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On a snowy night* on a country road in Indiana a Couple are driving 15 miles into town & the
Female was due any day with their second child...

Just by luck Grandpa was watching the the other Child because the Happy Couple
never made it to town..

Around 9pm a Family were in their home watching TV when they heard an explosion...

Three of those Family members rushed outside & less than a block from their home
a Vehicle was on fire..

When 911 was first called they were told it looked like the Vehicle hit a telephone pole...

One of the Family members see's the front passenger door open..

He runs in that direction & found the Female Victim in a snow bank..

He pulls her away from the vehicle & he couldn't find a pulse for the Female Victim or the
Child & she was burned..

The Male Victim was still almost in an up-right position leaning to the right burned
beyond getting an I.D...

It was ruled that night as a Triple Homicide..

Evidence States :

Remember its snowing :

The young couple was stopped in their lane because of the snow banks...

The Male Victim had his window down & they found enough of his wallet to
know it was sitting on his lap..

The Male Victim shot point blank in left temple...

Female Victim opens her car door & she is shot in the left back of the shoulder once & then shot
point blank in the right temple..

The Female Victim was put back inside of the car but who ever done it didn't get the door shut tightly..

A 2 1/2 Gallon gas can was put into the Vehicle with a timing device on top of the gas can..

That's the explosion the Family watching TV heard & the force of the blast made the vehicle door open..

That's why they seen no one on the country road because of the timing device used..

They also done an echo test to check if you could hear 3 gun shots a half a block away & only one shot out
of 11 was heard by the Family sitting in their home..

About a year into the Triple Homicide Case the Police had developed 2 Main Suspects..

They were also a married couple with kids..

The Case was a very strong circumstancial Case against the Married Couple
so they were arrested & charged..

Before the Trial started the Suspects were offered 40 years & with good time
they could be released in 20 years..

The Married Couple refused the deal...

At the last stages at the Trial a Mis-Trial was declared..

The Prosecutor got it cleared up & was ready to Re-File the Case...

The Suspects were offered the plea-bargin again & they Refused..

The Prosecutor came up with a plan--he couldn't get the Suspects to take a deal
so you do the next best thing...

The Prosecutor got together with that City & its County & AG of that State...

For almost 3 years three Police Agencies were making Undercover drug buys from the
Married Couple who thought they couldn't be touched...

They made sure the buys took place on multiple days-weeks- & for almost 3 years..

When they were convicted on the Drug Charges there were 27 charges with enhancements
that's seperate time added on...

Needless to say the Suspected Married Couple each were sentenced to 275 years...

They are never going to see day-light* they haven't in almost 27 years..

All of their Appeals have been denied...

My satisfaction was after they were sentenced I got to speak to both of them for I was the
main person making the Undercover drug buys..

I told them " All you had to do was take the plea-deal for the Triple Homicide & do 40 years "*

" Now look at you--so they never got you for the Homicides but this is so much sweeter knowing
your going to DIE in Prison "..

Our Point being that there are all types of Justice..

You can even use Justice for a Case just like this one..

But its what it says to your form of Justice..

Was the out-come of Justice for you & your Family do you think the guilty ones are right where they should be ?


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Mja Inc--Mark