SWINK, Okla. — Oklahoma investigators have set a reward in exchange for information on a 42-year-old Swink cold case.
The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is offering a $5,000 reward for information that can help agents solve the 1977 disappearance of Ronnie Odell Davis. A press release states Davis was last seen at his horse corral near Swink, Oklahoma, on Aug. 24, 1977. Neither he nor his 1975 Ford XLT have been located since.
The Choctaw County District Attorney asked the OSBI to assist with the investigation on Aug. 30, 1977. Brook Arbeitman, OSBI public information officer, said details about the case have been scarce and leads passed on to investigators have gone cold.
“We are still looking for new leads,” she said. “A cold case is just as important to us as the case that happened this week. Circumstances may change — relationships may change, or people might remember a detail one day that could make a difference.”
Arbeitman said investigators believe Davis was the victim of foul play. According to a 1984 article in The Oklahoman, Davis was a part-time calf roper who competed in rodeo events, had a good-paying job at the Weyerhaeuser company and his brother said he had plenty of money in savings. Family members told the reporter two men saw Davis get in his truck while two other men stood by, one of them smiling and holding a rifle, on the day he disappeared. The eyewitnesses said they also saw a blue and white Buick with Texas tags parked nearby.
“Over the course of the 42-year investigation, numerous interviews and investigative leads have been attempted by various agents in an effort to find the victim and determine who is responsible for his death. At this time, investigators are hopeful the passage of time and the potential of receiving a reward will be beneficial in generating new leads,” the release stated.
To report anything about Davis’ disappearance or where his remains are located, contact the OSBI at 800-522-8017 or