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(WXYZ) - Michigan State Police are hoping you'll be able to help solve a decades-old missing persons case.
Back in October of 1994, a hunter found skeletal remains of a woman in Alcona County, south of Alpena.
Now, police are releasing new FBI 3D facial reconstruction images in hopes of solving the cold case.
"It's a fresh look. It's another set of eyes that have seen the case," says MSP Det. Sgt. Sarah Krebs.
Investigators say she's a white woman, who was between 30 and 50-years-old. She had a gap between her two front teeth.
Her body had been there 1 to 4 years before being discovered.
They have her DNA, but it hasn't matched with anything in the national database.
That's why Det. Sgt. Krebs says having DNA from a family member of a missing loved one is so critical.
"We're a little behind the ball on that because the DNA technology to reference unidentified remains is a relatively new technology .. so in a lot of these older cases, collecting DNA from the family was not even a thought," she says.
If you have a missing loved one, Det. Sgt. Krebs says to make sure police have an active police report on file, along with DNA from a maternal relative. Also, make sure the case is in NamUs. It's a national, online, public database.
If you have a tip that can help solve this case, you can go to MSP-UnidentifiedRemains@michi or MSP-MissingPersons@michigan.g ov.