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    Hey !! they wear thongs in two places too.....both have a........crevice of some sort.....

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    This is so cool!! I have been searching and searching asking my family questions about Bum Farto . Im 30 yrs old and grew up in key West then Miami, My grandpa was the States Atty and the chief of police in key West. He used to say this mans name and another gentlemans name to make us kids laugh since their names sounded so funny. As I have gotten older I have decided to dig deep into finding out who they are and what this really was about. This name as well as another became household names, now I want to know the details and the story. Im hoping to put this puzzle together with hopes to writing a book. My grandma has dimentia so when I ask about my Papa she doesnt tell much, as for my dad and one really wants to discuss or give details. They may not have them so I will continue my be on the look out all..there may just be a book or movie coming along soon, giving all the cool history of the "Bum Farto" a name that made the grand kids laugh until we cried!! Oh and if anyone knows anything please email me, I will make sure I give credit where due if any valuable advice should appear.

    Stephanie Worton

    I think my grandpa was either the states atty at that time or chief of police

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    Hi, you still live in the keys ?? I love it there, so pretty. I actually got my name put in a brick in that memorial walkway in Key West. Just a gorgeous place !! Thanks for joining.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Joseph Farto.jpeg 
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ID:	2714 Joseph Farto

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    Who: Joseph “Bum” Farto was born in Key West on July 3, 1919. He was the son of Juan Farto, a Spanish immigrant who owned and operated the Victoria Restaurant at the southeast corner of Greene and Duval streets. Joe Farto grew up in a wood-frame house across the street from Key West’s fire station. He idolized the firemen, who gave him the affectionate nickname "Bum." When he was 22 he was a nozzleman with the Key West Fire Department. In 1964, he was named chief.

    What: The Navy had been a powerful force in the Key West economy. When they pulled out many of the forces, the island suffered. Times were hard and people turned to illegal ways to earn a living. Bum Farto was one of those people. He sold marijuana from Colombia and began peddling it while sitting on a bench outside the fire station. From marijuana he moved into cocaine. Eventually authorities ran Operation Conch to take down some of the drug dealers in Key West. Each of the alleged dealers was surprised including Bum Farto. Convicted of selling drugs, Farto was out on bail when he told his wife he had to take care of some things and was never heard from again. One report tied Farto's disappearance to the Mafia in Tampa, FL. Other sources believed he was a victim of Colombian drug lords.

    Where: Farto was born and raised in Key West.

    When: Farto was married in 1955. He started selling drugs in the 1970s and was arrested and sentenced in 1976.

    The Latest: Farto's wife, Esther, filed papers in 2010 asking Monroe County's Probate Division to clear up the legal issue of Farto's fate. She wants them to declare him dead so she can settle his estate and collect any retirement and insurance benefits.

    In the Media: Stuart B. McIver's book Touched by the Sun devotes an entire chapter ("Where’s Bum Farto?") to the case. In addition, T-shirts and songs have been written about his disappearance, including "Bum Farto" from Ben Harrison's album Air Sunshine.

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    Images from link above, these are great!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    March 4, 1976 Suspended Fire Chief Joseph "Bum" Farto, convicted in February on drug charges, was reported missing by his wife. He had left town in a rental car that was found in Miami, but no trace of him was ever found. His disappearance led to the all-time best-selling Key West T-shirt that read "Where is Bum Farto?"

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