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Thread: Deputies seek info on Jane Doe, 36 years after she died

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    patstar Deputies seek info on Jane Doe, 36 years after she died

    St. Martin Parish Sheriff's deputies are seeking information about an unidentified woman who died on Interstate 10 in 1981.
    They provided a photo of her, and after deliberation we have decided to post it, in the hope that it will help identify her.
    Here's the information they have on the woman, who has been buried in Breaux Bridge:
    On December 5, 1981, at 12:41 a.m., a female in her mid to late twenties was the victim of pedestrian fatality on 1-10 westbound in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Upon investigation of the incident, law enforcement officers were unable to locate any personal identification in her belongings that may have assisted them in regards to her identity. At the time of her death, she was wearing a gray and black cowl neck sweater (Coronet Casuals Brand), wrangler jeans (size 30-31), white knee socks and red and gray pro wings jogging shoes. She had brown hair, brown eyes and was approximately 5’3”, 130-145 lbs.
    Despite several attempts to locate her next of kin, and after several months passed with no one coming forward to identify her, a tomb, casket and services were provided by Pellerin’s Funeral Home and the burial plot was provided by St. Bernard Church. She was ultimately laid to rest in the St. Bernard Cemetery in March of 1982. Two local residents agreed to act as her mother and father, Lester Guidry and Sophie Cormier, who looked after her grave site until their deaths. Another unidentified person has now taken over to ensure she has not been forgotten.
    Several local and federal law enforcement agencies in adjoining States were provided the information both at the time of her death and again throughout the years to see if any of their missing persons cases were linked to this case, however, no match was ever established. Additionally, LSU FACES Laboratory also assisted in the investigation by creating a facial approximation in an effort to identify along with her registration being entered into their data base. Additionally, her body was exhumed several years ago and DNA was obtained to assist with identifying her next of kin.
    Some additional information that was obtained through the investigation is as follows:
    Based on information gathered from a trucker, she may possibly be from the Oklahoma City area and was traveling to Texas. He thought he may have encountered her prior to her death at a truck stop at the I-10/Henderson exit in LA. (He saw the 10thAnniversary story and provided the information). However, it was never confirmed officially that it was in fact the female in question. He also stated that she had told him that she had been dropped off by a trucker and the trucker kept her purse. He stated that he bought her some lunch and gave her $10.00.
    Some of the clothing in her possession was manufactured in Canada.
    She had one abdominal scar.
    A brown paper bag in her possession from Howards Supermarket, 950 Ninth Ave. Port Arthur Texas, that contained the following along with several items of clothing and a jar of Noxzema:
    One piece of chicken wrapped in paper marked “Champagne’s (which may correlate with the trucker who bought her lunch)
    One pair of Wrangler jeans misses, size 10
    One short sleeve plaid western type shirt
    Various undergarments
    Knee socks, maroon and brown
    White nightgown with blue dots-size medium
    "Last week marked the 36th Anniversary of her death and despite repeated attempts over the last several years to learn her identity, she remains unidentified," a spokeswoman said. "We are hoping that through the powers of social media, and the spirit of the Christmas Season, that perhaps someone may be able to identify her."
    Due to the sensitive nature of some of the pictures, they are not being posted, however, they can be made available should they be needed to clarify her identity by law enforcement or family members, the spokeswoman said.
    Should you have any information as to the identity of this young lady, please contact the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office at (337) 394-3071.
    The photo below is of the face of the woman killed on I-10, please be aware that this photo is of the deceased.

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