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    I agree, that photo doesn't look like him. But it also looks like a highschool headshot,,,and didn't he say he looks different when 'he does his thing?'

    He probably also counted on the fact that even 10 eyewitnesses will statistically give 10 different descriptions....
    You are right,i doesnt look like him. Thats a high school pic.When you compare a pic of him several years after school,and side by side with the Zodiac sketch,you see its possible,that he could like him when he "does his thing"

    The pic on the far left and the pic on the far right,looks like similar facial features and jaw. Remember,that Penn would have been about 28 at the time of the sketch. Witnesses that saw him said he was 35-45,but again,it was night time,and the witnesses were under alot of stress,and saw him from a distance
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    Anyone here good with photoshop? Maybe take the beard off,and give him a buzz cut?

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    My skills are limited with photo editing,but here,i simply erased the beard,and long hair. Its important to note,that the sketch is based off eyewitnesses that saw the Zodiac at night,from a distance.

    One important thing about Penn,is his weight looks uner 200 lbs to me,not consistant with the Hartnell description of Z at Berryessa,or the weight on the wingwalkers
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