ATLANTA, GA -- Chandra Levy's murder case rocked the nation 17 years ago, and now her mother is pushing for a new national act pertaining to murder cases gone cold.
CBS46 reporter Daniel Wilkerson sat down with Levy's mother while she was in Atlanta to meet with the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute. Levy says this national act would offer more flexibility for families of loved once murdered.
"Your whole foundation as a human being and your family's been shaken up and a lot of times they don't have the strength to go on," said Levy.
It would be called the Cold Case Accountability Act of 2020. If enacted, families would get a mandatory status update along with an investigative plan.
Within year two, a mandatory review of the case by law enforcement and the family would have the option of paying for a private expert to assist police. Then within year three, the family could have a private party test the evidence.
For Levy, she says they'll never be closure.
To learn more about the Cold Case Accountability Act of 2020 and to sign the petition.