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Thread: INDIANTOWN GAP JANE DOE , 1973, Pennsylvania

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    I wonder if the Smithsonian did any other sketches or, well, anything, on this Jane Doe. I think for what both the sketches are worth, the State Police sketch holds more detail. Gives you some idea of what she might have looked like. I don't even see how they did it though, with the amount of deterioration in the upper part of the body that was sited in the articles. And is that supposed to be barettes in her hair ??

    Oddly enough, while looking for articles about this case, I found a news report of a girl, a 16-year-old, reported missing on October 20 from this area and a seperate report of another girl, 11 years old, who had vanished on her way to school in the area, and was found dead, murdered, November 10, exactly one month to the day that Jane Doe was found. Definately needs some looking into. I have been going through archives day by day, and finding this stuff. If anyone is interested, I'll post the articles in a seperate thread, but this case hasn't seemed to generate much interest.

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    There was also a little girl, 8-years-old, murdered in this area and her body had been found on October 8, I think, or maybe the 9th. I want to find out more about her as well. Like I said, if anyone is interested I'll post this on a seperate thread.

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    Possible Matches

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    Denise Was Not A Match according to comparison with dental records.

    From :
    Lebanon Daily News
    Saturday, February 9, 1974

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    Is there any info on healed fractures for the Doe or did she definitely have no previous injuries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherlock07 View Post
    Is there any info on healed fractures for the Doe or did she definitely have no previous injuries?
    I just talked to someone investigating this case. Apparentely not much information has survived time, but they are checking this possible match, so that is good news.

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    which match?

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    To Denise Sheehy of Woodside, NY

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    TexasKowgirl Guest

    Thumbs up Face Shape Looks Real Good

    The face shape looks real good, on her. You have to wonder what she had been up to for 3 1/2 years (Sheehy missing to JD was found).

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    Just got a message from Pennsylvania Trooper Detective, Denise Sheehy is not a match for Indiantown Gap Jane Doe. They retrieved dental records from New York and she was not a match. He said new life has been brought to the case and they are working on it. He also stated that they were unable to trace that plastic she was wrapped in, so that is a complete dead end.

    Maybe you guys can come up with another match. I think I am going to return his call at least and tell him about the teen girl who was reported missing shortly after their Jane Doe was found. At least there's a chance, and she lived right in the area.

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