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Thread: Zena Marie Jones, Tennessee, Vanished New Years Day, 1989

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    starstar Zena Marie Jones, Tennessee, Vanished New Years Day, 1989

    I guess the good question here is why am I having to learn about her disappearance from this story? This information should have already been well documented and on the internet. I hate racism. I hate it. I truly do and if you were involved in not bringing attention to her disappearance SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Another family has come forward saying the sketch drawn by a serial killer looks like their loved one.
    Samuel Little confessed to 90 murders and painted pictures of his victims -- and some have ties to the Mid-South.

    Tammy Green said she got emotional when she saw the sketch of one of Little's victims, who the FBI said was killed in the Memphis area.

    Green and her other family members immediately thought of Zena Marie Jones.

    “When I first seen this picture, it brought tears to my eyes, I hadn’t even put these two pictures together yet, it looked like my auntie to me in my eyes,” Green said.

    Green said her aunt disappeared in 1989 on New Year’s Day and they have not seen her since.

    The family showed FOX13 the crumbled flowers they saved from the memorial they had for Jones nearly two years ago.

    Little told authorities he murdered one woman in West Memphis after picking her up in Memphis.

    “I hope he rot in hell, I mean that, that’s how I feel about him," said Vickie Weddington, who is the sister of Jones. "I hope he rot in hell because he done brought too much pain to too many families."

    Weddington said her sister, who went by Marie, was on drugs and a prostitute.

    FOX13 asked Green what makes them so sure that the sketch is their loved one.

    “If you look at her hair right here and her hair, they're the same eyebrows that got drawn, this eyebrow is exactly like that,” Green said as she compared the two pictures.

    It is also important to note that FOX13 spoke with another family who recently came forward and said they believe the same portrait is their mother.

    FOX13 also reached out to the Memphis Police Department and is waiting on their response.

    The family did not realize Jones was likely missing until 1992 and they are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who knows something.

    FOX13 called the Texas Department of Corrections as soon as the family sent the picture and we
    are waiting to hear back from them.

    Another victim killed by Little was from the Memphis area, according to Memphis police.

    RELATED: Serial killer who confessed to about 90 murders tied to Memphis woman's killing, police say

    MPD officials said the victim with Memphis ties has not been identified at this point. The MPD Homicide Bureau is looking into the case and will “provide additional information as it becomes available.”

    Family members, who live in Memphis, confirmed another one of Little's victims – Rosie Hill – was killed in Florida. The details surrounding her murder are unclear.

    Little has also confessed to two murders near Little Rock, Ark.

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    Zena Marie Jones

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    If someone in Zena's family could contact me at so I can get more information about her I would really appreciate it.

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