Patience. There is a ton of information about this guy but nothing I saw on the web except for listings of this old book about him. I am going to research him first before I do anything on any of the new forums I am putting up and write a summary on his case.

Softbound 374 pages $20.95

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"David Lant" 'The Vanished Outlaw' by Douglas W. Ellison
The first ever biography of this mysterious young man of noble origins who rose to notoriety as an outlaw in the closing days of the old western frontier. Ranging across Utah, Wyoming and Colorado, Dave Lant played a prominent role in the passage of a violent, nostalgic era of our western heritage. His story is a thrilling account of shootings, lynchings, jailbreaks, and seemingly endless pursuit by lawmen and posses. It was a lifestyle not conducive to freedom or survival, but in the end, Dave Lant got clean away.