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I took part in this Show with Royce Eckley & it was an Honor for me to do so..

I believe Royce & I have been on the Show 3 times at the request of Kervin Julien the Host
of the show thats located in the UK..

This show Issues Today knows the documented evidence we have is real & most of that evidence came from the Louisiana State Police after conducting their Investigation in 2016 which is 3 years after the Fact..

This is the case were Mja helped get Mr.Merritt's Body exhumed on 6-2-2016 without the Next of Kins Permission to have an autopsy & tox screen done which wasn't done at the time of Mr. Merritt's death on 1-4-2013..

This is the very first Case in the State of Louisiana to have the a body exhumed at the Request of the Victims Mother without the Next Of Kins Permission which is Mr Merritt's e-stranged Wife..

Really Folks : Suicide is the New Homicide..

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