it among his grandchildren.

“I wanted to find her, I don't know it was always tugging at my heart where she was at. I was always hoping she'd be found and thank God she was,” Hanson said.

That was the one case he wanted to clear before retiring after nearly 27 years in law enforcement.

He even searched for the little girl after he left the department.

He said he searched all over, “ I'd gone everywhere from north to south Mt. Lemmon to west.”

He said it's not how he wanted the case to end. But after five years at least there's closure. “It's a way to get her back home and have a proper burial for her and hopefully it's closure for the family and the department.”

News 4 Tucson asked Hanson who did this, and why?

Hanson responded, “As I sit here today I don't have an answer for you.”

But he knows the person or persons responsible are going to have to answer to God in the end, he added.

His question to the people responsible, “Why would you take this beautiful little girls life ? Adults I understand that sometimes this happens with things but not babies.”

video: http://www.kvoa.com/story/35045843/i...-remains-found

May you rest in peace Isabel, I hope they will get the one(s) who harmed you. Scum of the earth, those adults who harm innocent children.